The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 8
Trouble in a city

They were nearing a city. Richard yawned as he carefully looked around the area. They had finally made it out of the swamp lands. They only had to pass through the upcoming city, after grabbing a few things, and then go through the forest of the satyrs. After that, they would arrive at Hellio.
He wondered all about what Ari had told him. She had said that Brianna would betray them. How did she know that? Was she just messing with his head? Trying to make his judgement snared and confused. He decided not to believe her.
Then he thought about Katie, stuck in the old prison. He wanted her back with him, where he could protect her. That thought alone kept him going.
He only hoped that they would make it to the prison and help get Katie away before something bad happened. He wanted to know why they had captured her. He also wanted to know all about why the truce had been broken.
“Richard, there is something that I didn’t tell you,” Brianna said. Richard looked over at her for a moment, his thoughts going to what Ari had said again.
“What is it?” he asked, not sure if he wanted to know. He looked away.
“When they took Katie, they were planning on taking me too,” she said. Richard’s head snapped over and he starred at her.
“They used some kind of sphere on me. I don’t know what it meant, but it glowed brightly when they brought it near me. I was about to run before they captured me,” she said.
“Did they say anything about it?” Richard asked.
“No,” she said back.
They rode in silence. Richard knew that whatever that sphere had been, it must have been some kind of magic. He truly believed Myles now. There really was magic in the world. He just found it hard to comprehend.
“Richard,” Brianna whispered as they entered the road that lead to the city ahead.
“We will save her,” she said. Richard nodded, fearing to test his voice. He felt bad that he had left and that Katie had been captured.
Their horses walked along the road. The city finally came into full view. There were people walking amount buildings everywhere. Woman ran around with baskets in their hands, and men were carrying wood. Most of the buildings were shops. A few had to be peoples’ homes, but most of the homes were further into the city.
Richard had come to this city a few times. He had a friend who lived here, but he didn’t have to time to stop and say hello. They had to quickly purchase the weapons and be on their way.
They entered the city slowly. People barely even glanced up at them. They were probably used to travelers going through their home. Richard slowed his horse down as he glanced around.
To the right, Richard noticed a blacksmith. He jumped down from his horse and lead it to the stable next to the building. Brianna was right behind him. They quickly tied their horses’ reins on a wooden stake and walked to the blacksmith building.
It was a large building, almost like a barn. The front door was large and stood wide open. Tools lay scattered about the brown yard next to the building. A large carriage was parked on the other side of the building. Richard noted that there were two horses tied to the carriage.
He entered the building through the opened door. A man stood not far into the building, picking up a hammer and walking to an anvil. He raised it above his head and was ready to start swinging when he saw Richard and Brianna. He set the hammer down and walked towards them.
“Good day,” he said. He had a round belly and a mustache. He was about a head taller than Brianna and nearly the same height as Richard. “Can I help you?”
“Yes, we need to purchase a few things,” Richard said. Brianna stood close to him, looking around.
“I have many things, what is it that you are looking for?” the man asked, wiping his hands on his shirt, making it gray with smears of dirt and grease.
“A hunting knife and a pair of daggers,” Richard said.
“I see. This way,” the man said, gesturing for them to follow. Richard grabbed Brianna’s hand and pulled her after him.
The man lead them to the back of side the building and through a door. They entered what appeared to be an actually shop with many things hanging from all of the walls. There were weapons of every kind, including shields, bows, maces, and axes. Richard starred around in amazement.
“Pretty neat, eh?” the man said.
“Yes,” Richard whispered. He released Brianna’s hand and walked along the wall, looking closely at all the weapons.
“Nearly everyone that enters here do the same thing,” the man said chuckling merrily. He walked over to a wall.
The daggers and knives are right here, sir,” the man said, pointing to a corner that was occupied by beautifully designed weapons. Richard followed Brianna to them. They stood close and quickly looked them over. Richard grabbed two that looked worthy and handed one to Brianna. He then grabbed a knife from a rake. Brianna took the dagger he handed her and pulled the strap tight around her waist. Richard did the same with his knife.
“That would be three silver pieces,” the man said. Richard reached into his pocket and pulled out three pieces of silver. He handed them to the man. They walked back through the shop and into the blacksmith, and then out the large door. They waved at the man and made for their horses.
“Next time we are in town, I want to go buy a few back up weapons,” Richard said. Brianna nodded.
They came back to their horses and untied their reins. They each climbed aboard their horse and lightly kicked them. The horses sprang into a quick walk. They past by a few more buildings. Richard pointed out a bakery and suggested that they went there before they left. Brianna nodded.
They came close to the bakery when things went wrong.
“Hey!” a voice shouted from behind them. They turned to see a man dressed in a red uniform and shiny armor sitting atop a horse. “You two are to be taken in for questioning.”
“Let’s go,” Richard whispered to Brianna. They kicked their horses into a run. The man kicked his own horse into a run and followed them.
“Richard, he’s coming after us!” Brianna shrieked after a quick glance behind them. Richard didn’t bother looking.
They steered their horses around people and buildings. The best things they could do was to loose the man in the crowd. They weren’t the only ones on horseback. If they could out-distance him, then they might be able to get away.
A child ran in front of Richard’s horse. Richard pulled the reins to stop the horse. The kid screamed out in fear. Richard turned the horse to the left and was able to barely dodge the kid. Doing so brought the attention of the people around them.
“Stop those two!” the soldier shouted from behind them.
“Get out of the way!” Richard shouted. People acted reluctant to move out of the way. Some moved in close to grab hold of them.
One man, taller than most of the people in the crowds and dressed in bright red and silver, grabbed Brianna’s leg and yanked her off her horse. She shrieked as she went down. Richard jumped from his horse and pulled free his sword.
“Let her go!” he shouted.
Brianna pulled free her dagger. In a panic, she pulled the dagger out quick and sliced a shallow cut into the man’s wrist. He released her and cried out in pain. A moment later, he kicked her hand and and grabbed her hair. She unwillingly let go of the dagger. Her hand reached for the sword at her waist, but the man set a long curved knife to her neck.


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