The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 12
Lord Zarha

Katie slowly sunk to the ground. She was finding it hard to believe that the ring she wore around her neck belonged to Lord Zarha.
She sat, listening to her heard beat. There was nothing she could do. Richard and Brianna had to be on their way to come and rescue her. She didn’t want them to come into the prison. What would happen to them if they were caught?
She looked around, desperate to find something that she could use. If there was anything sharp, she might be able to overcome the next person to come to her cell. Then she could escape and find Richard before he got there. He couldn’t be too far away.
She stood and walked over to the bed. There wasn’t anything on the bed. If she could find even a small sharp thing, like a piece of glass, then she could use it as a weapon.
She stooped down to look under the bed. There had to be something she could use. Her feet shuffled as she went to her knees. She wished that she could change into something other than her night clothes.
She reached under the bed. A loud clicking noise made her turn to her cell door. A man stood in the doorway. He was tall and slim. He looked to be only a few years older than she was. He had short dark brown hair and bright green eyes.
Katie slowly rose to her feet. The man stood, watching her closely. She stood in a slightly crouch, ready if he decided to attack her.
“You would be the girl,” he said. It wasn’t a question, but more like he was speaking to himself. Katie remained silent.
He stepped into the room and the door shut behind him. He watched her for a while, not coming too close. His eyes took her in in one sweeping motion. They lingered on the ring at her neck.
“So you are,” he whispered. He took a step forward. “You have something that belongs to me,” he said.
“You would be Lord Zarha,” she said.
“That is correct,” he said, taking another step forward. “Tell me your name.” She watched him as he move forward.
“But you already know my name,” she said. Her head was starting to spin.
“Yes, I do,” he answered back. “Katie.” She shivered. “Are you cold, my darling?”
“No,” she whispered back. She knew this was not a man to be trifled with. He walked with a grace of authority. In a blink of an eye, he was standing on front of her. His hand reached out to touch her skin.
“Have you heard the stories of the Gods?” he asked her. His fingers lightly brushed against her face. She shivered again.
“Yes,” she said. She had read the Book of Tradition many times in her younger years.
“Then you will somewhat understand what I am about to tell you,” he said. His hand touched the back of her neck and started to creep down towards the ring.
“‘The Gods will come to power when the day turn black; and an evil power shall take rein when the ring of all power comes into the hands of the Lord,’” he recited. Katie remembered reading those exactly words from the book.
“Do you know what that is?” he asked her. She shook her head, fearing to find her words. “No?” He released her and took a step back. His fingers had almost reached the necklace at her neck. She could only wonder at what would have happened had he touched it.
“Those words are a prophecy,” he said. “One that will take place very soon.” he looked about her small cell for a moment. Then his eyes settled on her once again.
“There has not been a prophecy for many years,” she said. “And if there was one in the Book of Tradition, then how is it that we were never able to find it before?”
“True, there hasn’t been a prophecy for many hundreds of years, but there is one now, none-of-the-less,” he said. He was coming closer to her again. She hated the feeling of not being able to fight him off.
“And prophecies don’t tend to show up, no matter how obvious they can be, until they are put into effect,” he said. His eyes looked hungrily at the ring at her neck. Katie briefly thought about the stories she had heard about vampires.
“And this one is about to go into effect?” she asked, fearing the answer, but wanting to know everything she could.
“Yes,” he said. He suddenly looked into her eyes. She gasped in fear as he grabbed hold of her hair and yanked her head back so she was starring at the filthy roof. She felt his hot breath against her neck.
She pushed her hands against his upper arms, but he would not release her. One hand held tightly to her hair, and the other was holding her arm in a death grip. The feeling in her arm and was leaving, and it was going numb.
“Time to bring that prophecy into the world of life,” he whispered in her ear. His lips lightly touched her neck as she pushed harder away from him. The hand holding her arm released her. A moment later, she felt a jab at the back of her neck and heard a small sound of a chain breaking.
He released her hair and shoved her against the wall. The air left her lungs and she collapsed to the ground at his feet. She looked up to see him holding the necklace that had been around her neck a few moments ago. The ring dangled from the chain.
“At last,” he said. He reached out and grabbed the ring. As soon as his hand covered it, a blazing light flared into the room. For one wild moment, Katie thought there were really angels, and they had come to rescue her.
A moment later and the light was gone. Little light spots covered her eyes. She tried desperately to focus her eyes. She could see the man walking for the cell door. She didn’t know why, but she knew that she had to get the ring back. Something made her think that it was more than a gift now. The room had been plunged into darkness. She briefly wondered where the sun had gone.
She stumbled and fell. She tried to push herself up. Something was taking over her body. She felt an eerie blackness creeping over her eyes. She tried again to focus her eyes, but they would not clear. Darkness took over her eyes. She felt her head falling. She heard the click of a key being pulled out of the locked door. She managed to lift herself to the bed.
“Why?” she mustered as she collapsed.
“Because it is time for me, Lord of the Fire, to take what was rightfully mine,” he said. After that, everything went black.


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