Sweet Brutality
Author: Haven Stiel

Chapter 2

Just how far is this monster willing to go? Danielle was at a loss for words. It was another step ahead for him and three steps back for them. They all had thought he was keeping close to the D.C area, yet the two unfortunate victims that had been taken away in the ambulance told her just how wrong everyone had been.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” In the background something shattered and then a door slammed shut. Michael was pissed, and Jessica was going to be even more pissed when she learned that her husband had just destroyed the coffee mug she bought for him.

“I’ll start the transfer paperwork,” Danielle sighed from her side of the phone, “Looks like my vacation is—“

“No,” Michael snapped, “I want you to stay there and see if you can find anymore clues. I’ll send Buster and Samual up there and they can bring the body back. Also, tell that brother of yours that his team better keep their hands off.”

“Because the cops are going to listen to me?” Danielle chuckled dryly. At the sound of her humorless laughter, Damien and his partner both looked over. “Look I will do everything that I can but I’m only a junior agent Michael. I haven’t even completed—”

“You’re a Kensington, Danielle. Use that to your advantage. If you don’t I will tell Jessica that you were the one who broke my mug.”

“You wouldn’t dare!?” Danielle gasped.

“Hands. Off. The. Bodies.” Michael hung up before Danielle could say anything else. As soon as the call was over, Dani snapped her attention over towards the two detectives that had been pretending to not be listening in on her conversation.

Damien watched as his baby sister closed in on him and his partner, she had a look that he’d seen multiple times in his own mother.

When Danielle was finally close enough, Damien gave her his best smile. “So that call sounded like fun…”

“Tell your M.E. and his team that they aren’t allowed to touch the bodies.”

“You can’t be serious Dani—”

“Hands stay off Damien! Michael just threatened to blame something on me, and if I get blamed then I’m blaming you and you can deal with Jessica!”

“Jessica...as is Santiago, Jessica?”

“Yes, Santiago...as in keep their hands off the body Jessica Santiago!”

“Okay then. I’ll make a call…” Damien stepped away to make the call leaving his sister alone with Aaron. The second detective stayed quiet at first, observing his partners younger sister as she furiously smashed the keyboard buttons on her cell phone. She was sporting a look that he’d seen multiple times on Damien; pure irrational rage mixed with a hint of irritation. Damien always wore it when his cases turned south.

Seeing her slip her phone back it’s her back pocket, Aaron decided to use the moment to learn more about the younger Kensington, “So who were you on the phone with?” He asked out of pure curiosity.

“My S.O.”

“Do you always talk to you S.O. like that?”

“I’m childhood friends with his wife. I was supposed to be re-assigned, but the case became to hectic, and I work well under him so the director is trusting us to keep it professional.”

“That didn’t—”

Danielle stopped him short, “He broke a coffee mug that his wife gave him when he learned about the two new victims. He wants those bodies untouched, so he threatened to tell his wife it was me who broke it, knowing that I’d cave. Besides the threatening with wife, we do keep things professional at work, and sometimes even at their home when I’m visiting.”

“I’m sure that can be hard to do that sometimes…” he commented.

“I’m a Kensington.” That was the only explanation she needed.

The Kensington’s had a way with their work that no one understood. Their devotion to the job was unrealistic, but it was a sight to see them when they were in the right mindset. Damien’s drive inspired everyone at the station including Aaron. If Danielle was anything like her brother, then she was going to run whoever the man was that they were chasing after, to the ground.

“Well,” Damien jogged back over towards the two, “I got a hold of the Captain and he said he will bring it up to his bosses and see what he can do. They will keep their hands off till they get a response but there will be nothing I can do once a choice has been made. Hopefully your guys can get here quickly.”

“Michael is most likely going to put them on the first flight over here, they shouldn’t take too long before getting here.”

“I’m sorry about this Dani,” Damien apologized, “I know this was supposed to be a vacation for you.”

“I know...but I guess it’s a good thing that I love my job.”

“Do you want me to take you back to the house, or are you okay with taking a ride to the station?”

“You know that I don’t like sitting around doing nothing.” After all, it would be impossible for me to make sure those scientists keep their dirty hands off my bodies if I’m at home. A plan formed in Danielle’s hands as she walked with her brother back to the jeep. It would be hard for the team to work on the victims if all their paperwork disappeared; even more so if their tools all magically vanished.

She’d make it simple. Wait until they leave for a break, pretend to be getting something for her brother, and then slip inside the lab and take everything they would need for the autopsy. It would be child’s play for her.

