Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 38
Problems And Such

  "Hey, Reese." Darnell Williams said in Biology class.
He was a stocky, African-American boy in a Colts football jersey. Reese thought he was cute. He was in her eighth grade science class last year and she was glad he had science with her this year.
"Hi, Darnell." she said, looking straight ahead at Mrs. Hansel, their nerdy teacher who looked like she was pregnant even though she wasn't. "How's it going?"
"It's been good." he answered, tapping his pencil on the desk. "Can't complain."
"That's awesome to hear." she said, smiling.
 "Excuse me." Mrs. Hansel said, glaring at them through her horn-rimmed glasses. "No talking, please."
"Sorry." Reese said, annoyed.
Mrs. Hansel wasn't mean, but she was extremely irritating. Reese wanted to be placed in another class, but her counselor wouldn't do it for her. At least she had Darnell to keep her company.
"Hey," whispered Darnell, sliding a piece of paper to her. "My number's on here if you wanna text me sometime."
Reese's caramel eyes lit up. "Don't worry, I will." She gave him a sexy smile to let him know she was in to him. Maybe he would be a good boyfriend for her.
  At the end of class, Reese met Holly and Dominique downstairs. "I have Darnell's number!"
"That's great." Holly said sincerely. "Have you seen Maris today?"
"No." Reese said. "Honestly, I don't think she's here."
"You think she's skipping?" asked Dominique.
"Oh, most definitely." Holly said surely. "She always does this whenever she knows we're pissed at her."
 "Oh, well." Dominique said apathetically. "She just fucked up her perfect attendance."
Holly snorted. Maris used to be obsessed with her perfect attendance, but now that was the last thing on her mind. Reese cared about Maris and was the only one who wasn't mad at her. She had just talked to her the other day. Maris was crying over Lucas flirting with the girl in their French class. But that was Lucas. He always flirted with girls. It didn't mean anything. But everything to Maris was always a mayday.
  "I have to get ready for gym." Holly announced. "I'll talk to you later."
"Okay." Reese said. "I have something to tell you after school, anyway."
"Alright." Holly said, wiping lint off of her pink hoodie. "But it better be important."
"Oh, it will." Reese said, frowning at Holly a little bit.
  Nothing that Reese had to say ever sounded important enough for Holly. Holly was too concerned over her boyfriend Peter to care.
 "I wish Holly would just listen to me for once." she told Dominique.
"You know Holly." said Dominique. "If it's not about her, she doesn't care."
"Amen to that." Reese agreed.
If only Holly could put herself in other people's shoes just for once. Maybe then she would understand how other people felt about certain situations. Reese was able to empathize with people. She actually enjoyed listening to people's problems.

 And Holly thought she was such a guru for problems; wanting to be a psychologist and all. If she was so concerned about helping people, she wouldn't ignore their problems just because they sounded "uninteresting" to her.
Reese thought about the time when someone had stolen her Ipod. She was upset about it and all Holly could say was "Just buy a new one". She didn't have a job and her mom didn't like to keep buying things for her if she was going to keep losing them. Reese wanted Holly to learn a thing about responsibility. Holly got everything she wanted while Reese had to work for the things she wanted.


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