Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 9

   "Thanks for helping me get to my classes, Andy." Heather Gleason, a five-foot-five, strawberry blond haired girl, said to Andy. She was wearing a black v-neck top over her dark-washed, low-cut jeans, revealing her bronzed midriff.
It was the end of the school day and her and Andy were walking to their school buses along with their other friends Carter, Damien Marshall, Lucas Green, Maris Fields, Jude Neal, Aaron Floyd, and Palma Voorhees.
The hot sun was beaming down on Andy, causing beads of sweat to drip from his tanned face. Usually he was dark in the summer, semi-tanned in the fall, and neutral from Winter to Spring. His skin was a natural warm-honey color, making most of his friends paler in comparison.
"Sure, no problem." he said briskly. "I'll help you tomorrow."
He didn't mind helping Heather get to class. He enjoyed helping girls with anything they needed. However, if they were ugly, he would make up some excuse for why he couldn't help them. Heather wasn't necessarily a hottie, but at least she wasn't the worst looking girl in the bunch.
"Hey, Elisha!" he called. "Make sure to give Mark lots of action!"
Mark Garwood and Elisha Carpenter were walking five paces ahead of them, holding hands like two love doves.
Mark turned around. "Oh, she will."
"Mark!" Elisha scolded, punching him on his left arm.
"Ow!" he exclaimed.
"Dang, Leesh!" Damien exclaimed, revealing his blindingly white teeth. "Cool it, alright?"
Elisha threw up her hand to show that she wasn't listening to him.
Andy shook his head and smiled. Something he always did whenever he was amused. It was the end of the school day and he couldn't wait to get home. He and Monica Christy were supposed to hang out after school at his house, making him even more anxious than before.
 Monica had been his friend since last year, so they were pretty close. Not to mention he thought she was pretty. The only girl who was cool enough to do whatever he liked and wanted. He was pretty sure she had the same feelings for him, but neither one of them were the relationship type of people. They both enjoyed meeting and kissing new people.
Eventually he'll settle down for a serious relationship, but for now, he just wanted to test the waters.
Heather wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning her body against his. "We should hang out today."
"Maybe later." he said. "I need to catch up on my soccer skills. Plus Monica is coming over."
"Oh, alright." she said, slightly disappointed. "I'm going over to Gigi's house with Melissa and Demi, anyway."
"Sounds fun." he said. "Wish I could be there. You all would probably practice kissing or something like that."
"That's..." Palma, a girl with buttery-blond hair, ventured. "...disturbing."
Andy snickered. Palma was a new student from The Netherlands and she was the biggest prude he had ever set eyes on. She once freaked out at Gigi Linderman's birthday party when she was dared to remove all of her clothing and run around the subdivision screaming.
It was a shame, too. Palma was so hot. Her round breast and pert buttocks showcased her sexiness the most.
"Ssh!" Lucas said to her, putting his forefinger to his lips.
"I gotta go, anyway." she said. "My bus is this way."
"Bye!" Maris said. "We should hang out sometime."
Maris was like Palma's ambassador. She had the responsibility to tell her about the school, the town, the state, and the country. Since her parents were good friends with Palma's parents, they were more than happy to have Maris show her around. The best part was that Andy had front row seats to see the Dutch beauty.
"She really needs to get laid big time." he said. "That way she won't be as prudish."
"Word." Aaron, a boy who had a slight resemblance to Lucas, said. "Did you see the way her butt switched when she walked? Why don't American girls have asses like that?"
"Aaron, that's so unlike you." Carter teased.
   Aaron  was considered the "good guy" out of the group since he so rarely said anything sexually about girls. But when it came to Palma, she could turn a priest into a big time pedophile.
"You guys are such pervs." Heather said. "Palma is a sweet girl, not a piece of ass."
"Jealous much?" Andy asked.
"No!" she said, irritated at Andy's accusations.
"You riding home with us?" Carter asked hopefully.
"Can't." Andy said unsympathetically. "I'm planning on spending the whole afternoon with Monica."
Carter nodded, stepping onto Bus 133 along with Damien, Maris, Lucas, Aaron, and Jude.
"Maybe later." he said finally.
"I'll see you later." Maris said, running into Andy's arms.
"You two, babe." he said, rubbing her back.
 When he stepped onto his bus, he was greeted by two African American boys.
"What's good, J.T.?" he asked.
"Not much." the boy answered. "Goin' to shoot some hoops with Nick down at the gym."
Nick, the extremely tall basketball player, sat on the right side of J.T., talking to someone on the phone about where to get marijuana.
He noticed Andy and asked if he wanted some.
"Oh, nah." he declined. "Grades, remember."
"That sucks, man." J.T. said. "Drugs usually get rid of your stress from grades."
 "Yeah..." Andy said, suddenly bored.
He didn't understand why Sarah, the bus driver, couldn't leave any faster. He wanted to hurry up and get home so he could see Monica.
"I'll text you guys this evening." he said, walking to the third seat behind them.