As her brother drove to the precinct, Danielle went deeper into her plan. She needed a way to know exactly when they went on their break and how many scientists the station had. It would look bad if she tried to sneak in and someone had been left behind. Hopefully her brother would let her use his computer. If she has access to the system, then she could easily look up who was all on the team and who was working that day. As long as she saw everyone leave, she’d know the place would be clear.

Arriving at the station took longer than usual. Traffic had been heavier than normal, and for some reason the people of New York City were driving a lot more recklessly than usual. Damien was red to the face by the time he pulled into his usual spot next to Aaron. He slammed his door shut as he hopped out, mumbling harsh words under his breath about the drivers in the city.

Danielle chuckled at her brother’s little hissy fit, and followed him inside with a smile on her face. It had been years since Dani had been inside the precinct. Before her father had made commissioner, he had been assigned to the same station that her brother was currently working out of. Her and her brothers would stop by all the time with their mother to drop off dinner whenever he was working late. The precinct had become a second home for all of them, and even with all the happiness of her father’s final promotion, Danielle had felt a pang of sadness at the thought of no longer going to the station.

Seeing the place brought back so many old memories, that Danielle couldn’t stop the innocent smile that creeped onto her lips.

“What is it with Kensington’s and this place?” Aaron chuckled dryly as the three of them walked into the precinct and over towards the detective's desks, “Does this place really bring you all that much happiness?”

“Who doesn’t love the smell of burnt coffee and rotting, scumbag criminals? I think Dani has that smell in a small purple perfume bottle…”

“Put it on every morning.” Danielle joked as her brother pulled up a chair from an empty desk.

Aaron loosened his tie and kicked his feet onto on of his drawers, “You know what Kensington, I’m curious about something.”

“What’s that?” His partner asked.

“What is it like when you and all your siblings get together? Do you guys compare cases? Do you guys all like, pull out these crazy cold cases and compare to see who has had the worst case—who dealt with the worst criminal? Or is it more along the lines of work is just a work thing and you all talk about perfectly normal things when your together. To be honest I’m betting on the first one.” Danielle and Damien shared a look and then both chuckled dryly as they both thought back to their last encounter. Neither of them even considered the last encounter of all of them together a peaceful one.

“Well the last time my siblings and I were all together Dani was still in college—”

“The last time we were all together,” Dani sighed, interrupting her brother as she thought back to that day, “Was two years ago when our father passed away. There wasn’t much happiness that day, for us or any of the officers there, but for once we were all on the sort of same mind set. We all wanted to man who shot our dad to rot in the ground six feet under...of course the ways we wanted to do it lead us all into an argument, but that’s what dad loved about us. Combined, all of us made the mind of one super cop. Dad would joke all the time that if we would stop fighting and work together that we would be able to solve any case…”

“Which would then lead to him telling us ‘Which would only happen if the world was actually ending.’”

“So my partner belongs to a family of psychopaths. Nice!” The two Kensington’s both gave the lone detective the same look. Aaron just shrugged it off and started typing on his computer, jotting down notes for everything he had noticed with the case.

As he took his notes for the federal agents that would be arriving at the end of the day, Damien pulled up the documents for the transfer of the bodies. Danielle took the time to text Jessica, making sure to throw her husband under the bus before he could do the same to her.

Have you talked to your husband at all today? - Dani

Nope, been busy. I just got my first break 2 mins ago. What’s up? - Jess

So he totally got mad after I called him to let him know two more bodies were found for the case and I heard what sounded like a mug shatter in the background and then he threatened to blame it on me and I am just making sure to throw him under the bus before he is able to blame it on me :D. - Dani


I said he did! Not me! I am in New York City! How can I break a mug that is all the way in D.C!?!? - Dani

YOU, called him about the body. YOU, stressed him out. YOU, gave him a reason to throw the mug! - Jess

You know what, if you want someone to blame then blame Damien. This is his city! He’s the one who invited me to the case! - Dani

I’m going to kill all of you!!! Just wait till you get back Dani! I will break down your door if you ignore me too! You can’t escape me Danielle Kensington!!!!! - Jess

Five explanations marks.

There was no stopping her wrath once Danielle stepped back onto D.C. soil. Man, why does that woman always blame me for stuff. That broken mug had nothing to do with me! Stupid Michael!

“What’s wrong?” Damien asked as he noticed the solemn look that had taken over her comfortable smile.

Dani scoffed thinking of her best friend, and just shook her head, “Jessica is being....well Jessica.” Danielle paused and then smiled brightly like a light bulb was floating above her head, “How would you feel about me extending my vacation by like six years?”

“I love you so much Dani...but I wouldn’t even let you extend for a week. A man has needs Danielle, and those needs cannot be fulfilled with a man’s little sister living in the room next to his.”


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