WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 0
Prologue (7:54 AM/20 Doctors)

Chapter 0: 7:54 AM/PROLOGUE


The Grim Reaper has a very busy these last few weeks. Around the world, horrific things are happening to everyone and everything: a global apocalypse! An evil doctor that has been transfused into the internet controls people attached to medical machinery, towns all around the Earth are swirling and wiping off the surface, and now, gigantic blob-like creatures are falling from the heavens above, consuming and devouring everything that moves! But now, the Reaper is severely focused on 20 reincarnated individuals whose time is up, again! 


But this is exactly what the Amcemis Company needs and has been waiting for: a global lab experiment that is just about to finish testing. The Amcemis Company has been developing bio-lab formulas for a decade in an underground location called The Facility and will soon successfully test them during the planetary hysteria. On the first level of the Facility, Dr. GELDING, Dr. GHANJA, & Dr. ITSTOBIG are heading toward the bay doors of the Loading Bay. Although they're locked at this specific moment, the delivery truck is currently in route.


On the second level down, in the Facility's Mess Hall, Dr. MANDELBAUM, Dr. MOEBIAS, & Dr. SHROUD are sitting down to have their breakfast, preparing for what is nicknamed 'Lab Record Day'. Truthfully, they're sick of the underground living and the job itself. They look around the Mess Hall and they're thankful that it's vacant. They're unaware of the experiment taking place the next floor down. Two specific lab mice are about to be injected with a mysteriously dangerous chemical compound that will soon be released on the entire planet!


On the third floor of the Facility, where all the Laboratories are, two doctors, Dr. ANGEL & Dr. MUHAMMAD, are injecting two lab mice. As Dr. ANGEL pokes the longer mouse with a syringe and Dr. MUHAMMAD injects the smaller mouse. The lab mice are nicknamed 'Pinky & The Brain', based on Dr. ANGEL & Dr. MUHAMMAD mutually favorite childhood cartoon characters. Dr. ANGEL looks at the clock and records the time: 7:54 AM. The final testing has now begun! It would be only a matter of 10 to 15 minutes before the effects would begin to take place.


Dr. ANGEL & Dr. MUHAMMAD place 'Pinky & The Brain' in their cages and close the cage latch. They power down the lab, shut the lights off, and leave, but the cage door quickly bounces open, for it wasn't latched correctly. Silently, the mice have climbed out their cage, scaled the shelving, and are knocking over every beaker, test tube, and chemical flask off the top shelf to the lab floor! Dr. ANGEL & Dr. MUHAMMAD walk past Dr. FEELGOOD, Dr. FRIVOLOUS, & Dr. SPANKY, who are heading to the next level down: the Facility's Co-Ed Living Quarters.


Inside a neighboring Laboratory, Dr. AFNAM, Dr. TAKOBEL, & Dr. BLUFORD are wearing protective gear while handling an extremely hazardous element. They have no idea that just two laboratories over, 'Pinky & The Brain'  have accidentally slipped off the top shelf and into the chemical mixture on the floor, surprisingly unharmed! The mixed chemical is spreading across the not-quite-level floor and into the crevices of the lab's corners, as well as a grated floor drain. When it hits the metal floor drain cover, the metal immediately dissolves away.


On the fourth floor of the Facility, next to the Co-Ed Living Quarters, Dr. DEFAULT, Dr. DOCTOR, & Dr. COCBURN, are separately showering in a Co-Ed Showering Chamber. One floor up, 'Pinky & The Brain' walk over the grated floor drain cover and it disintegrates instantly, causing the mice to slip down the drain pipe with the chemical mixture! Sliding past the fourth floor, the chemicals mix with the water piping in the showering chamber system.


On the fifth floor of the Facility, in the Security Storage Wing, Dr. PAIN, Dr. TINMINIT, & Dr. PEPPER are locking away failed test files into a pressure lock system for later incineration: a daily process. The Incinerator is timed for every peak hour, so they fill the unit as close to the hour as possible to erase all leaked documentation not meant for unregistered eyes. As 'Pinky & The Brain' finally hit a bottom in the piping, saturated with water and the mixed chemical, the air inside the piping is very saturated, the air is thick and full of moisture. 


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