Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 6

“Hey, Holly, do you have an extra pencil?” Evan Cross, a short blonde girl who was sitting next to Holly in English class, asked.

“Say, Evan,” Holly began, “do you have an extra pair of Coach sandals?”

She was still bitter over the fact that Evan had vomited all over her brand new coach sandals her mother had gotten her from New York.

“Oh, come on, Holl,” whined Evan, “You’re not still mad at me for puking all over your shoes, are you?”

“Maybe.” she said shortly. “Those shoes cost a fortune.”

Sorry!” Evan hissed.

“Here.” Holly said, handing her Joe Jonas themed pencil to her. “Just don't throw up all over it.”

“Man, this class is so boring.” Demi Pohoryles, who sat on Holly's left side, said to no one in particular. “How do they expect us to stay awake in here?”

She was five-five, dark-haired, and had lips that looked plumped due to her braces that were located on her bottom teeth. She tucked a wave of dark hair behind her ear and looked down at her Sprint phone.

“Damn!” she said softly so that their English teacher, Ms. Livingston, couldn't hear her. “Matt hasn't texted me back.”

“What do you expect?” Holly asked. “He's flakier than snow.”

“Don't talk about Matt like that,” Demi protested. “He's a really good guy.”

“In your dreams.” Evan said, smoothing out her purple shirt that had the word Awesome! emblazoned on it. “He's a total douchebag. I wouldn't date him if I were you.”

“Ooh, what are you?” Demi said immaturely. “My mom?”

“Your mom's not a what, she's a who.” Holly said rubbing her pale temples.

“Whatever.” Demi said nonchalantly.

“Hey, Evan!” Dexter Kirkpatrick whispered loudly from across the room.

“What!?” she hissed.

“Give me your number.” he said, running his fingers through his messy, greasy, brown hair. He then licked his fingers sexily at her.

“Ew.” Demi mouthed.

Ignoring him, Evan turned to Holly. “What do you think about high school so far?”

“So so.” she yawned. “Not anything exciting. I've seen these upperclassmen people before. I'm not like those idiots who worship them.”

“Girls?” Ms. Livingston said to them. “I'm in a middle of explaining the rules here and you just broke one of them.”

“Sorry.” Holly said sweetly. “We were just talking about how fun this class will be.”

Ms. Livingston smiled and said, “Well, since it's your first day of school, I'll let it slide. But just this once.”

Since teachers often thought she was sweet, they usually let her get by with a lot of things.

“Thank you!” Holly grinned.

Demi leaned in towards Holly's face. “Dude, I think you have food in your braces.”

“What!” shrieked Holly. She dug out her silver compact mirror out of her purse and opened it to look at her blue and yellow brace. Like Demi had said, there was a particle of oatmeal stuck between her braces. She immediately picked at them with her index finger.

“Is it gone?” she asked Demi.

“Let me see.”

Holly gritted her teeth, causing her eyes to squeeze shut.

Demi examined her teeth as if she were a doctor. “All better.”

“Thank goodness.” Holly said in relief.

“Alright, prepare for your first writing assignment.” Ms. Livingston said cheerily.

The class gave a collective moan.

“I know, I know.” she said empathetic ally. “But it'll be very easy.”

“How easy?” Max Christensen asked.

“Very easy.” she said. “I want you to write about your summer.”

“Hmm.” Holly said. “Seems simple enough.”

“I can do that in my sleep.” Evan added

“Same.” said Demi.

Holly ripped out a sheet of paper from her green notebook and wrote her name on it. On top of the paper she wrote My Summer Vacation.

“When's lunch?” Demi asked. “I'm starving.”

“12:16.” answered Evan. “Which means we have approximately twelve more minutes 'till lunch.”

“Ooh, 'approximately'.” Holly teased. “Another big word you learned?”

“I've known that word since fourth grade.” Evan said matter of factly.

“Only because when you were ten, your dad set up a time limit on your AOL Internet and whenever it got close for your time to be up, it would say 'You have approximately five minutes until session ends'.” Demi said smugly.

“I still know the word from fourth grade.” Evan tried.

“You're right, babe.” Holly said patting Evan on the back.

After English, the girls met up with their other friends near the benches in the common area.

Jamie Klein, a petite brown-haired girl in True Religion jeans and an American Eagle polo, ran up to them with Carter Atkins, Maris Fields, and Andy Simms.

“Hi!” she said, hugging each and one of them. “How's it going!?”

“Awesome, you?” Holly enthused.

“Never better.” Jamie said happily.

“Wait,” said Maris as if she had just figured out the mystery clue, “we're all in the same lunch period?”

“Yeah, pretty much.” Andy said.

