Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 22
Andy, Are You Okay?

  Andy ran with the soccer ball rolling under his feet. He felt the gush of wind breeze right past him. Every one of his teammates seemed to have been tired but him. They were all divided into two teams. Andy's team had blue flags tied around their waists and the other team had red flags tied around their waists.
 Several of the teammates from the other team kept trying to literally steal the ball right from under his feet. Neither of them succeeded. He kept going at the speed of light as he kept trying to make the score. But just as he was about to kick the ball into the goal, someone tripped him, causing him to come down hard on the ground.
 "Ow!" he moaned. "My knee!"
He looked down at his knee and saw thick, scarlet liquid oozing out of his wound.
"Simms, are you alright?" Coach Hauserman asked.
"No!" groaned Andy. "My knee hurts!"
Everyone of his teammates came over to where Andy was. Andy looked around and saw who had tripped him.
"Dude, why'd you do that for?" he asked him.
"Yeah, Kaleb." Marcus Brody, a sophomore, said. "You just stopped your own team member from scoring."
Kaleb just stood their looking stupid. "Sorry."
 "Andy!" Monica and Palma yelled in unison, running towards Andy. "Andy! Are you okay?"
They had been watching practice from the stands.
Monica dropped on the grass next to Andy, immediately tending to his leg.
"Your boyfriend was the one who tripped me." he said indignantly.
"I'm sure it was an accident." she said, gently applying pressure to the infected area.
"Yeah, 'accident'."
Andy knew better than to think of it as an accident. Kaleb was obviously jealous of him. He knew that Andy was the best player on the team. He was just mad that Andy got to be the forward while he was only the sweeper. The only problem is, he was supposed to sweep the other team.
 "Here, I have a couple of band-aids in my purse." Palma said, pulling out a band-aid from her black purse.
"Thanks, Palma." he said, taking the band-aid.
"Why don't you sit out for the rest of the day?" Hauserman said kindly.
"No!" protested Andy. "I need to practice for the big game next Friday. I can't miss a single practice."
"It's okay, Simms." said Hauserman. "Your knee will be better by next practice. You obviously can't run now."
Andy growled quietly. "Fine."
He shot Kaleb an evil look. Kaleb smirked at him. He wanted to beat the living shit out of him. Andy knew Kaleb only did that to show off in front of Monica. He didn't want Andy to look good in front of her. He wished Monica would come to her senses and dump that asshole.
  "Hey, Maris." he said on his cellphone, sitting on the bleachers. "I'm coming home early, so you can come over."
"Okay," Maris's voice said through the phone. "I'll be over at your house in fifteen minutes."
"Good." he said. "Just let yourself in."
"Alrighty!" she sang. "Bye!"
"Yeah, bye." he said, and then hung up.
He then turned to Palma. "You do know Kaleb did that on purpose, right?"
Palma shook her head. "I don't know. I mean, I really don't know him, so I can't judge."
"You're lucky." he said. "Kaleb is such a douchebag."
"Then ignore him." she said. "He won't say anything if you don't show him that he gets to you."
Andy smiled. "I like your method, Pvor."
"Did you think my head was made out of straw?" she said, laughing.
He wrapped his arms around her. "I guess not."
 Back at Andy's house, he and Maris sat at the dining table working on his homework.
"Okay,"  began Maris. "All you have to do is add 19.2 to both sides."
Andy did as he was told. So far, every question Maris had helped him on was right. He knew for sure he was going to get an "A" on the assignment.
"So the answer is 43.2?" he said uncertainly.
"That's right!" she exclaimed.
"Awesome." he said.
 "Hey, Andy," she said. "Can I ask you something?"
"Why are the girls being such a bitch to me?"
"They're not." he said. "They think you are."
"Whatever." she said, pouting. "Holly is the biggest bitch I know."
"Yeah, well..." he said uncomfortably. "Next problem."
He didn't understand why Maris had to keep complaining to him about Holly. If she wanted to say something about Holly, why not say it to Holly herself.


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