Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 39
Switching Classes

  Savannah walked through the hallway with her gym clothes in her hand. Justin walked with her just to keep himself occupied.
"How are you doing in your classes?" he asked, throwing a wad of paper into the trash bin.
"Good." Savannah answered. "I'm looking forward to my first assignment in journalism."
"Oh, who were you assigned to interview?" he asked curiously.
"The Freshman soccer team." she answered, a little disappointed that she didn't get anything more exciting to do. She wanted to interview the football players or the Anime Club.
  "That's cool." he said, impressed. "I have the Anime Club."
"No fair!" she teased. "I wanted that!"
"How ironic, because I wanted to do sports." he said, laughing. "Too bad we're not allowed to trade interviews."
"I know!" she amplified. "Oh, well. It won't be bad."
"Exactly." he said, smiling at her.
"Hey, Savannah." Brandon Albertson called, a boy from her Algebra class.
He was five-six, had honey-blond hair, and green eyes. He was wearing a yellow Pacers t-shirt over jean shorts.
"Hi," she said pleasantly, waving at him.
She hadn't even talked to him before and he remembered her.
Justin turned the corner that led to his class. "See you later. Maybe Judy, you, and I can hang out this weekend."
"It's a done deal." Savannah said enthusiastically.
  Savannah entered the varsity gym, finding her classmates sitting on the bleachers. She sat on the bottom bleachers next to Stephanie Dice, a girl from her Algebra class. Stephanie was idly texting on her pink Blackberry.
She suddenly looked over her shoulder and noticed Savannah. She smiled.
"Hi, you look pretty today. I love your outfit."
"Thanks." Savannah said coyly.
Her outfit wasn't fantastic. It was just a black-and-white dress shirt and a knee-length denim skirt. Her brown bangs hung over her face, a brown headband placed on the top of her head.
Stephanie had seemed to found a liking for Savannah. Ever since the first day they had met, Stephanie had been talking Savannah's ears off. She had even made Savannah be her seat buddy in Algebra. In a way, Savannah was flattered by it all.
"Hey, Stephanie." Ritchie greeted, giving Stephanie a five.
"Hi!" she piped, getting up to hug him.
Ritchie saw Savannah and smiled. "What's up?"
"Everything." she chuckled.
"Same here." he said, giving her a five as well.
Savannah smiled. Everyone seemed to like her so far. It was extremely different than Graysville.
"Savannah Ripley?" Mr. Riddle asked, looking up from his clipboard.
"Yes?" said Savannah.
"There seemed to have been a confusion." Riddle started. "You have me next semester. This semester you have Mr. Hauserman. Sorry about that."
"Oh." Savannah said, disappointed that she wouldn't have class with Stephanie.
She liked Stephanie. She was one of the few people Savannah didn't think was boring.
  "I know where that is." Stephanie told Riddle. "Can I walk her there?"
"Sure." Riddle said absently.
"Okay!" Stephanie said brightly. "Come on, Savannah."
Stephanie grabbed Savannah by the hand and led her out of the gym. They walked through the hallway were the vending machines stood at. Stephanie turned a corner and led Savannah into the second gym.
  The gym wasn't as nice as the Varsity gym. In fact, it looked slightly dirty. The floors at least. It almost reminded her of the gym at Silver Lake.
"Well, here you go." Stephanie said, smiling. "At least we have Algebra class together."
"Thank you." Savannah said graciously.
She walked across the floor searching for a man named Mr. Hauserman.
"Savannah!" she heard a voice call from nowhere. "Savannah! Yoo-hoo!"
  Savannah looked around. She immediately saw where the voice was coming from. There was a roll of students sitting on the floor, conversing with each other. Over by the far end, she saw Holly waving excessively at her. Holly was acting like they had known each other for three years rather than one day. Savannah noticed that the girl from her English class was sitting with Holly as well. Her name was Courtney Hofstadter. She hardly knew the girl, but they had exchanged a few hellos in class.
  "Are you Savannah Ripley?" a young-looking man asked. He looked no older than twenty-three.
"You were marked absent from the times you weren't here, but since you got confused and went to the other class, I'll have the dean erase those absences."
"That's fine." she said breezily, wiping a strand of hair from her face.
From the corner of her eye, she could see Holly whisper something to Courtney. Courtney's blue eyes shifted towards Savannah.
"You can take a seat anywhere you want." Hauserman smiled. "And it looks like your friends want you to sit with them."
He pointed towards Holly and the other girls sitting with her.
Since Savannah didn't know anyone in that class, she decided to walk over to where the girls were at.
"Hi, Savannah!" Holly said, scooting over so she could sit next to her. "How are you?"
"I'm alright." Savannah said awkwardly.
She didn't know what to make of Holly. She hoped Holly liked her.
"These are my friends Courtney, Lettie, and Alice." Holly said, introducing the three girls who sat by her.
Savannah looked at Lettie's gym shirt. The name "Lettie Eliopoulos" was written on it. Lettie had wavy dirty-blond hair that went down her back. Lettie smiled a hi at her.
Savannah then looked at Alice. Alice's shirt said "Alice Jones". Her black hair was tied into a ponytail. Alice was pretty, but she looked slightly butch.
  "You're in my English class." Courtney said, grinning at her.
"Yeah, I know." Savannah said politely.
"So have you talked to Carter yet?" Holly asked innocently.
Savannah gawked at Holly. Had she told those girls that Savannah liked him?
"No." Savannah said slowly.
"You like Carter?" Lettie asked, smiling warmly at Savannah. "He's so sweet."
"Yeah, he's our bff." added Alice.
"Well, you need to talk to him." Holly said blatantly. "And I wanna help you."
"No thanks."
"Yes thanks."
  Savannah had to smile at Holly's comment. It was funny.
"I appreciate it, but I'll be fine." Savannah said appreciatively.
"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" Alice asked.
"I have two half sisters who live in Colorado." Savannah began. "And two step-siblings."
"Do they go here?" inquired Alice.
"One." said Savannah. "His name is Davey."
  Holly's face immediately morphed into a questionable look. "Davey who?"
"Smith?" Savannah said, hoping that telling them who her step-brother was might impress them a little bit.
 It more than likely did.
"Seriously?" Courtney practically blurted. Several people turned to look at her. "I know him! We know him!"
Savannah shrugged. This was the third time somebody had freaked out over hearing who Savannah's step-brother was. It wasn't like Davey was God.
"He was just at my party." Holly said, getting more closer to Savannah. "Are you really related to him?"
"Yeah." Savannah said. "My mom and his dad just got married."
"Aww... how sweet." Lettie said. "Davey's nice, isn't he?"
"Yeah, we talk." Savannah said, not necessarily lying.
Holly grinned. "You are so lucky. If you weren't his step-sister, wouldn't you date him?"
"No comment." Savannah laughed. "I mean he's cute, but not really."
"Of course." Holly said, putting her hand on her shoulder. "Maybe I can introduce you to Carter."
"How many times do I have to tell you no?" Savannah asked laughingly.
"Oh, don't be shy." Holly said, pulling Savannah in for a hug. "You're too pretty for that."


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