Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 47
Holly's Potency

  "Hold still!" complained Holly.
"I'm trying!" Reese shot back.
Holly was trying to put mascara on Reese's eyelashes, but Reese kept flinching.
Maris and Jen waltzed into Holly's bedroom dressed identical in short jean shorts, blue-and-white Paramount t-shirts that were tied above their navels, and their hair was tied back into a ponytail with a blue scrunchy holding their hair up.
  Reese and Holly were wearing blue sports bras and white seventies style shorts. Holly knew they all looked hot. She couldn't wait for Peter to see her dressed like that. It made her more anxious just by thinking about it.
"My babies!" Jen trilled. "You look stunning!"
"Likewise." Holly said, still working on Reese's makeup.
Jen promptly sat on her bed. "First football game of the school year. God, this is so exciting."
"The party after the game is going to be even more exciting." Maris said, sitting down next to Jen.
  She took out her compact mirror and started applying on strawberry lip gloss on her lips.
"Where's the party going to be at again?" Jen asked.
"Andy's." answered Holly.
"I thought he had soccer?"
"He does, but it ends at six." explained Reese. "Just in time for the varsity football game."
"Cool." Jen said simply. "I'm stoked."
"You can say that again." Holly said, tightening Reese's ponytail.
   Elisha walked in with Courtney, Dominique, and Heather.
"Sorry we're late." apologized Elisha.
"That's no problem." Holly said. "I'm just happy that you're here."
"Is your mom driving us?" asked Dominique.
"Yeah." she answered. "We have ten minutes to be ready."
"Seriously?" Heather groaned. "I was going to do my makeup here."
"You can do your makeup in the bathroom." said Reese.
"Ew!" interjected Heather. "I am not doing my makeup in that shitty bathroom. Pun intended."
 Courtney rolled her eyes. "It's not that big of a deal, Heath."
She pronounced "Heath" like "Hef".
  Reese laughed to herself. Heather was so high-maintenance. She hated using public restrooms.
"Ow!" she exclaimed. "Not too tight!"
"Shut the fuck up." Holly said flatly.
"So who else is going to be there?" Dominique inquired, reading Holly's Gossip Girl book.
"The usual." Reese said.
  Holly's mother, Lauren, entered the room. "Alright! Let's go! Chop chop!" Lauren wore a big grin that was identical to Holly's.
"You girls look beautiful." Lauren added.
"Okay, mommy, thank you." said Holly. "Well, what are you girls waiting for, let's go!"
"Ma'am, yes ma'am!" the rest said in unison.
It was a joke they did whenever they were at one of their houses. Who's ever house they were at, that person would received the potency of making orders. Since they were at Holly's house, Holly was the potent. Of course it was like that for her all the time.


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