Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 50
Judgement Day

  Carter searched for Savannah only to find her sitting on the platform all by herself. He walked over to her, hoping she wouldn't catch on to the fact that he was following her.
"Hey, Savannah." he said, climbing onto the platform. He scooted next to her. "How are you?"
"Fine." she said softly.
He had asked her that same question twice. She had the feeling that he was following her. There had been several times where she had seen him being at the same place she was.
"Where are your friends?" he asked her.
  "Their watching the game." she answered, looking down at her shoes.
"Oh," Carter said. "What middle school did you go to?"
"I didn't go to any school here." she answered.
"Where'd you live before?"
"Is that in Indiana?"
"You went to a middle school right?"
 Carter was about to say something else when Melissa came up to hug him.
"Hi," she said, grinning. "We're winning. Thirty-two to zero."
"I feel bad for the other team." he said.
"Don't be." she laughed. "They suck. Unlike you."
"Oh, you just like me for my sideburns."
"And your fun personality."
  She turned towards Savannah's direction and observed her. Savannah noticed that she was wearing a tie-dye t-shirt and cropped shorts.
"Hi!" Melissa said. "Are you having fun?"
"Yes." Savannah said. "I don't go to a lot of football games."
Melissa smiled. "That's fantastic. Well, Carter, I'm going back to watch the game. I'll see you later."
  "Bye." he said, relieved that Melissa was leaving. "Sorry for the interruption."
"That's okay." Savannah said sincerely. "I don't mind."
Carter was actually trying to hold a conversation with her. That was something Scott would have never done. Savannah felt a smile cross her face. Unlike Scott, Carter wanted something to do with her. Unlike Scott, Carter liked her. Unlike Scott, Carter was nice. She had heard Holly introduce her as being a friend of her's.
So this is what it's like to have friends and be popular. She thought. This is way different than Graysville. I actually have real friends.
 On instinct, his free hand twirled a loose curl from her hair. He did that to all of his girl friends. He felt good about being next to her. He wasn't sure if he should ask her out, but he knew he wanted to be friends with her. He couldn't get over her beauty. And for some reason, he didn't think she even knew it.
 "So do you do anything for fun?" Savannah asked.
"I do cross country and football. And in the spring, I do track. What about you?"
"A little bit of soccer and volleyball."
"I know quite a few people who do those sports."
"Oh, that's great!" transported Savannah.
  She  felt embarrassed by her reaction. She often got carried away. But she didn't care. She had only been to school for two weeks and already she was making friends. She remembered the website she had saw in the seventh grade. It was about wanting to be popular and giving her advise on how to be popular. It said something along the lines of either moving to a new school or looking forward to high school because "judgment day" already happened on the first day of sixth grade. The site said something about getting through a "loophole" in order to be popular. Being a new student was the example of that loophole. She know understood what it was talking about. Since she was a new student, she had passed through the loophole of being popular.
   "I don't like how the classes are longer." Carter continued.
"I know." she agreed. "It used to be just an hour."
"The school board sucks." he chuckled. "We should overrule it."
"Down with the school board!" she enthused, slowly overcoming her shyness around him.
She felt his hand automatically stroke the crown of her hand. It made her feel a little uncomfortable, but the feeling of someone stroking her hair always made her feel numb. Her grandma used to do that to her when she was really young.
 A grim looking cop approached them with his hands crossed.
"Get off of that!" he screamed.
As if it were a reflex, they quickly jumped off of the platform. Savannah's face turned red with embarrassment. Lettie was standing a few feet away from them. Savannah didn't want Lettie to think she was scared, so she smirked at her to show that the situation was funny. Lettie smiled back.
 "Are you okay?" the cop asked Savannah.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm sure."
The cop looked at her briefly before walking away, leaving her and Carter standing there in disbelief. They both turned around to look at each other. Suddenly, they burst into fits of laughter.
"You were scared out of your wits!" he pointed out.
"I was not!" she said.
"Liar." he said, poking her on the back of the neck. "Hey, why don't we head back to the game?"
"Alright." she said, following him to the student section.
"Hey, there's a party tonight." Carter said. "Do you wanna come?"
Savannah had never been to real parties before. She wanted to go the party, but she was starting to get sleep. She figured it wouldn't hurt to miss out on one party. There was plenty of more parties for her to go to.
"No, thanks." she said. "I think I'm going to relax at home tonight."
"Okay." Carter said. "But you're going to the next to party."
Savannah giggled. "I'll be there."
It was almost perfect. She thought, smiling coyly.


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