Battle Royale
Author: Kelly Maree

Chapter 5
Jellyfish vs Piranha

Jellyfish POV:

Admiring the cocky Kangaroo’s skill, I didn’t want to fight, myself. All of us are forced to. We’re created to fight. Nothing more, nothing less. We don’t get a life outside of this, even if we win. Fight, fight, fight, is all our life consists of.

“And the cocky winner is Marcus, the Brute Kangaroo!” The crowd went wild. To think, people actually enjoy this…

“This next fight’s gonna get a little wet...Welcome the Piranha and the Jellyfish!” I walked out the left door and the other girl went out the right.


Piranha POV:

Immediately diving into the cool water, I formed the gills and scales and teeth. The webbing extended into fin-like growths between my fingers and toes. Medusa turned a transparent blue and practically became invisible. I bumped one of the underwater cameras as I swam around. Her scent was faint, so I could barely detect her.

Something brushed by me and I twisted, grabbing onto it. I ignored the electric shock flowing through me as I bit into her arm, tearing the chunk out. Savange has never been more descriptive. Biting again, I tore another chunk out nefore she kicked off of me and swam away.


Jellyfish POV:

She freaking bit me! How did my sting not affect her?! Holding the bloody limb close, I used tentacles to cauterise the wound before it bled any more. I saw her swimming around, following the scent. Quickly moving away, I evaded her for a little bit.


Piranha POV:

Come out, come out, wherever you are… I mused as I looked over the tank walls. Pounting, I felt something latch onto my ankle. Smiling, I curled up and grabbed the tentacle and bit into it, biting through it. She swam away, a bloody trail following her. I am nowhere near done with you…

Swimming aftr her, I bit onto her foot, biting through flesh and bone. Red filled my vision as she kicked me in the face and swam off.

Laughing underwater, I was enjoying this. Darting off towards her, I enjoyed how she just kept running and didn’t try to attack any more. Grabbing her arm, I dug my nails into the flesh and tore the limb off.

She must have passed out, because she didn’t react or respond anymore. Bummer. Oh, well.


Announcer POV:

I watched the water turn the familiar red before I announced the winner.

“Savage Piranha has devoured her opponent!” I declared as she climbed out of the water, bloody and grinning, her sharp teeth exposed.


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