The Time Machine
Author: the_avid_bibliophile

Chapter 14
Chapter Fourteen

   “Waldo,” Suzie gasped.  “I can’t tread anymore.”

   “Suzie, boat,” said Waldo. 

   ‘Boat’ was a kind of swim that he and Suzie had made up when they were younger.  One person would lie on their stomach, kicking, and the other would sit on the first person using their arms and legs to paddle.  It was a strong swim with two people. 

   Waldo lay on his stomach and Suzie sat on him.  She put her arms into water and paddled.  Waldo kicked as hard as he possibly could. 

   After two minutes of this, Suzie, cried out, “We’re moving!” 

   Sure enough they were.  Slowly, but noticeably.  In a quarter of an hour, they had reached the other side of the moat.  Suzie got off Waldo and walker up the ledge.  Waldo followed her.  They were tired, cold, and wet, but alive.  Suzie lay on the grass to rest for a moment but Waldo pulled her up.  “There’s not a moment to lose,” he said. “Come on, but grab your walkie talkie first.” 

   Suzie chose to remain on the grass for one more minute before doing so.  Waldo sighed.  He grabbed his walkie-talkie and pressed talk.  “We’re here,” he told Cassidy. “Where’s the dungeon?”

   “To get there, turn right, and then go straight until the end of the hallway.  There’ll be a door.  Open it and go down.”

   “How do you know all this stuff?” asked Waldo in amazement.

   “It’s on the movie,” she replied.  “Now go. And hurry.

   Taking Suzie by the hand, Waldo pulled her towards the gates.  He tugged on the knob. 

   “Locked,” he reported.

   “What now?” asked Suzie. 

   “We’ll try the back and side doors.”  So Waldo and Suzie tried those doors, only to find them locked, too. 

   Then Suzie spotted a tree and a window.  She had an idea.  The window was open, so she asked Waldo, “Can we climb that tree and go in the window that way?”

   “Maybe,” said Waldo slowly.  “But what if someone’s in the room?”

   Suzie ignored the question.  “Well, it’s worth a try, isn’t it?”

   “Yes,” agreed Waldo.

   “You first.”

   “No way!” exclaimed Suzie, taking a step back.

   “All right.”

   Waldo wrapped his arms and legs around the tree trunk and began to slide up.  When he reached a branch, he sat on it and called down to Suzie.  “Don’t be scared.  Come on up.”

   Hesitantly, Suzie moved towards the tree trunk.  Waldo pulled her up and she sat down next to him.   Waldo swung himself up to the next branch and Suzie followed.  Waldo looked in to the room.  “All clear,” he told Suzie. 

   He climbed into the window and held out his hand for Suzie.  She took it and he pulled her into the window.  Without stopping to take in their surroundings, they made for the door.  Bad move!  Suddenly Waldo heard noise from outside.  Footsteps!  Waldo looked around for a door.  He found a closet door and opened it.  He pulled Suzie in with him and shut the door.  Then everything went black.


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