Almost Heavenly.
Author: B. Howard

Chapter 2

After crossing into the afterlife, Ebony had been chosen to carry out God's duties the moment she stepped into Heaven. She earned herself a pair of white wings with the smoothest texture that she had ever felt. Her time with her mother was withering away as she was constantly being the intermediary between God and humanity. The moment she had crossed over from death, her beauty could only be described as extraordinary. Her presence was illuminated with a faint light, outlining the shape of her body. A halo had appeared over her head, taking her by surprise. This could only be due to her loyalty or so she assumed. She appeared to humans through dreams or visions, displaying a prophecy that would soon take place in their lives. To the grieving, healing hearts, she would soothe them with dreams of their loved ones or a time in which their lives weren't so miserable. Giving them a false hope, if you will, but those were her orders. 


Physical interaction was possible, though her figure remained invisible all the while. She had to protect her identity at all costs. She could leave a lingering touch, a shove in the right direction, or save them from dying before their destiny was fulfilled. Each and every human had a purpose - one of her responsibilities involved showing that to them however she chose to. She was called to carry out God's tasks for both the Heavenly and earthly realm. She played a part in the army of God, defending the kingdom of Heaven and all of its' inhabitants. When it came to the humans, she was to portray God's serenity, unconditional love, acceptance, hope, and even judgment to the sinners who needed the reminder that they were doing wrong. She was also able to manifest the energy of God in dire times or when she deemed it necessary, though it exhausted her other abilities. The next family she was called to tend to was falling apart. The children were pulling away and their parents' love was wavering. 


Fights became more frequent and so did distance. Whenever she laid eyes on the husband, however, she failed to keep herself hidden. Her task had been forgotten as their gazes locked for the first time. She seemed human enough as her wings disappeared, but her otherworldly beauty remained. To the human eye, however, nothing of the sort was suspected. Feelings were almost instantly reciprocated as he was fond of the belle before him. She was truly enamored of the male, allowing herself to recreate sins that she knew weren't acceptable. Passion overwhelmed her senses as she was a slave to the lust that consumed her, giving herself away to the married man. In doing this, the two "contaminated" the earth with their deeds, just as Adam and Eve had. Whenever she returned to Heaven, unable to ignore God's calling out to her, she was face-to-face with the consequences.


The clouds began to open up underneath her feet, building an endless void beneath her. The last face she saw was her mother, her heart shattering at the frown that was spread across her lips. Disappointment was evident; this was the gaze of a mother who had never been more disapproving with her own daughter. Sadness crept up her throat as it began to suffocate the once fresh air around her, poison sneaking into her mouth. This was the only person who had ever fully accepted her, regardless of her flaws and mistakes. She was the last person Ebony wanted to discourage. As the hole consumed her, a force threw her out, her body beginning to spiral downwards. She was caught in a reverse wind as it smacked against her face, the wrath of God beginning to fall upon her. It were as though a hand reached downwards, plucking every last one of her feathers out from her back. She let loose a pained, agonizing screech as it echoed around her, reminding her that she was all alone now. 


She no longer had the security of other angels or even her mother to defend her in this miserable, terrifying moment. She witnessed the steady glow around her begin to fade until it no longer existed as she was also stripped of her halo. Fire soaked through her bones as it coated her, entrapping her in a blaze that swallowed the space around her. Flames were scorching her limbs, scarring her joints and bringing her white wings to ash that fell around her. Shame and frustration were the only two emotions He was allowing her to feel, both mocking and tormenting her. She could hear all of the other angels laughing at her, watching them point at the disgrace she had become. Her heavenly status had been removed as she would know be known as the one who had been expelled from Heaven. She was currently a former agent of God - an enemy to all mankind. Once one was forced from Heaven, there was no looking back. Despite her kindness, warmth and love, she would never be welcome there again.


The closer earth came, the more the intensity of the fire grew. She braced herself for the landing as she crashed into the ground, creating a hole in the soil as she continued to delve deeper. She spat out chunks of dirt and picked them from her raven hair, constructing a plan before climbing back onto the surface. Her nails were filled with filth from escaping, a searing pain across her back as a new set of wings replaced the scars that were previously her heavenly ones. These were black in color and velvet in texture. Permanent scars from falling remained along her arms as one rested against her cheek. Each of them took turns in bringing her tolerable pain - prompting her of her decision that made all of this possible. She was cloaked in an aura of darkness while she still held the extraordinary beauty she had gained from Heaven. She was no longer invisible from the human eye as she forced herself to seek refuge in a shelter not too far from where she had fallen, concealing her wings in order to fit in. Though she had fallen from grace, her heavenly powers were still in tact, but were now only minimal. 


Eternal life was something she was still granted, as well as: superhuman strength, superhuman speed, illusion casting, healing, telekinesis and an improved healing factor. She could not physically age and each of her reflexes were similarly heightened. With her boast versatile regenerative abilities, she was practically indestructible. She would heal within seconds from most objects, including bullets. She continued to be immune to all disease. As she was adjusting to the change, she wandered the streets and no longer took the time to build friendships, instead limiting any interaction she had with others. She trusted no one and nothing, especially with her lack of knowledge.


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