Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 40
An Awkward Introduction

  All through Wednesday, Holly had been trying to get Savannah to meet Carter. From trying to call Savannah over to Carter to practically bringing Carter over to her, it had all seemed to have failed. Savannah felt like a fool, but she didn't want Carter to think she was a dork. Scott Phillips had formed a snapped opinion when he first met her, she was afraid Carter might do the same thing.
It was now Thursday morning, and Savannah was sitting outside of her Biology classroom doing her homework.
She saw Holly stroll through the hallway with Carter holding her hand. She waved at a couple of students before spotting Savannah.
  She turned to Carter and said something to him. Carter looked over at Savannah and stared at her momentarily. Holly smiled and waved at her. Savannah was sure he was thinking the worst about her. Why wouldn't he? Every time Holly, Rick, and Lucas would try to get her to meet Carter, she would run away. She even went as far as darting into the girls' restroom in the Spanish hallway.
    But Carter did something that shocked her. He smiled and said "Hi, Savannah."
Savannah didn't say anything. She felt like someone had grabbed a hold of her tongue.
Holly just shrugged and walked away. Carter followed behind. As he was doing so, he turned back around to look at her.
Savannah felt her face turn hot. 

This wasn't going to be as easy as she thought. She had tried to say something to her, but it was like something kept grabbing her tongue in order to prevent her from saying anything.

God must really hate me. She thought bitterly, walking dejectedly to her study hall class.

She decided he was just going to be like Scott Philips. A jerk who only wanted to be popular.   

She saw earlier that day how Carter and Holly skipped in front of people during lunch. The typical popular people move. They always thought they had the authority to do whatever they want and no get in trouble. Holly seemed nice enough, but she couldn't help thinking what Holly thought about her. Ever since the first day they had talked, Holly kept going up to Savannah saying the most ridiculous things. She once asked her if she enjoyed Grey Goose Vodka. Of course Savannah said no, but she wondered if Holly thought she was a baby for not drinking. That was the biggest symbol of being popular; drinking and engaging in debauchery. Savannah knew she should have stayed in Graysville. She would never fit in with Holly and her friends. Holly was way too popular and cheerleader-like to associate with a lowly, loser like Savannah.

 Savannah hated putting herself down, but she always assumed that most of things people said about her were true. She was glad she didn't wear her orange poodle t-shirt and white skirt today. That would make her look even more out of place at Paramount. All the girls in her grade were gorgeous. She couldn't imagine girls like Holly and Reese to give her the time of the day. But for some reason Holly kept talking to her. Maybe she was using her as a butt of her jokes. Savannah decided she was going to keep a close eye on her. Just to make sure if she really liked her or was just talking to her because she was Davey Smith's step-sister.

"Vanny!" Stephanie's voice exclaimed.

Before Savannah could turn around, Stephanie ran up and pulled her into a hug. Another popular girl who Savannah didn't understand why they were talking to her.

"Hey," she said awkwardly, wiping hair out of her face.

"What are you doing just standing there?" laughed Stephanie, her white teeth showing. "You silly goose!"

"I was just talking to someone," explained Savannah. "Sorry,"

"Don't be," advised Stephanie, putting an arm around her leading her to Mr. Austerlitz class. "Holly told me everything. I know who you like."

Savannah's heart all but stopped. How many people had Holly told about her liking Carter. Probably the whole school by now. She was starting to not trust her.

"Don't act shy," offered Stephanie, leaning against the brick wall outside of the classroom. "Guys don't like that. They like confident girls."

"Like you?" Savannah tried to joke.
"Exactly!" she piped, nudging her on the shoulders. "You just gotta have confidence. By the way, you're Davey Smith's step-sister, right?"

Savannah shrugged. "I guess."

"That is so cool!" cooed Stephanie, her green eyes expanding. "I hung out with him this summer. Me, Gigi, and Jamie. He's so nice!"

"Who's Gigi and Jamie?" asked Savannah.

"Totally awesome girls!" explained Stephanie. "You'll like them. I gotta introduce them to you sometime."

Savannah smiled a little. At least she got to meet more girls to possibly become friends with. She was already friends with Judy and Justin. And possibly Holly. All she needed to do was make more friends and fit in once and for all.

"Well, I gotta head to class," said Stephanie.

When Stephanie left, Savannah opened the classroom door and went inside.


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