“Was I talking to you?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Andy said flipping her off.

She grabbed his middle finger. “That's bad manners.”

“Yeah, Andy!” Carter said indignantly. “Don't be such an ass.”

Andy jerked his elbow backwards to act like he was going to elbow him in the gut. “Don't start now, here?”

“Sure thing, boss.” Carter said, and then looked at the girls to let them know he didn't do a thing Andy told him to do.

Evan giggled. “Okay, I need to go so I can catch up with Stephanie.”

“Okay, bye.” Holly said.

“I wonder what's for lunch.” Andy said after Evan left.

“Why don't we head down to the cafeteria to find out?” Demi suggested sarcastically.

“Sounds good to me.” Maris said, examining her zits in her mirror that converted into a comb.

The freshman cafeteria looked almost like a 50's diner with its blue-and-white checkerboard floor, blue and yellow lunch tables, and fresh coat of yellow paint on the walls.

“See you later, guys!” Demi called, waving at them all as she took her lunchbox and walked over to the table where her best friend Brittany Connor and her other friends sat at.

“Wow, this is a long line.” Holly said, looking at the long line of students waiting to get their lunch.

“Whatever should we do?” Maris said, feigning bleakness.

“Follow me!” Andy said hopping along the floors like Willy Wonka.

He led them to the part of the line where it was the nearest to the food.

“Hey!” Dexter said from behind Jamie. “You guys can't cut! It's against the rules!”
“Does this look like Elem?” she asked, rolling her amber eyes.

Elem?” he asked confusedly.

“Yeah, as in 'elementary school'.” Andy said. “Where you should be.”

Carter snickered, refusing to be a part of the mudsling Andy was about to get in with Dexter. If there was one thing Andy liked to do, it was to torment people. And Dexter just gave him the perfect opportunity for him to do just that.

“Hey, Dexter!” Holly exclaimed. “I think Reese McKinley wants you!”

“Really!?” he asked excitedly.

“Oh, yeah.” Maris put in. “Like, totally. Reese is waaayyy over there.”

She pointed to an invisible person. “Over by the soda machines.”

Everyone knew Dexter had had the hots for Reese for ages. So it wasn't hard to trick Dexter into leaving them alone by using her name as bate.

Dexter sprinted off, earning stares from several bystanders.

“Glad that's over with.” Andy said, picking up a red tray from the chromed table that had eating utensils on it.

“So, how are you and Peter?” he asked Holly.

“Pretty much the same.” she said. “Still boring as hell.”

Andy grabbed a bottle of Gatorade from the drink case and put it onto his tray.

“Sorry to hear that.”

“Ah, it's okay.” she said. “How are you and your sexy, irresistible girlfriend who gives amazing head doing?”

“You know what, Holly, don't start with me.” Andy said lightly, slapping Holly on her left cheek.

“Aww... is wittle wandy wad that he woesn't wav a wirlfriend?” Jamie asked him in babytalk.

“Nope.” Andy said. “I like to play the fields. Hot girls are always all over me.”

“That's because they're hanger-round girls.” Maris said. “They only tolerate you because you're bffs with Carter Atkins.”

“Be that as it may, they love the And-meister.”

“Alright, meister,” Carter said.”When's the last time you've even kissed a girl.”

“Last month with Ashley Bell.” he answered.

“That was a Truth-and-Dare game at Elisha Carpenter's house and everyone was drunk.” said Holly.

“Hey,” he protested. “You asked, I answered.”


“Whatever.” he repeated.

Once they got their food, they headed to the table where Elisha, Reese, and Lucas Green were sitting at.

They had to pull up extra chairs for them to all eat together.

“Why'd you send that creature over to me?” Reese asked, pointing to Dexter sitting alone at the table far from everyone else. “He was trying to sniff my hair!”

“I had to use perfume as pepper spray to get the little weasel out of here.” Elisha added.

“Seriously?” Andy laughed. “Ouch.”

“Don't worry,” Lucas said. “He'll live.” He had tanned skin, black hair, and emerald green eyes that were captivating to most girls.

Maris promptly sat next to him and wrapped her thin arms around his neck. “Thought you were sick.”

“Faked it.” he said simply. “My mom found out around 9:00 and catapulted me to school.”

“What!?” she exclaimed. “Why'd you tell me you had the hives? You could have just told me you were faking it.”

“Because I love messin' with ya.” he said, giving Carter a friendly nudge on the arm.

“Knew it.” Carter said, biting into his pepperoni pizza.

“You chew sexy.” Holly joked.

“No, you chew sexy.” he said, giving her a gentle nudge on her scrawny shoulders.

