Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 48
The Football Game

  "Are you ready?" Dave asked Savannah who was typing up her poem on the computer.
She turned around to face him. "Just a second."
She clicked out of OpenOffice and shut down her Windows XP.
Marjorie came downstairs in a Paramount t-shirt that matched Dave's shirt. Savannah stared at them bemusedly. They looked silly dressed like that. She was wearing a pair of long jean shorts and a blue tank-top she had bought from JC Penney's.
 "Your brother is going to win!" Dave enthused, pumping his fist up in the air.
Savannah sighed. Having two parents would give her twice the embarrassment.
Tippet ran up to her wagging his tail. Savannah bent down to give him a kiss on his nose.
"We'll be back."
"Tippet really loves you." Dave commented. "Isn't that right, Tippet?"
Tippet began to chase its tail.
Marjorie smiled. She knew getting Savannah a dog would help her a lot. Savannah loved that dog and had taken very good care of him. It was too make up for not having a lot of friends when she was still living in Graysville.
At the game, hundreds of students were standing outside of the student entrance gate waiting to get their tickets.
"You can go now." Marjorie permitted. "I don't want you to miss your new friends."
"Okay, mom!" Savannah said, not hesitating to leave her mom and step-dad.
She paid the ticket admission person and entered inside the gate.
"Hi!" a happy voice said from behind her.
She turned around. Tamara was standing right in front of her with a big grin on her face. Her hair was tied into two pigtails, she was wearing a white cutoff Paramount t-shirt, and tight jean shorts.
"Hi, Tamara. How are you?"
"I'm doing alright." she said. "How 'bout yourself?"
"Same 'ol, same 'ol." Savannah laughed
"Good." Tamara said kindly. "I'll see you around, okay?"
"Alright, see you some other time."

While she continued to walk she saw Judy, Justin, Vinnie,  Missy, and Lindsay standing over by the concession stand.
Savannah waved at them as she approached them. "Hi."
"Hey, Savannah." Justin greeted. "Glad you could make it."
"Yeah, same here." added Judy. "I love your outfit."
"Oh, this old thing?" Savannah said. "My mom made me put on the shorts because she wouldn't allow me to wear anything shorter."
"Well, it's still cute." complimented Missy. "At least you're not dress like those sluts over there."
Savannah looked around and saw that Missy was talking about Holly and her friends. They were sitting on the edge of the platform talking to a group of boys. One of the boys was Carter.
 "That's Holly!" Savannah said, grinning excitedly.
"Holly Drake?" Missy asked. "Me and her are cool."
"I heard she was nice." Lindsay said.
"She is." agreed Savannah. "I'll introduce you guys to her."
"What you need to do is introduce me to her friend Jamie Klein." Justin said.
Savannah laughed softly. "Well, if I get to meet her, I will."
 "Hey, guys, the game is starting." said Vinnie.
"Alright." Judy said, linking arms with Savannah. "Game on."
They walked over to the student section of the bleachers and sat on the top row.
"I'm afraid of heights." Savannah said, a little uneasily.
"I'll make sure you won't hurt yourself." Justin said.
"Thanks a lot."
"No problem." he said. "Want some popcorn?"
"Yes!" she said, reaching her manicured hand into the red-and-white popcorn bag.
 Judy snapped a series of pictures of Savannah.
"Hey!" she said. "No pictures, please."
Judy guffawed. "Don't be a spoil sport."
Savannah was happy to be at a game with friends. She hardly went to any of the football games at middle school, and when she did, she didn't feel welcome. In fact, classmates would tell her to not come to a football game ever again.
  A few minutes into the game, Paramount had already scored fourteen points. Savannah was shocked at how good they were. Her step-dad wasn't lying when he bragged about how good Davey's team was. She even cheered on Davey when he scored a touchdown.
It was such a bright day. The sky seemed bluer and everything seemed brighter. The weather wasn't even bad. It was actually breezy. Savannah loved being out on days that were beautiful.
  "We're winning!" cheered Lindsay.
"Lindsay, it's only the first quarter." Judy said.
"I know we're going to win."
"That is true."
"Of course it's true. I never lie."
 "You guys mind if I hang out with Holly for a while?" Savannah asked. "I promised I would hang with her and her friends."
"Go ahead." Judy said.
"Yeah, we don't mind." said Justin. "Just come back."
Savannah smiled a thanks before getting up and leaving the stands.
  As she was walking outside of the stands, a short boy with dark hair came up to her.
"Obama for president!" he yelled, giving her a thumbs up.
"Okay..." Savannah said to herself. "That was weird."
  Holly and her friends were still sitting on the platform talking. Lucas was the first to see Savannah.
"Hey, Savannah." he waved.
Savannah waved back. Lettie from her gym class turned around and smiled.
"Oh, I remember you." she said. "You're Davey Smith's step-sister."
As if what Lettie had said was a cue, every one of Holly's friends focused their attention on Savannah.
"Savannah!" Holly practically screamed.
She hopped off of the platform and ran to give Savannah a hug. Holly smelled like peppermint.
"My boyfriend Peter would like to meet you." she said, showing Savannah to a boy with short, curly brown hair and green eyes. He had on a Octavian Jesuit High School shirt.
"Hey," Peter smiled. "Nice to meet you."
"You too." Savannah said, shaking his hand.
  Carter approached her. "Hi, Savannah."
"Hey," she said quietly, barely making eye contact with him.
Holly took Savannah by the hand and led her to another group of kids. One of them was Reese McKinley from her homeroom.
"Hi," Reese said kindly. "I'm Reese."
"I know, you're in my homeroom."
"How are you?"
"I'm pretty good. It's such a pretty day."
"Definitely." Reese smiled. "I love the outdoors."
"Me too!" Savannah said.
She figured Reese was the nicest girl in the group.
 "What do you do for fun?" a girl with buttery-blond hair asked. Her hair was pulled back into a smooth ponytail and she had a faint accent.
"I enjoy writing, listening to music, and bike riding."
"Hey, me too!" the girl said. "I'm Palma by the way."
"I'm Savannah."
"I know." Palma laughed.
  A girl with dark-blond hair and caramel brown eyes stepped in. She was the prettiest girl there, but she looked similar to Reese. Savannah wondered if they were related.
"And I'm Elisha." Elisha said formally, as if it were important for Savannah to know. She then gave her a warm grin.
"Hi, Elisha." Savannah said.
Savannah soon realized that there was a crowd of people standing around them. They were trying to meet her. Savannah couldn't believe that there were actually people who wanted to talk to her. They made her feel welcomed.
  "Hi, Savannah." Brandon Albertson and Stephanie Dice said in unison.
Savannah lost count on how many times she had said "hi".
Stephanie gave Savannah a tight hug. She could hardly breathe.
"You know them, too?" Holly asked.
"Yes, they're in my Algebra class."
Brandon walked up to her. "You look awesome."
"Thank you!" Savannah said graciously.
For a few minutes her and Brandon talked. He told Savannah about his girlfriend Shelbi Glick. Savannah saw Shelbi and commented on how pretty she was. Every girl she had seen was pretty.
  From afar, she could see Carter and Holly standing by the exit. Carter's eyes were fixated on Savannah. Savannah grinned and waved at them.
Carter smiled and waved back.


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