Fifteen minutes later, Sarah stopped in front of an extremely gorgeous house that was bigger than anyone else's on the bus. It was an English inspired home that had hedges, topiary, flowers, and rose bushes surrounded by it. The freshly cut grass reflected underneath the sun's beaming rays along with the bird fountain resting on the stoned pathway.
 It was none other than Andy's own home. He was known for having one of the biggest, most expensive house out of all of his friends. Which is why parties were often held at his house.
He got out of his seat, feeling curious eyes resting on him. He didn't see why they were so shocked. Almost everyone in Paramount lived in big houses. Maybe not as big as his, but big nonetheless.
He walked up to his house, heading for the entryway. Before he could even have time to open the stained glass door, it sprung open with force. Standing right in front of him, his second oldest sister, Ariel, was smiling at him.
He rolled his dark eyes. "Must you do that every time I come home from the first day of school?" He stepped inside the house.
Ariel had thick, curly black hair, the same slightly-full lips Andy had, dark-brown eyes he also had, and a long, pointy nose just like Andy's. Unlike his dirty-blond sister, Rebecca, she resembled him. Actually, Rebecca didn't resemble any of their family members.
 Everyone else was dark-haired, brown eyed, and dark complected. At least the ones on their Jewish side of the family. Which was the only side they were close too. Their mother, Arlene, came from a pure English bloodline, while their father, Ethan, was Jewish. Despite the fact that Ethan and Arlene had dark hair, Rebecca somehow inherited the blond, blue eyed trait.
Ariel and Andy's common features brought them much closer than Rebecca being close to them.
 "Yes!" Ariel enthused loudly. "You're a big time Freshman! Plus, I got amazing news to tell you!"
"What is it!?" Andy asked excitedly.
He knew whenever Ariel had exciting news to tell him, she really did have exciting news to tell him.
"Grandpa Boris and Grandma Esther are flying all the way from Israel to see us!"
"Awesome!" Andy exclaimed. "That means presents!"
"I know!" she continued. "It'll be like an early Hanukkah or something."
 Grandpa Boris and Grandma Esther were Andy's favorite people in the whole wide world. They were what made the family function. The Simms family were known for being loud, colorful, and exciting. With family get-togethers and celebrations, they were never bored around them. Which is why Monica often came over for dinner. Her family was boring, strict, and stuffy. Plus there was so much screaming going on in that household. It wasn't a happy place for her.
 "This is going to be so much fun." he said. "Grandma and grandpa, food, family; just everything I love."
"I knew you would be excited." she said, giving him a hug.
"Where's Rebecca?" he asked.
"At work." she answered.
"That figures."
 The twenty-five year old sister was always working. She was a workaholic and didn't know how to have fun. Andy wished he could just drag her by her arms, forcing her to have fun. It was like it pained her to enjoy life.
He walked out of the foyer, into the kitchen, and out to the backyard. His schnauzer, Buzz, ran up to him, nearly knocking him off of his feet.
"Whoal!" he said. "Down, boy."
 Buzz stood on his forelegs, panting energetically. He obviously wanted to play.
Andy smiled. Well, he was going to give him just that. He found his soccer ball lying next to the swing bench, and walked over to retrieve it.
"Alright, Buzz, this is what we're going to do:"
The dog looked at him as if he understood what he was saying.
"I am going to kicked this ball to you and you must hit it back to me." He presented the ball to Buzz to make sure he understood.
"Got it?"
"Woof!" the dog barked.
 "Alright!" he emphasized.
He took the ball with his hands, tossed it into the air, and bounced it on his knee as if it were a hacky-sack.
The ball soared high into the air like a spaceship, having Buzz leap after it, bopping the ball back to Andy with his wet nose.
"Awesome!" he praised.
He bounced the ball once more to Buzz, glad to see that they were both getting good exercise.
   Five minutes later, he heard a light, musical voice say, "Yoo-hoo..."
It was Monica. She had came through the backyard fence door.
Andy was awestruck by her appearance. She had changed from her sporty attire to denim shorts and a white camisole.
Did she do that on purpose? It was as if she wanted to turn him on.
 "Hey!" he said. "It's about time!"
"I know, sorry." she said sweetly. "I had to practically beg my brother to drive me over here."
"Well, you're here now." Andy said. "And that's all that matters."
They walked over to the swing bench and sat on it. Andy lifted his feet off of the ground in order to get the swing to sway back and fourth.
"God, it's such a lovely day." Monica said dreamily, looking up at a dinosaur shaped cloud. "That one looks like a stegosaurus."
Andy looked up at it. He really didn't think it looked like a stegosaurus, but he had to agree with her anyway.
 "First day of school was so boring." she continued. "I have homework in AP bio and French."
"Yeah, same here." he said. "Mr. Connery is such a strict teacher. I just met him today, and already I want to kick him in his dick."
"That's not nice." she said, delicately kicking his knee with her leg. Her legs were nice and long. You didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
He smiled. "Just a figure of speech, Monica."
 "I know." she laughed.
Her laughter made Andy want to pull her into his arms. And he did just that.
She closed her eyes and smiled blissfully. "Hey, I've been meaning to ask you something."
"What is it?" he asked, rubbing her back with such tenderness.
"What do you think about Kaleb Wood?"
"Kaleb?" Andy asked. "I really don't like him. He's kind of an asshole. Another thing is that he gets on my nerves with all this legalizing marijuana crap."
 Kaleb Wood was a guy he had known since preschool. They didn't exactly see eye-to-eye, and every time Andy would make an opinion during a class discussion, Kaleb would always challenge his intelligence. Sometimes he would just like to punch the little creep in the face.
Why is Monica even mentioning him, anyway? He thought.
"Oh," Monica said awkwardly.
She waited a few moments later until finally saying, "Cause he kind of asked me out."
 The sound of a record scratching suddenly played in Andy's head.
"Yeah, our Algebra teacher paired us up together and I found out we have so much in common." she said. "Isn't that great!"
"Yes." he lied. "Did you say yes?"
She giggled and nodded. "I thought I'll tell you so you can convince Holly to invite him to her party. She totally hates him."
 I wonder why.
"I'll see what I can do." he said tonelessly.
He couldn't believe it. His best friend that he thought was beautiful liked a guy who he hated. And he hated that dumb algebra teacher for pairing them up together. Out of all the losers in that class, she had to pair Monica up with him?
Andy had no choice but to continue on stroking Monica. He couldn't just drop her just because she liked someone else who wasn't him.
But it wasn't fair. He thought he was so much better than Kaleb.
He really felt like punching him in the face now.


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