Battle Royale
Author: Kelly Maree

Chapter 9
Sun Bear vs Tasmanian Devil

Announcer POV:

“Ladies and gentlemen, for our final fight tonight, welcome the Sun Bear and the Tasmanian Devil! Last year, the Sun Bear took the title! Will she be ursurped by the wild one from No Man’s Land? Or will she reign once more? Place your bets now!” I announced as the music began and the stage lit up in all sorts of colours to the beat of the music.

“Sun Bear! Sun Bear! Sun Bear! Sun Bear!” the crowd began chanting as the champion strode out. The Tasmanian Devil girl ran out after her and slid across the grass. As she stopped in place, she snarled, locking onto me. She didn’t seem to like me.



Sun Bear POV:

Tassie Devils were known for their ferocity and their determination, much like Honey Badgers. I had to be careful. She however, would choose not to be.

Swiping with ahuge paw, I threw the smaller girl at the wall, changed within a second. Snarling at her, she snarled back and got up, running...away from me?

Ducking as she tried to leap at my neck, I heard the crowd chanting all the while. I’ve won every year so far. I’m gonna win another one!

Circling each other, I waited for an opportinity to kill. Then she changed back to human form.

Was she quitting?

“It’s anything goes, right?” she asked. The announcer nodded. She turned back to me.



Tasmanian Devil POV:

That scent confirmed it. I was going to be thr winner. Semi-changing back, I kept my torso and face human, while my teeth and eyes and everything else were changed into human-length TD limbs. Crouching, I watched the bear as she continued circling. She didn’t trust me. Nor should she.

Running at the bigger beast, I jumped as she tried to bit me and I landed on her back.

Stabbing the shard of glass I found into the back of her neck, the beast fell. And didn’t get back up.

“Our champion had been defeated! Our new champion is the Savage Tasmanian Devil Sarca!”


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