Almost Heavenly.
Author: B. Howard

Chapter 4
New Direction

During her journey, Ebony happened to stumble across a church. She was drawn to the building and its' intricate designs. Stained glass allowed light to reflect within, shedding along the pews that were seated inside. The arched doorway was beckoning her as she ran her nails along the structure. Giving in to temptation, she took several steps inside. Ironically, paintings of angels created the design of the ceilings, tracing along the connected rooms. Her heels were clacking against the tile as she recognized the altar. 


It wasn't until then that she recognized a voice. She paused her movements as any other sensible church-goer would've knelt or bowed before the pulpit. She remembered how the other angels were scowling at her once her sin was evident, casting judgment upon her as if they were perfect themselves. Yet, they were, for they were under the command of God. They appeared within the seats, strung along the benches, as they were whispering amongst themselves. They were mocking her. Their laughter echoed within her eardrums at the sight of her in church. 


She was a sinner - an enemy of who she once was. She was labeled as unclean and unworthy. Still, God was a forgiving God. He was willing to accept her back into Heaven. The word "redemption" was repeated as it was all she could focus on. Her mother was there in Heaven, awaiting her return and expecting a change inside of her heart. She was the purest woman Ebony had ever been acquainted to. 


While she was taken from her life at an early age, she could always remember the unconditional and overwhelming love her mother had for her. There was nothing she wouldn't do for her. She also remembered, however, the disgust and disapproval that was found in her mother's pupils whenever she betrayed God. She viewed her as dirt, just as the other angels did. It were as though she forgot how imperfect reality was. Being in Heaven this whole time had her blinded. God easily turned his back on her for a sin that flashed before her very eyes. 


She wanted to be her own person, not someone's slave. Innocence was endearing, but it was also foolish. The land was corrupt and overcome with greed. Rage was eating away at her soul as hatred was seeping through her veins. She didn't deserved to be punished in the way God had chosen. She had been loyal through and through. Her one mistake had cost her a peaceful eternity. 


Tiny whispers were at her ears, causing her to turn away from the pedestal. Fueling the flames that were scorching her insides, she allowed her vengeance to gain control of her sense. She broke off the wood from one of the chairs before splitting it in half again. She ventured through the church until she found a gasoline can, dousing the pieces of wood in gasoline. She poured the rest of the gasoline along the rooms before striking the pieces of wood against each other. As she proceeded with the friction buildup, a steady flame appeared. The result fascinated her as the embers crackled weakly, spewing out of the wood before falling to the ground.


She backed herself towards the entrance before throwing the ignited wood against the floor, causing the fire to spread. She was only inches away from the building as black smoke emerged, cloaking the clear sky. Ashes were falling and brushing against her bare skin as the building was quickly collapsing. She caught her breath as a shadow appeared just out of the corners of her eyes. Once she turned, however, it had already disappeared. What was it and where did it come from? Had it been sent from someone specifically? 


She was shook by the encounter, suddenly attracted to the darkness like never before. That's when she could recall her eyes remained opened to the spiritual realm - it was a gift bestowed upon her for being an angel. Fallen or not, that ability was still underneath her grasp. That was when she decided to seek out the one God despised most. An angel before her that was also cast away, but made Hell his kingdom. One that was involved in the ongoing spiritual warfare. She was currently in search of the Devil.


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