The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 5
Setting out

Richard looked up into Myles’s eyes. He was watching him closely. Richard opened his mouth to say something. Myles smiled and shook his head.
“Do not tell me what you heard,” he said. “Because they are yours to listen to. I, too, have heard the voice.”
“Did you succeed?” Richard asked. Brianna was watching them with a confused look on her face.
“No,” Myles replied sadly. “But this is your story now. Continue on with your friends and solve the conflict that has bound us.”
“I only want to rescue and protect Katie,” Richard said.
“But you are destine for great things,” Myles said. “You will see that when the time comes.”
“Is there anything else you can tell me that will help me save Katie?” Richard asked.
“Only that you should stick together. Don’t separate from each other,” Myles said.
“How will we get there? If we walk, we won’t get there for at least two days,” Brianna asked.
“You will take my horse. And Amy will let you have her horse,” Myles said, passing the reins to Richard. “Don’t worry, I have already talked to her about it,” he said because Richard opened his mouth to say something. “I knew you would be leaving to rescue Katie.”
“Thank you, Myles,” Brianna said. Amy, a slender tall woman with beach blonde hair, walked up pulling a horse behind her. She carefully past the reins of her horse to Brianna. She gave her a sad smile.
“Thank you, Amy,” Richard said. Amy smiled and quickly walked away. Richard watched her for a moment.
“Richard, we should get going,” Brianna said.
“Yes,” Richard nodded, still watching Amy. He grabbed hold of the reins again, slightly surprised that he had let them go. He turned to see Myles and Brianna exchanging looks.
“What?” Richard asked. They both shook their heads.
“Are you ready?” Brianna asked.
“As ready as I ever will be,” Richard said. “Are you?”
“I think so,” she replied. Richard pulled himself up into the horse’s back. Brianna did the same with little difficultly.
“Good luck to you both,” Myles said. “And do not worry about us here at the village. We will put this place back together in no time. Make sure you bring Katie back home.”
“I will,” Richard said.
“And watch after him for me, will you?” he asked Brianna. She winked at him, smiling happily.
“Don’t worry, I will,” she said.
“Lets go, Brianna,” Richard said, frowning at Myles.
“Yes, lets,” Brianna said.
Richard lightly kicked the horse and urged it to start moving. Brianna’s horse came up right behind him. The trotted through the ruined village and came to the North exit. Richard slowed as two children ran past.
They entered the road right outside of town. The dense forest that covers most of the ground around the village enveloped them. Darkness spread all around them. Richard pulled his horse next to Brianna’s. He didn’t want her to get out of his sight.
“How long until daylight?” she asked him.
“About an hour, I’d guess,” Richard said.
“Do you think it will still be light when we get to Hellio?” she asked.
“Yes, but we need to stop and get you a dagger, and a knife for me,” Richard said. “It probably will be getting dark when we finally leave the place.”
“Do you think we should waste time on something like that? Stopping, I mean,” she asked him. Richard could tell that she was looking at him. He couldn’t really see her.
“Yes, because if we are unprepared, then we went there for nothing. Besides, it shouldn’t take very long to get us what we need,” Richard said.
“Okay, as long as we are quick. I hate to think of Katie in that prison,” Brianna said.
“Don’t worry, we will get her back,” Richard reassured.
They were silent for a moment.
“Why do you think Emperor Astroth broke the truce?” Brianna asked.
“I’m not sure,” Richard replied. In truth, he had a few ideas as to why he broke the truce that had kept them in peace for so long. He thought it might have something to do with the dragons. During the truce, Emperor Astroth and Lord Demetrius had had even amounts of power.
Lord Demetrius, the husband to the Queen of Serdio, lived at the palace of the Lady, along with the Queen. Richard had never been there before, but he had heard stories of the amazing place.
Richard didn’t like the idea of Katie being in the enemies hands. He was terrified of what they would do to her. He had to get her back.
“Lets hurry,” Richard said, bringing his horse into a full gallop.


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