Battle Royale
Author: Kelly Maree

Chapter 3
Fishing Cat vs Tiger

Fishing Cat’s POV:

I knew these games were slightly rigged. That’s what made them fun – watching the audience watch as the winners kill the ones they bet on…


Tiger’s POV:

Tense with anticipation, I was curious as to who I was going to fight. I was hoping for Sun Bear, or maybe Bull…

“Daemeon is the WINNER!” The announcer delcared over the cheering crowd. Talk about an intense battle! That was incredible. Mutilating yourself to play to the enemy’s instinct. That’s the skill of a Savage for you. There’s two classes: Brute and Savage. Your skills put you into one of the categories. Vulture was a Brute, Flamingo was a Savage.

“Next up, the legendary cat fight! Fishing Cat vs Tiger!” The announcer got the crowd roaring.

Running out, I ran along the wall and flipped back onto my side, grinning like an idiot. Fishing Cat walked out seriously and took her place across the field. I noticed there was a pool off to the left.

“Let the catfight BEGIN!” I blinked as Riona ran into the pool and didn’t surface.

“How are you going to attack me from in there?” I asked as the fur spread, my eyesight improved, and my fangs and tail grew. My ears popped out of the top of my head. I was seriously confused as to why they would have two Brutes pitted against each other. Maybe one of us is close to being a Savage… I thought as I approached the water, concerned.

I yepled as Riona lept from the water at me and grabbed my face with her webbed hand. Swinging around, she threw me off balance and tossed me to the side. Rolling onto my feet, I took off, running along the wall, the sleeveless black uniform suit they had us wearing keeping me cool. Pouncing on the little cat, I slammed her into the ground and raised my fish for a good bunch. Leaving her nose broken, I seethed. And was shocked. That wasn’t like me. I’m normally not a violent person… There was a faint hissing somewhere.

“Never take your eyes off the enemy!” I heard and felt two hands wrap around my ankle. Pulling my leg out from under me, Riona dragged me into the water and help me in. I haphazardly scrambled to reach the edge. My lungs hurt. My ankle hurt where she was digging her claws into me. Kicking with the other foot, I hit her numerous times in the face, hard, but she didn’t let go. Dead man’s grip…?

My vision fuzzied. Reaching down to her, I dug my claws into her arm and pulled her hand off my ankle. Swimming to the surface, I heard the crowd cheer as I climbed out, coughing.

“What...did...I...say?!” I heard behind me as Riona grabbed my torso and tossed me hard against the floor. Sitting on me, she dug her claws into my neck and strangled me.


Fishing Cat’s POV:

Exhausted, I tore her throat out. Barely managing to climb off of her, I hoisted myself up to revert to human form.

“I did it...” I smiled at the announcer.

“The winner is the Fishing Cat!”


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