Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 46
Fan Club

  "Hey, Savannah, can you get me some napkins?" requested Judy, who was sitting at the lunch table. She had accidentally spilled juice on the table and didn't have enough napkins to wipe up the mess.

"Sure." Savannah affirmed.
She got out of her seat and walked over to the napkin dispenser. When she was done, she turned back around to see Rick Perez waving her over to his lunch table. A couple of boys, including Ritchie, were sitting with him.
Savannah gathered up her napkins, and promptly walked over to their table.
"Hi," she said generously.
"Hey, Savannah." Rick said, smoothing out his blond hair. "Ritchie wants to go to Homecoming with you."
Ritchie laughed cordially. "He's lying. Don't believe the hype."
Savannah grinned. "Okay, but what did you guys call me over here for?"
"We just wanted to see how you were doing." Rick said earnestly.
"Oh, that's nice."
"How was talking to Carter?" Ritchie said, his eye seeming to move towards her chest.
"Nerve-wracking." Savannah admitted with a hint of amusement. "But it was actually quite exciting at the same time."
"That's generally how it goes." a boy with curly blond hair piped in. "I'm Denis by the way."
"Oh, hi, Dennis!" she said earnestly.
  Dennis laughed. "Are you always this happy?"
Savannah thought about the question for a minute. She had never been truly happy before, but for the first time she was experiencing real joy.
"Well, not all the time." she chuckled.
"Savannah!" Lucas called from a table that was several feet away from them.
He was flailing his hands trying to get her attention. "Savannah!" he called again.
Savannah knew why he was calling her. Carter was also sitting with him. She scanned the table and saw almost every boy at that table staring at her with interest.
Suddenly, a chorus of boys were saying her name.
  "Carter wants you." Rick said, pointing towards their table.
"I know." Savannah said, straightening the straps of her black Coach purse.
"Not now, though. I promised my friend napkins five minutes ago. She's probably getting testy by now."
Rick nodded benevolently. "Then you better get there."
"Oh, don't worry." she assured. "I will. Hey, would you like to meet my friends sometimes."
"Sure." he said.
"Okay." Savannah beamed. "See you later."
As she was leaving, she could have sworn she heard one of the boys comment on her being sexy. Savannah shook the thought out and kept on walking.
  When she got back to her table, her friends were looking at her with weird smiles on their face.
"Looks like you have fans." Justin teased, stealing a french fry from her tray and popping it into his mouth.
"Maybe I do." Savannah said, taking a fry from his tray to be even.
"How do you know Rick?" asked Vinnie.
"We have study hall together." stated Savannah. "He seems nice."
"Oh," Judy said, her voice vibrating. "You don't know him then."
"Yeah, he's kind of a douche." Justin said. "But we're not gonna judge you because you're friends with him."
"Thanks." Savannah said, twirling her pasta on her fork. "He's actually pretty cool."
"Can I look at your iPod?" Judy asked.
Savannah handed Judy her pink iPod.
   "Ooh, cool!" enthused Judy. "You like The Bee Gees, too?"
"Yeah." Savannah said. "I have an eclectic music taste."
"I wish disco was still around." Justin said nostalgically.
"You weren't even there when disco happened." Vinnie said matter-of-factly.
"So?" he said. "I still wished it hadn't died."
"You can think rock and roll for its death." Savannah said.
"That is so true." Justin said, giving Savannah a high-five. "Damn you, rock and roll."


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