Battle Royale
Author: Kelly Maree

Chapter 1

Announcer POV:

Watching the clock tick by, I was exhilerated. These BRs were always intense, the fighters unpredictable, and the audience incredible! A true celebration of a bloodbath! Tonight, we had an intense lineup, as well. Decades ago, I was the first. Victoria was going to be the second, until she died upon her second trasformation. Her body tore itself apart in a spectacularly bloody fashion. I do miss my dear death bringer…

The clock struck midnight and I got up.


Walking out onto the platform as the spotlight shone on me, I began the annual routine as the rock music began.

“Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to the 5th annual Beast Battle Royale, where bets are made, blood is shed, and chamions rise. Tonight’s Royale will consist of 15 rounds and 16 therianthropes! For they in ther audience who are knew, a therianthrope is a being who can transform into a beast in order to fight and win. 8 girls and 8 boys will be pitted against one another in a fight to the death, with the winner of the event and their sponsors getting a generous sum!” I announced as the floor of the stadium opened up, with uniformed fighters in their normal human forms.

“Ladies, introduce yourselves!” I bowed as the spotlight sunk to them. The stocky one stepped forward first.

“I am Tara, the Bull Therianthrope! My strength is my stamina!” A shyer one stepped forward.

“Hi. I...I’m Delphi, the Dolphin Therianthrope. My strength is my speed...” She happily retreated as a bored looking girl stepped forward.

“Hi. I’m Aya! I’ll eat you to pieces! I’m the Piranha Therianthrope!” She beamed before retreating.

“My name is Medusa, and I am the Jellyfish Therianthrope,” the formal girl who stepped up answered, the audience admiring her ice blue hair.

“My strength is my electricity.”

“I’m Riona, I love swimming, and my strength is just that! I’m the Fishing Cat Therianthrope!” she giggled, pracing back happily. ‘A Fishing Cat! Aren’t they rare?!’ I heard in the astonished audience. The boys, for once, waited respectfully.

“My name is Maya, and I am the Sun Bear Therianthrope. My strength is strengh!” The bear announced proudly.

“My name is Tigri, and this is my younger sister Sarca. I am the Tiger and she is the Tasmanian Devil Therianthrope. Our strength is our bite!” The girls let the guys have the mike.

“In order to save time, I’ll anounce the whole group. I am the Bearded Vulture Therianthrope, and my strength is my flight. In order behind me are Marcus, Leo, Vidian, Daemeon, Robert, Lepus and Cyon, the Kangaroo, Lion, Deer, Flamingo, Pioson Dart Frog, Rabbit and Racoon Therianthropes.” The girls watched in amusement.

“My strength is my kick.” Marcus announced.

“Mine is my roar,” Leo snarled.

“Mine’s my agility,” the adorable deer boy answered.

“Mine’s being fabulous! Kidding, mine is flight...” Some of the girls and the audience laughed at his little stunt.

“Mine’s my skin. You touch me, you’re as good as dead!” Robert chirped.

“Mine’s my jump!” Lepus yawned.

“Mine’s my endurance!” Cyon barked, proud.

“Give it up for your warriors, ladies and gentleman! Warriors, please retreat to the rooms. The first match will be announced shortly!” I announced, grinning from ear to ear.


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