She smiled. “haha, I can't believe Damien is not in our lunch period. Where is the big giant anyway?”

Big giant?” asked Jamie.

“How redundant.” Andy said nonchalantly, devouring his spicy chicken sandwich.

“Dude, do you know how redundant you are?” Maris asked. “I mean, come on. Your mom having your sisters Rebecca and Ariel, that's fine. But a third child, meaning you, is just too much. Your mom's stress level would be low if you weren't around.”

Andy looked at Maris for a moment and then said, “And sometimes I wonder if you're really the spawn of Satan and you were actually switched at birth with the real angelic Maris.”

“Love you, too.” she said, biting her peanut butter coated celery stick in half.

“Anyways,” Jamie began, “Damien has Health right now.”

“He has lunch with us tomorrow.” Carter said, taking a sip from his orange Gatorade.

He leaned back in his chair and observed the students walking past their lunch table. A few of them stared enviously at them as they hurried along with their friends to find their table. He was confused at why people were dubbing them as snobs. They were just high school students like everyone else.

“That's great,” Holly said. She took several bites out of her hamburger. “So, how's about a back to school party on Friday?”

“Go on.” Elisha said leaning in towards Holly.

“It'll be awesome!” she enthused. “We'll invite everybody!”

“Cool.” said Andy. “Party means hot girls to flirt with.”

He then turned around to find Dexter hovering over everyone's shoulders.

“Oh, I'm sorry,” Andy said in false sympathy, “she didn't mean everybody everybody. Just the ones who are an everybody. You're a nobody so you aren't invited.”

“Yeah, so bye.” Reese said curtly, waving him away.

Dexter didn't say anything. Instead, he leaned his head back and spit a wad in Andy's face.

“You fucking jackass!” he shouted, springing out of his seat and grabbing Dexter by the front of his shirt. Carter, Lucas, and Holly smirked at the goop of saliva dripping from his face.

“Andy, no!” said Jamie

“He's not even worth it.” added Maris. “Let him go.”

Andy took in their words and decided to not pound the little freak into a bloody pulp. He hated Dexter so much. Dexter always enjoyed bugging people, and spitting in his eye was the last straw.

As he was letting go of him, the freshman dean, Mr. Roosevelt, came over to their table. “Does there seem to be a problem?”

“You betcha there is,” Reese said. “Dexter just spit on Andy and he won't leave us alone!”

Mr. Roosevelt, a kind-faced but stern man, looked at Dexter in disappointment. “Mr. Kirkpatrick, it's your first day of school and you're already acting up? Let's go.” He led him out of the cafeteria.

Andy grabbed a napkin from his tray and scrubbed at his face. “I think I'm going to be sick.”

“I think I just lost my appetite.” Elisha said, pushing her tray forward.

“Ignore him.” Holly said simply.

A few girls walked past their table staring at the empty chair next to Reese. Holly noticed that some of them looked shy and nervous. She could understand that. It was the first day of high school and a lot of the freshman were new to the area; not just the high school.

Some of them looked desperate in making new friends. It's a good thing she wasn't like that. She was getting used to this whole freshman transition. She noticed one girl, a tall, pretty, African American, pausing to see which tables were available. The girl looked at their table and looked as if she were about to approach them and ask if she could sit there, but she changed her mind and walked away. A lot of the girls were too timid to ask them if they could sit with them. Holly guessed she and her friends didn't look inviting enough.

“Why are people so shy?” she asked no one in particular. “There is one available seat at our table and every time someone walks by it, they act like they are too scared to even ask if they could sit there.”

“Yeah, we don't bite.” Carter said. Ironically, he bit into his pizza.

“I know.” Maris said. “I told this one girl she looked pretty today and she thought I was going to throw in the punchline.”

“I just don't understand why people are so afraid of us,” Andy said calmly. “I can be intimidating, but once you get on my good side, I'm a life-sized teddy bear.”

Jamie leaned in her seat next to him and gave him a viselike hug. “And you're huggable like one, too.”

Andy put his arms around her and patted her like a big overgrown baby.

“Aww... Jews in love.” Lucas said.

“Be quiet.” Jamie said, hurling her carrot stick at him.

“Only joking.” he said. “You know I love you all.”

Andy grinned, stretching the two rubber bands that supported his brace. “Thanks, Lucas. And like I said, I am totally harmless.”

“Yeah, right.” Carter mumbled.

“What was that?” Andy asked knowingly.

“Nothing.” he said, grinning ear to ear.

“That's what I thought.”

Carter knew more than anybody that Andy had the characteristics of a pregnant woman. One minute nice and sweet, the next minute he's a raging bulldog.

Holly sat back and smiled at everyone. “Alright, so about that party...”



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