Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 43
Savannah and Carter

  Savannah stuck a pencil in her mouth, thinking hardly of the answer for her Biology homework. She chose to sit next to Holly in study hall that time. Holly was more than happy for her to do that.
"The answer is liquid nitrogen." Holly told her.
Savannah thanked her and wrote the answer down.
"No problem." Holly said freely. "Are you going to the game tomorrow."
"Yeah," Savannah crowed. "My step-dad is making me and my mom go."
"Well, maybe you can hang out with me and my friends at the game." suggested Holly. "It'll be fun."
"I might." Savannah considered. "I'm supposed to hang out with my friends Justin and Judy."
Referring to them as her friends sounded weird to her.
  "You still wanna meet Carter?" Lucas asked persistently.
"No!" Savannah said impishly.
"Too late." Holly said, pointing to Carter and a bunch of other kids entering the classroom.
"Oh, damn." muttered Savannah.
She covered her face and put her head down on the desk.
Holly giggled. "Oh, don't play hard to get."
  Holly liked Savannah. She was pretty, sprightly, and somewhat quirky. Holly thought it was funny when Savannah hid in the girls' bathroom when she saw Carter. She thought it was cute.
Lucas and Rick waved Carter over to their table. Carter grinned and started towards them.
Holly realized that there was a space between her and Savannah. That was the only available seat at the table. She decided in order to not make things awkward, she sat in that seat so that Savannah wouldn't have to sit next to Carter.
"Hey," Carter said whimsically.
"Hey," repeated Holly.
"Hey," Carter said again, laughing afterward.
Holly nudged Savannah, who was still pretending to be asleep.
  "Yeah, that's Savannah." Lucas whispered to Carter, pointing at her direction. "She likes you, so be nice."
Savannah heard what Lucas said.
Was he not supposed to be nice to me? They probably think I'm a loser and are probably thinking the worst of me.
Carter looked at Savannah with her head on the desk. "Hi."
"Savannah," Holly said in a singsong voice. "Carter said hi. You should say it back."
Holly sounded like a mother trying to get her autistic three year old to say hi to strangers. Only Savannah had Asperger's.
"Hi, Savannah, how are you?" he said again, hoping she would show her pretty face.
 She raised up her head a little, finding herself staring at his light-brown eyes. He smiled at her.
"See that wasn't so bad." Holly said, patting her on the back. "Carter is a cool guy. He won't bite."
"Okay." Savannah said, relieved that she had got it over with. "Hi, I'm Savannah."
Carter stretched out his hand for her to shake it. "Nice to finally meet you."
Savannah felt happy. He thought it was nice for him to meet her.
  Holly was relieved as well. If Carter didn't decided to take Jamie to the Homecoming as a friend, she would be the runner up.
Lucas gave Carter a "What do you think of her?" look. Carter grinned an approval.
He didn't think Savannah would be so pretty, but she was. He noticed when she smiled that her cheeks were high and round and her dark eyes were almond-shaped. She wore a bright white sundress and yellow sandals

"How are you?" he asked, continuing to stare at her sweet face.
"I'm okay." she answered, trying to smile.

She suddenly noticed that he had his hand on the book The Lovely Bones. She had read it once in the eighth grade.

"Why are you reading that?" she wondered.

She thought it was a little weird for a guy to be reading a book about subject line of a girl being brutally raped and murdered.

"Oh, this?" he said, picking up the book. "I'm reading this because my teacher assigned my class this book. Plus I like it because it's sad and disturbing."

That last sentence caused Holly, Lucas, Rick, and a few other people at their table to laugh. Savannah didn't understand what was so funny, but she laughed anyway.

 "Haha, I made her laugh." Carter apprised Holly.
"Savannah laughs at everything." Holly said, winking at Savannah who was now engrossed in her Harry Potter book. "Isn't that right, Vanny?"

"Yeah, sure."

Savannah was abashed by Holly calling her "Vanny". But Savannah didn't go against it. Her family members used to call her Vannybear when she was really young.

"Ask him what he likes." Lucas whispered in her ear.

"Do you like The Beatles?" she asked.

 Carter thought about the answer for a moment. He didn't have any of their albums, but he did enjoyed some of their songs such as "Yellow Submarine", "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and "Julia".

"Um, yes." he said finally.

Lucas and Holly gawked at him stupefied. It seemed like it took forever for him to come up with that answer.

Savannah had a feeling he wasn't telling the truth, but she ignored it.

   "Hey, guys." Mr. Austerlitz, their study hall teacher, said. "Keep it down, please."

"Okay." Holly in a sugary voice.

Carter snickered. "He reminds me of Adolf Hitler."

"I know, it's the mustache and hair." added Lucas. "It's pretty funny."

Carter looked over Savannah, who was no longer paying attention to them. She was reading her book intently. He didn't like reading all that much and wondered how she could enjoy them without getting tired.

Savannah's eyes veered into Carter's direction.Her face became hot again and filled with blood. This time her face felt like it was on fired.


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