The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 13
Breaking into Hellio

Richard looked behind him to make sure that Brianna was still following him. She stood close, watching everything around her. He knew that she didn’t want anything sneaking up on them. She clutched the bracelet at her wrist.
They had left the horses a while back. They had decided that it would be the best way to sneak in. Richard grabbed her hand, making her jump. Her wide eyes looked at him for a moment.
“Are you ready?” he asked her. She looked around one last time, then nodded. Richard nodded back.
The large prison was on a large island. The only way to get into the prison was to enter through the front door, which was a draw bridge. A large carriage, probably a merchant’s cart, was parked up near the bridge. But the bridge wasn’t pulled down. The merchant was talking to a guard.
Richard pulled Brianna towards the prison. They stopped right behind the cart and waited silently. As he listened to the merchant talk to the guard, he looked up at the prison in wonder.
The building was enormous. It was as black as a moonless night. Windows were scattered in a few places with no pattern. It sat in a large lake of still water. Richard wondered how they were going to find her in the extremely large building. He was glad, at least, to have sunlight.
Thinking back, he remembered when the sun had grown dark and the day black. He and Brianna had starred at the sun for a long time, wondering what had happened. The sky had suddenly gone black, as if someone had switched off the light. Only a few minutes later, the day had gone light again.
Richard wondered who or what was behind the mysterious darkness. He only knew that it wasn’t something good.
“Richard, quickly,” Brianna said, pointing at the cart. They ran up to the back of the cart. The driver of the cart was climbing into the front. He grabbed the reins to the horse.
“In here,” Richard said. He helped her into the open back side of the cart. He climbed in after her.
“Bring the bridge down,” the guard shouted. They heard a sound of grinding metal, and Richard knew that the bridge was being pulled down. A moment later, the cart was moving.
“Richard,” Brianna whispered, pointing to the open flap on the back of the cart. If they past the guard and he looked back, then he would see them.
Richard leaned forward and grabbed the flap. The wheels under them started to roll over the bridge. Richard momentarily saw the guard’s back, then he pulled the flaps shut. He held them in place until they were over the bridge.
They couldn’t see where they were being taken, so Richard decided that they would stay in the back of the cart until it came to a stop. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be a lot of guards around them when they did stopped.
Brianna sat next to him, shaking with fear and exhaustion. She was probably going to slow him down, but he didn’t want to leave her anywhere. He briefly wondered how they were going to find Katie in this prison, but decided not to ponder until the time came. For the moment, they had to stay out of sight and out of any fights, lest they attract attention and danger to themselves.
“Richard, do you have a plan?” Brianna whispered to him.
“No,” he whispered back. He was being truthful. He had no idea what was going to happen.
“Okay,” she said in a hushed voice. She looked like she was going to say something else, so he gestured for her to go on. “when the merchant stops, let’s quickly find a place to regroup and get our bearings. Then we can set up a plan on where to look for Katie.” Richard nodded. He didn’t have any better ideas.
The cart came to a halt and Richard and Brianna lurched inside it. They could hear the merchant moving around outside. Richard looked at Brianna for a moment before he leaned forward to grab the flap. Footsteps abruptly came to the back of the vehicle. A voice sounded from just outside.
“You have ordered a lot lately, you’re luck I could bring it this time. We are starting to run low on merchandise with the upcoming winter,” the voice said. Richard figured that it was the merchant talking to a guard. “Is there anything going on?”
“That is none of you business,” another voice said. “I shall inspect the load before you can enter the store room.” More footsteps came up to the flap. Richard hastily turned to Brianna.
“Be ready,” he whispered quickly before he turned back to the flap. He grabbed the hilt of his sword and waited for the flap to move. It did and a face came into view. His head was turned back at the merchant, and when he looked back, his face revealed a startled look.
“Now!” Richard shouted, charging out of the back of the cart and pulling free his sword while in mid-air. The guard stumbled back and tripped and Richard landed atop him. The guard opened his mouth to give out a warning. Richard cut his throat.
Richard stood and turned. The merchant stood, rooted to the same spot. Brianna was next to the cart with her sword out. Richard quickly looked around and saw that there wasn’t any other guards around.
“Please, don’t hurt me,” the slim merchant said. He wore light brown clothes with a hood and large pack on his back.
“If you stay quiet, then I won’t harm you,” Richard said. He slipped the sword back in its sheath. Brianna did the same.
“I won’t,” he swore. “I’ll just do my work and not bother you.” he rushed over to his cart and started rummaging through it.


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