Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 12

  "Jeronimo!" Andy hollered, diving face first onto Reese's canopy bed.
The covers were pale lime and lilac with floral decorations on the posts. Andy reclined spreadeagled on her bed, not caring how outraged Reese was.
"Andy!" Reese demanded, sounding like an angry mother. "You're so damn careless! I just made this bed up!"
"So sorry." Andy muffled unapologetically.
  Carter snickered. "Andy, you're a trip."
"Ain't that the truth." Reese huffed, physically forcing Andy off of her bed.
"Ow!" he cried, landing hard on the wooden floor.
"Ha-ha." Jamie said childishly.
"You bitch!" Andy said, grabbing Jamie by the leg and dragging her down onto the floor with him.

Reese covered her face with her hand. She was having a migraine from all the ruckus her friends were making. They couldn't keep quiet for even one second. She imagined herself taking a gun and shooting them all. Andy especially.
"Okay, enough fun and games." Holly said seriously. "We got a party to discuss."

"Thank you." Reese said heavily.
"That is absolutely right!" Carter and Damian said animatedly, high-fiving each other.
Reese, Holly, and Jamie all sighed.
  As much as Reese loved her friends, she couldn't help but think how different her life would be if they weren't in it. The first day of school had been a drag. All of her teachers were boring and she knew for sure she was going to fail.
Her grades were usually okay, but they weren't outstanding. The only subject she was good in was Math, and that was nothing. Anyone could do math.
"The first thing we need to discuss is the theme." she said.
"Theme?" everyone else said in unison.
"Reese, we're not in elementary school." Damian said matter-of-factly. "We don't need a theme."
"Themes are fun." she protested. "Like, we could have everyone dress in swimwear or PJs."

What's the use? She thought sadly. They never take me seriously.
Her suggesting on PJs was what caught Andy.
"Ooh!" he exclaimed excitedly. "I have a brilliant idea!"
Everyone became quiet to hear what Andy had to say. They knew what Andy had to say was going to be interesting. Considering the fact that he was always coming up with crazy ideas. And the one he was about to suggest didn't fail them.
"We have girls come to the party in underwear."
"Yeah, like guys can dress all casual, but girls can dress in lingery or something sexy like that."
(Still silence)
 Reese could have sworn she'd heard a cricket chirp.
Holly pondered at the thought for a moment before saying, "Okay. That's not a bad idea. Reese hand me the notebook so I can write that down."
"What!?" Reese hissed in her ear. "You're not seriously going to consider that idea, are you?"
"No." Holly whispered back. "Just hand me the notebook anyway so he'll think I'm considering the idea."
"You know we can all hear you two." said Andy.

"Good." Holly said, smiling. "That means you know the underwear idea is out of the question."
Carter laughed. "Too bad, so sad! Doesn't mean you have to be mad! Just look on the bright side and just be glad!"
"Lame!" said Reese, hurling her fuzzy, purple pillow at him.
"Watch it!" he shouted, throwing it back at her.
She smiled. Carter was cute, but he just wasn't her type. She needed a guy who was up to her level. Someone more serious and debonair. That was the thing; as silly as she was, she wanted a guy who was laid-back and collected. Someone like Mark Garwood, Elisha's boyfriend.
Not Elisha's boyfriend, just someone like Elisha's boyfriend.
  Carter grinned, revealing his formerly-brace-clad teeth. His teeth were still slightly crooked, but it just made him look even more cute.
"Why don't we just skip the theme idea altogether and just have a regular party." he said. "We can have it at Andy's house."
 "Huh...?" Andy said, looking up from his biology worksheet. "My grandparents are coming this weekend. We can't have the party there."
"Shit!" Jamie said. "We were looking forward to your tennis court."
"Jamie, you can play tennis at my house anytime." he promised. "How often do I have my grandparents over?"
 "That's okay." Reese said understandably. "We'll have it over here."
She knew she couldn't force Andy into having the party at his house with his grandparents there. She knew how much he loved his grandparents. And both sets of her grandparents were already deceased.
  "Who's all invited?" Damian piped in.
"Everyone who hears about the party and knows where it's at, I guess." she said.
"Well, we're for sure inviting Davey Smith." Jamie said. "He's so hot."
"Yeah, no doubt." Holly said. "It's not a party without him."
"And what about Kathy Tislow?" Andy asked hopefully.
"Yes, Andy," Carter said indifferently. "Your love interest will be there as well."
 Reese snickered. There was nothing really attractive about Kathy. Reese thought she looked more like a plastic Barbie doll with all that makeup she had caked on her face rather than some sexy starlet. And that spray-tan, beach Barbie doll look was so nineties.

