WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 5: Trapped In The T.V.
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 3
Season 5, Episode 3

Bingeing on Flixnet’s “Will You Survive” Season 5 began to feel like a really good idea to Mortey Von Kilmer regardless of the growing headache. Being able to watch all 20 characters simultaneously on 5 picture-in-picture screens was television history! Mortey was only wishing his blurry vision would clear.


(Nature: Animal World)

Patient SHASHA helped Reverend Mother MARY-PAT run from the herd of panicked gazelles by taking a sharp right turn away from the stampede but LEON, who continued to run straight, was too slow to outrun the hundred hooves. Captain MEXICO, still able to use his super power of sonic speed, was a mile away when LEON was trampled on by a single terrified gazelle, but then trampled to death by the other thirty behind it. As LEON’s body became implanted and impacted into the savanna floor, television static blurred over the eyes of the living three, signifying that their nature show was about to change.


(D.Y.I.: Flip My Shack)

An overly muscular man and a skinny attractive supermodel, both wearing tool belts and talking into a portable camera, began explaining how a new roof would add financial value to any home, when two of the roofers working ran off the roof and crashed into the water of the new pool. Patient SHASHA & Reverend Mother MARY-PAT quickly resurfaced to the top, wonder where in the hell they were and how they got here, wherever ‘here’ was! The two women watched another worker, running like a bat out of hell, flash across the front yard and uncontrollably run directly into the concrete wall of the two-story garage’s foundation. MARY-PAT watched Captain MEXICO accidentally splatter himself on the wall like a water balloon splattering pavement after a hefty throw! Instantly, the television static returned.


(Sitcom: Packed House)

David DUNNE watched JACK, Madam PINKING, & Mr. LIMESTREET flee up the kitchen stairs and down the basement, and realized the entire sinister sitcom family was running in a group. An idea occurred to DUNNE and he thought of a way to take them all out. David DUNNE ran back through the kitchen door, hitting it like a football linebacker, and crashed through, knocking down the entire family like bowling pins as they almost entered. Lunging for the family’s television remote, Manny, the family dad, grabbed DUNNE by the ankle, and the Packed House family latched onto DUNNE like wasps to an open soda can. DUNNE aimed the television remote to his head and pressed the power button, not knowing it would actually change the channel. JACK, Madam PINKING, & Mr. LIMESTREET saw television static blast across their vision as they were transported to another television show, being saved by David DUNNE who had just trapped himself with the cast of Packed House, forever locked into television syndication!


(Cartoon: K-9 Detective)

JACK, Madam PINKING, Mr. LIMESTREET, Reverend Mother MARY-PAT, & Patient SHASHA came together, none knowing what was happening, and found themselves outside of a spooky old mansion in the middle of the night. Mr. LIMESTREET yelled in anger, “What’s going on here, gang?!” and then the four looked at SHASHA, who was no longer human, but instead a female dog. “Oh my God, SHASHA! You’re Ruby-Doo!” As the five realized where they were, a high cackling of a mechanical laughter erupted from inside the mansion. SHASHA barked, “Oh, I am ROT r’oing in r’here and sr’ew your sr’ack!”


(Cop Drama: LAPD Blue)

Officers SCARLET, HUNTER, Ms. TEALTOWN, & Mr. GORE fled in one police car. NORMAN, Sir BROWNE, JAMES, Mr. HANK, & Miss BLUETON were occupying the other. NORMAN was in the passenger seat on the C.B. talking to SCARLET. SCARLET listened to NORMAN as HUNTER shot out her window at the criminals chasing them. “Every time one of us die, the television show we’re in changes, almost instantly! We have to work together and figure out how not to get separated!” Just then, the back windshields of both their police cruisers exploded in shards of glass as the criminals chasing them began firing multiple machine guns. “Okay, I’m listening, NORMAN, but right now, we have to get rid of that damn car behind us!” SCARLET shouted into her C.B. handset. “Follow me to the river, I have an idea!”



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