Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 21
Hanging Out With Judy

  Savannah got her backpack out of her locker, hooked her arms through the straps of her backpack, and slammed the locker door shut.
It was the end of the school day. She had texted her mom asking if she could hang out with her new friend Judy. Her mom was a little skeptical at first, but agreed for her to be back by five-thirty and no later.
Savannah was elated. The only time she had went over to a person's house was when she was invited to a girl's birthday party in third grade and the one in sixth grade. She did use to have a friend name Keisha Jackson when she was five, but they eventually drifted apart. Keisha moved to another elementary school and hadn't seen Savannah until sixth grade. Keisha wasn't as nice as she had been when they were five. Actually, Keisha was unbearable. Her and her friends would tease Savannah at every chance they got. At least she had a fresh new start at a new school to show Judy that she wasn't a freak like she was in middle school.
  Several students walked past her, chatting away to their friends. A good-looking African American boy from her Algebra class smiled at her as he walked by.
"Hi," he said.
"Hi," she said coyly.
She couldn't believe that a boy just actually talked to her in a friendly way. She never had any guy friends before. All the guys at her middle school seemed to have been scared of her. Especially Scott and Cal.
 "Hi, Savannah!" Judy said, coming towards her. "All set?"
"Yep." Savannah said, beaming at Judy.
Judy swiped a strand of hair out of her face. "You're going to have so much fun at my place."
Savannah laughed shyly. "I can't wait."
She turned around and noticed that the boy she had saw yesterday, the one she thought was cute, was getting his things out of his locker. He was wearing a red t-shirt and gray shorts. For some reason, it was hard for her to conceal her smile. He suddenly turned around and caught her eyes. She quickly turned around. She thought about asking Judy who the boy's name was, but she decided against it. It was just too soon. She noticed he had sideburns, so she decided to nickname him "Elvis" for the time being.
  "Are you hungry?" Judy asked, raiding through her parent's refrigerator. "It's a smorgasbord in here."
"Sure!" Savannah said, looking around the kitchen. It was nothing fancy. In fact, Judy's house was nothing like Savannah had imagined. It looked just like her house before she moved to Paramount. The outside of Judy's house looked like one of those old-fashioned sixties homes. Similar to The Brady Bunch's house. It was cute nonetheless. Savannah liked the way Judy's house made her feel at home. The kitchen was painted green and the whole kitchen set was white. Something about the kitchen made her feel serene.
"We should try these." Judy said, showing Savannah two chicken teriyaki dinner boxes that she got out of the freezer. "My mom says these are the best."
Savannah liked Chinese food and was glad that Judy had seemed to have read her mind.
When Judy was done cooking the Chinese dinner, she sat them on the brown country-styled table, and went to the refrigerator to grab a pitcher of lemonade. She poured two glasses of lemonade and handed one to Savannah.
 "Thanks," she said, taking a sip from her lemonade. "You have a nice place."
"It's alright." said Judy. "It's not as fancy as the houses most people here live in."
"Don't feel bad." Savannah said. "I live in a townhome with my mom, step-dad, and step-brother."
"Who's your step-brother?" asked Judy, stabbing the chicken with her fork and putting it into her mouth.
"Davey Smith." she answered, hoping Judy hadn't heard of him.
To her dismay, she did.
"Are you kidding me!?" Judy chirped, nearly knocking her lemonade off of the table. "He's so awesome! I don't know him or anything, but I've heard of him. You are so lucky!"
"Thank you." Savannah said quietly.
"How long have you and him been related?"
"Not too long."
"I wish I were you." Judy said, her brown eyes dancing.
"Hey, not to be rude here, but can we talk about something else?" Savannah asked politely.
"Oh, sure." Judy said, understanding her. "Sorry."
"That's okay." she said, trying her chicken teriyaki. "This is excellent!"
"Told you." Judy said, giggling as she took another bite.
 Just then, a woman who looked to be in her late-forties entered the kitchen. She had dark hair that was wrapped up into a bun and olive-skin just like Judy.
"Hi, Jude." the woman said. "Who's your friend? You know you're not supposed to have friends over without telling me first."
"Sorry, mom." apologized Judy. "This is Savannah; she's new here."
"Oh, well, it's nice to meet you." Judy's mom said, extending her hand for Savannah to shake. "I have nothing against you, it's just this young lady here is supposed to notify me before bringing friends over." She then shot Judy a semi-stern look.
"It's nice to meet you, too." Savannah said, shaking her hand.
"Well, Judy." she said. "I have to do a little grocery shopping. You two have fun."
She then left the kitchen.
 "Hey, let me show you my room." Judy said to Savannah, suddenly springing from her chair.
The inside of Judy's room had a white bunkbed that had the bottom bed pulled out vertically. Each side of the wall was painted orange and white with flowers and personal drawings plastered on it.
  "Cute room." she complimented, her eyes exploring the decorations.
"Thanks!" Judy said, falling onto the bottom bunk bed. "This is my favorite room."
"I can see." laughed Savannah. "So how long have you lived here?"
"Since I was six." she answered. "We lived in Georgia until my dad died in a plane crash."
"Oh, my God!" exclaimed Savannah. "I'm so sorry to hear that."
Judy's face deflated a little. "It's okay. I still think about him, but at least I know he's in a better place."
She then changed the subject. "So what do you like to do for fun?"
"Well, I like to go to the park." Savannah replied, "I enjoy the outdoors."
"Awesome!" Judy said, slapping Savannah a high-five. "Let's go bike riding! You can ride my sister's bike. She's at college so she won't be needing it."
And with that, Judy hopped off of her bed and grabbed Savannah by the arm. "I knew we would have something in common."
 Savannah was happy that she had finally made a friend. She realized that Graysville wasn't that great afterall. She couldn't wait to go bike riding with her new best friend. She remembered when her dad was trying to teach her to ride a bike without training wheels when she was five. It was hard to balance her on the bike and every time he tried, she would always fall off. She had to learn to ride a bike when she was nine. An age that was way to old for her to learn at. And to top it all off, she had to teach herself.
That was the one thing she was proud of herself for doing.


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