And she didn't get the reputation of being the school skank. It wasn't fair. Reese always thought.

I don't even have a boyfriend!
 "What about Lucy Herat?" Jamie asked knowingly.
"Ew!" Holly said. "That whore? No way! We don't want our guests to be catching herpes."
Andy laughed exuberantly. "Exactly. She is a whore, not a slut. That is far worse than being a slut."
"Andy, ssh!" hissed Jamie.

"You don't tell me to ssh, woman!" he said domineeringly.
  "Ignore him." said Reese.
Andy's chauvinistic jokes seemed to be a turn on to girls. All but her. Andy wasn't ugly like Stephanie Dice would like to say. He was cute, but compared to Carter and the other boys, he was invisible.

"Reese?" her sister Savannah asked, entering her bedroom with a tray of cookies in one hand. "Mom wanted me to bring you guys some cookies."

If it hadn't been for Savannah's brown hair, her and Reese would have looked exactly alike.

"Oh, thanks!" Reese said brightly.

  She knew they were homemade just by looking at them. Ever since Reese's father, Roy, had died, her mom's been acting overly-sweet. Of course, her mom was always that way, but she seemed to be more concerned about the girls than before.

"Hey, babe?" Andy said, clicking his teeth. "Bring me a glass of lemonade while you're at it."

"Keep dreaming." Savannah said, dropping the tray of cookies in front of them.

She then left.

"Dude, your sister's so hot." he said. "How are you two related again?"

"Haha." Reese said sarcastically.

"Hey, Andy," Holly asked. "Isn't Monica going out with that Kaleb douche?"
"Don't!" Andy blurted.

"Don't what!?" she yelled back.

Reese knew why he had said that. She was the only one that knew how he felt really about dear old Monica. She had promised not to tell anyone, so she made sure to keep that promise.

"Nothing." he said somberly. "She wants to know if he can come to the party, but since you don't like him, we already know that---"

"Well, if Monica really likes him," Holly interrupted, "then I can't exclude him from the party. I mean she is our friend after all."

Everyone, but him, murmured in agreement.

Reese stared at him knowingly.

Poor Andy. It must be hard being a lady's man, but not being able to get the lady you really want.

She noticed that Damian was already working on his English homework. She immediately got out her worksheet and snuck answers off of his paper.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Getting answers off of you." she answered simply. "You know I don't understand that crap."

"Try asking for help?" Holly said condescendingly.

"Honest, Reese," Andy started, "You and Carter seriously need to get smarter."

Both her and Carter looked at him with hurt expressions on their face. They knew they weren't the smartest kids in the school, with Carter being in resource and Reese being labled as the "Dumb Blond", but it was still rather low of Andy to have made that comment about his friends.

At least they never made any D's.

"Oh, my God, guys," Andy tried. "I am so sor---"

"Can we discuss more about the party?" Carter said curtly.

"Sorry." Andy muttered softly, looking guilty for the first time since he was over.

  Reese looked down at her paper. She was never going to figure out that paper all on her own. Usually Holly or Elisha would let her cheat off of them, but she knew she couldn't keep doing that for the rest of her life. She needed to know something before going off to college. Being a freshman was harder than she thought.


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