Battle Royale
Author: Kelly Maree

Chapter 2
Bearded Vulture vs Flamingo

Bearded Vulture POV:

Sitting on the bench in the room, I wanted to kill. I wanted to draw blood. I wanted to FIGHT! I watched the screen alongside everyone else, my blood pumping. Bloodlust rushed through me.

The first competitor’s name came up. I smiled. Who’s my first victim…?

The computer decided.

Flamingo. Needless to say, I was dissapointed. I want to fight someone worth my time, not some pink bird! Begrudgingly, I stayed put. Pinkie already left.

“I see the fabulous flamingo has shown his face, but the fearsome vulture has not? Could it be that he is afraid…?” The announcer taunted.

“Bird fight! Bird fight! Bird fight! Bird fight! Bird fight! Bird fight!” The audience began chanting. Laughing to myself, I got up and began to march out.

“Best of luck!” The friggin’ flamingo chirped. I smirked.

“Yeah. You’ll need it!” I hissed as I began changing.

“Ready? Fight!” The announcer declared as the music was turned up to a good volume. Large black wings aburst out of my back as a blood red tinge engulfed my skin. I felt my scleras turning the same violent red and my irises turning white as I watched the pinkie turn, well, pink. His wingers were tiny.

This’ll be an easy fight, I thought to myself.

Launching himself into the air, he shot back donw towards me and I ducked, rolling out of the way as the crowd went wild. My nails sharpening, I launched myself at him and caught him around the midriff, digging my nails into his back. He managed to pull his legs up and kick me off, but doing so sliced his sides open. I dodged and ripped one of his legs out from under him, but he countered with slamming one of his wings into my face.

“For a girly bird, you sure fight like a man!” I snarled. I narrowly missed the kick he aimed for my face. As it passed over me, I slammed one wing into the side of his knee with enough force to break something.

“Overcomfidence is a weakness!” He responded, wrapping an arm around my neck. Repeatedly hitting him with my wings, I dug my nails into his arm and tore the skin trying to free myself.

THERE’S NO WAY I”M LOSING TO A PINK BIRD! I slammed my head back as my vision went fuzzy, knocking him off. We both stood there, analysing each other. How the Hell was this pinkie able to keep up with me?!

“Quitting already?” He smiled, dropping to his knees, wrapped in his wings. Reaching back, I watched in astonishment as he TORE THEM OFF.

“Just what is Flamingo doing? Has he gone mad?!” The announcer chimed in as the crowd went nuts. I charged at the foolish bird, claws ready.

“Trust a scavenger to go for something dead!” He declared, rising quickly and slamming the bones of the wings into my eyes.

“Damn...flamingo!” I snarled, wings lashing out. Blinded, I couldn’t tell what he was doing.

“Get back here!” I snarled, and the pinkie LAUGHED in response.

“Not so tough when you can’t see, huh?” he responded darkly. Something stabbed into my chest and I backed off. My wings were torn off and I collapsed to my knees.


Flamingo POV:

Kneeling in front of the weakened bird therianthrope, I sighed.

“You sure are forgetful, you know that? They don’t call me the Savage Flamingo for nothing, Scavenger Vulture,” I reminded before wrapping a hand around his windpipe.

“Goodye. It was fun.” I crushed it and let his corpse fall to the floor.

“...And the winner is Flamingo, everybody!” The crowd went wild. As I returned to human form, my injuries healed. The only thing that’s permanemt during the Therian form is death.


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