Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 45
The Second Friday

"And then she puts her head down on the desk because she saw Carter coming into the classroom." Holly informed Reese, Elisha, and Danielle as they listened politely. "But afterward, she got more comfortable and started talking to him. She is so cute!"

"Yeah, she's in my homeroom." stated Reese. "I've never talked to her, but she seems nice."

They were sitting in the cafeteria talking about Savannah Ripley, the girl that was in Holly's study hall, Biology, and gym class. Holly had just talked to Davey about Savannah the other day. He had confirmed that they were related and told Holly to make Savannah feel as welcome as possible because Savannah seemed moody ever since she moved. That was no problem for Holly.

 "Who is Savannah?" Danielle asked, annoyed that she was always the last to know about new people. "You know how much I hate it when everyone knows someone but me."

"Relax, Dani." said Holly. "You'll get to meet her today."

"Well, I sure would like to meet her." Elisha said, taking a bite out of her chicken nugget. "From the way you, Lucas, and Carter had described her, she seems fun."

"Right you are, Leesh." Holly grinned.

 Holly was positive that Carter liked Savannah. What straight person wouldn't? All he needed to do was to ask her out.

"May I sit here?" a voice asked from behind her.

She turned around. Standing right in front of her was a sorry looking Maris.

"Sure." Holly said, pulling out a seat for her.

Danielle's face slowly turned towards Holly. Her brown eyes grew in confusion. Holly mouthed "no" to her. Danielle just shrugged and continued to eat her rice.

 "Look guys, I'm sorry." Maris started. "It's just a lot has been going on lately."

"Poor excuse of the millennium." Holly said evenly. "I've been through a lot too, but that doesn't mean I should bring others down with me."

Her mother had taught her that motto when she was seven.

"Spot on." Reese nodded. "Maybe we have been harsh on you, but you're not innocent in this either. You know that."

Maris nodded. "I know, and I was a bitch, but can we let bygones be bygones?"

"Of course." Elisha said acceptingly. "You will always be our Marebear."

Maris's face radiated with happiness. "Thanks, guys."


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