Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 24

"How was your friend's house, honey?" Marjorie asked Savannah at the dinner table.

"It was fun." answered Savannah. "We went bike riding, we shared personal stories, and I even got to meet her mom."

Both her mom and Dave were smiling at her. Dave's grin was so big and wide, Savannah thought his whole jaw was going to fall off. She knew they were happy for her to have been invited to someone's house on the second day of school. Davey, yet again, was no where to be spotted at the table. For he was over at some guy's house name Abdul.

 Savannah wondered how often Davey ate dinner with his family when his dad and mom was still married. Her mom and real dad were never married. Her dad living in Louisville and made visits to Savannah only seldom. He had often broke promises to her like the time when he had told her he would take her to Six Flags when she was eight. She had everything prepared. Clad in her Hello Kitty jean summer dress, white Bugs Bunny shoes, and a Looney Tunes cap. She sat all day on her mom's bed looking out the window to see if her dad was pulling up in the driveway. He never showed up. Turned out he had "other plans". That was the phrase she had heard often. Other Plans.

 She had loved her dad. He had done things for her that she would not soon forget. She was four when she had threw a tantrum about wanting a car. Of course no four year old would understand that in order to drive they would have to be sixteen and be taught how to drive. But Savannah wanted that car nonetheless. She even cried when her mom told her no. Her dad was over at her house at the time, trying to console her. She didn't stop. That car was what she wanted. And she wanted it. So her dad left. It wasn't until fifteen minutes later when he came back with a Fisher Price toy car strapped to the trunk of his real car. The body of the car was red and hood was yellow.

 Savannah couldn't have been anymore happier. She thought it was a real car. As soon as he had introduced the car to her, she got on it and began to ride around the spacious backyard of her one-story home. Her and her next door neighbor Katie, a girl who was three years older than she was, played with it everyday. That was until someone had went into their backyard while everyone was gone and stole the car. Savannah wasn't as upset as she was when she thought she wasn't going to get the car. That was one of the memories of her dad that had burned into her head.

 Her dad was amazing. Whenever he would leave her house, she would cry whenever he left. At the time she thought she would never see him again. She did that every time. The biggest upset she had had when he left was when her half-sisters were over. They were daughter's of her dad. Shania and Janeena. She used to see them more commonly than she did now. Family was a big thing to her back then. When her cousins Ashley and Tyler would come over for Thanksgiving each year. When her dad would buy her tons of food from Taco Bell, Hardy's, Burger King, and KFC all on the same night. When her grandpa used to give her spankings or sing her a made up lullaby called "Go To Sleep Little Baby" while he rocked her on his lap. Or when he still had whiskers to tickle her with. But that was when she wasn't so annoyed with her dad.

 "Was your school day any better?" Dave asked.

"Yeah." admitted Savannah. "I knew my way around the school a little bit."

"That's good." he said. "Has Davey introduced you to any of his friends?"

"No, he hasn't introduced me to any of his friends."

What was with Dave wanting her to meet Davey's friends. It was as if he was obsessed with Davey and his friends. Like he was living off of his son.

"Oh," Dave said, taking a sip from his strawberry flavored Kool-aid. "You'll meet them eventually."

 Dave was the kind of guy to pry answers out of you. The kind to keep talking when you were long done. Savannah tried to be polite about it, but a person could only have so much patience. 

"I bet there were hardly any black kids in your class." said Marjorie.

"There was one in my Algebra class, but none in the rest of the classes I have." she said, finding the whole thing funny.

At Graysville, there were a ton of black kids at her school. Being the top minority at the school. Here at Paramount, they were the lowest. There were more Asians and Hispanics than African Americans. In Graysville, there were like five or six Asians or Hispanics. She was pretty sure they could fit all of the African American students in one room at Paramount.

 Savannah looked down at her plate. Mashed potatoes, peas, and tilapia fish. She hadn't touched a thing. And it was one of her favorite meals too. For some reason she wasn't hungry. She tried to eat. She took one piece of tilapia and put it in her mouth. The taste didn't seem to satisfy her taste buds. She thought of the next day. Who would be there and if anyone would say anything to her. None of the kids knew her that well, but at least Judy and Justin knew who she was. Justin even helped her get to her classes that day. He was nice. Boys seemed to have been nice to her. Not like the boys at Graysville. Every boy she had encountered at Paramount had either smiled at her or said hi to her. 

 During the summer time, a group of boys had tried to ask her out at the Graysville Aquatic Center. They were cute, but not really her type. One of the boys had even tried to touch her, but she moved away. She felt bad for them. They must have really liked her even though she didn't. All of the events that had occurred in her life made her think of writing a story about her life. The kind that people would pay to read. It would be like a memoir. She pretty much wrote at a college level and even scored a six out of a six on Istep in the sixth grade. Her resource teacher told her most students who took it scored a four. Which was considered the possible highest. She scored above average.

 Savannah decided to finish up her dinner. Her mom had cooked that dinner just for her and it would have been rude for Savannah to have not finish it. She smiled at her mom took several spoonfuls of mashed potatoes. Smothered with ketchup, of course.



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