Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 42
Room One

Elisha and Mark crept quietly down the corridor, hoping to not get caught. Elisha wanted to find a room for them to spend time in. Since they were both in ceramics, a class in which they didn't get any homework in, they left that class to find a private room.
Elisha felt slightly guilty about what she was about to do. What if she did get caught? She was afraid it would hurt her chances in being class president.
"Are you sure we won't get caught?" Mark whispered.
"Yes." Elisha lied. "I am positive."
She remembered the key Demi had given her and Reese. And room one. No one ever used that room, so she could easily sneak in there.
"Follow me." she said softly, leading the way.
At door number one, Elisha turned the key into the lock and opened it.
They both stepped inside. Mark shut the door behind him.
"This place looks ancient." he said bemusedly. "When's the last time anybody's used it?"
"No clue." Elisha said apathetically.

 She took off her gray blazer, revealing her red halter top. Mark gave her a devious smile before walking over to her. Elisha knelt down on the floor and sat down Indian-style. She beckoned Mark to join her.

"What do you wanna do?" he asked her, as he settled himself onto the floor.

"What do you think?" Elisha asked, smiling roguishly. 

Mark wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his embrace. They kissed passionately for a few minutes. Mark's hands began to fondle her thighs.

Elisha felt that her and Mark were the perfect couple. She was grateful that Holly had introduced them. She didn't know what she would do without him. Her and Mark had talked about losing their virginity together, but Elisha passed up on it. She was fourteen and didn't know a thing or two about sex. That, and because a shiny ring was on her finger in which represented her commitment. It was her dad's idea to get a purity ring when she was eleven. She was willing to keep her promise with her dad about not having sex until marriage. But Mark was very attractive. She almost enjoyed him touching her thighs in a suggestive manner.

Mark's hands trailed up her torso and to her breasts. Elisha suddenly realized what he was trying to do.

"Um, maybe we should get back to class." she said, shrugging him off. "They might be suspicious."

Mark furrowed his eyebrows. "Okay, but I thought you wanted this."

"I know." Elisha said justly. "It was fun, but I don't want Mr. Craft to be mad at us, you know."

"Yeah, well," Mark said doubtfully. "You're probably right."

"I signed up for house." Elisha said, changing the subject.. "Make sure to vote for me."

"I will." Mark said surely. "I promise."

As they were leaving, Elisha gave a sigh of relief. She hoped Mark didn't think of her as a coward.


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