WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 5: Trapped In The T.V.
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 10
Season 5, Episode 10

The first EMT was upstairs, rummaging through Mortey Von Kilmer’s bedroom and closet, looking for anything of value. Time was short because a real ambulance was on its way, but in L.A., traffic was insane, even in the evening or wee hours of the early morning! There was time, must not much. Mortey had safes in every corner of the room, most of them open, and riddled with paper documents. The EMT checked under the documents and found nothing. Under the bed, the closet floor, under the mattress, dresser drawers; there was nothing. It was then the EMT found something of value, not to them exactly but enough for loot on the street: Mortey’s cocaine stash and a hefty amount, zipped, taped, and tightly sealed. The EMT grabbed it, astonished by its physical weight, and darted downstairs in the dark.


(Flixnet Shows are molding and mixing together)

HUNTER & JACK ran side by side, surrounded by a swarm of carnage and mayhem, realizing that more and more television shows were merging in this one show. But for all HUNTER & JACK knew, The Evening Show with Dave Letteropener was probably merging with other shows as well, but the chaos was too out of control to tell. As HUNTER & JACK ran amidst the crowd of people, guns, runaway animals, and other television craziness, the building shook as if an earthquake was taking place! Everyone and everything felt the shake, froze for a second, and that was when the floor of the studio began to give way! Starting from the exact center, as if the studio was now the sandy floor of the upper part of an hour glass, the floor began to drain into an abyss of swirling digital lights, flashing television static in the streams, and a growl of something deep inside the maelstrom! HUNTER & JACK ran to the edge of the studio wall as far back as they could and could feel the walls crackling and buckling. Time was short and they both knew it. They watched gazelles fall into the swirling breaking floor, the criminal getaway car was swallowed up, and the rows of seats of the studio began to collapse into the abyss.


“Both of us are not going to get out of here,” JACK said to HUNTER and HUNTER nodded in agreement. “I have a feeling that only one of us is going to be able to get out of here!” Just as JACK finished talking, the wall shifted and began to collapse inward exactly where they were standing. JACK pushed away HUNTER as hard as he could as the wall buckled under its foundation and began to fall. HUNTER tripped over a broken studio audience chair and fell to the ground, feet from where the floor was turning to dust as it spun into the descending abyss. The floor violently shook and HUNTER could feel the linoleum floor begin to turn into a dusty powder as the swirling of the maelstrom swallowed up everything around them. As HUNTER tried to rise to her feet, she realized she had not disappeared nor seen the television static yet, which meant either JACK was still alive under the rubble of the wall or there was no escape from this hell! Before HUNTER could comprehend anything else, one of the nature show Animal World’s gazelle hunting lionesses leaped from out of nowhere!  It landed on HUNTER, clawing its way terrified from being sucked into the floor. HUNTER began kicking and punching the lioness off of her but it wasn’t until JACK arrived unexpectedly, running-speared the lioness, knocking it off of HUNTER, but in doing so, shoved himself and the cat right into the digital whirlpool of destruction. One lioness claw ripped her leg, slashing a red gash of hot blood on the breaking floor as HUNTER screamed out JACK’s name, extending a hand as he held onto the cat. Television static crackled over HUNTER’s vision and the intermixing television show nightmare was over.


(The Real World)

The first EMT found the second EMT in the living room standing behind a motionless fat man in a reclining chair. The man wasn’t moving and the first EMT assumed it was Mortey Von Kilmer. “That’s Mortey Von Kilmer,” the EMT said. “He created ‘Will You Survive…?’, that television show on Flixnet. Is he alive?” The second EMT looked at Mortey’s television and looked at the menu showing the ‘Will You Survive…?’ season 5 screen. “I don’t know…,” the second EMT said quietly, then said, “Whatever you found, take it to the ambulance.” The first EMT ran out of the room and as the second EMT took off the paper mask, revealing HUNTER’s face. She pulled a buoy knife from her left leg latch, thought of JACK, brought it up high, and planted it deep into Mortey’s chest before whispering, “Show’s cancelled.”




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