Author: Saphira Rose

Chapter 6
Who really is this hydra anyways?

“What’s your name? I feel sorry for not asking earlier,” I asked the newest asset to our group - the hydra.

    “No, it’s fine. You had a lot going on,” The furthest left head said. “And my name is Eeny.”

    “I’m Meeny,” The second head to the left mumbled.

    “My name is Miney.” The third head announced.

    “And I,” the final and fourth head said with dramatic flair, “am Mo!”

    “If you’re addressing all of us at once, please don’t call us Hydra. For one thing, it reminds us of that horrible dragon, Shoran - who should be called Shoron the Moron - and for another thing, it’s boring. If you want to talk to all four of us, say Tiger.” Mo said.

    “Thanks. The question’s been on my mind for a while.” ‘A while’ being the two days we lost to mourning Nahrea’s loss and healing. I sighed sadly and had to blink away tears.

    “We need to get going. We have the Dragonstar, let’s save Master.” Eva’s voice was even rougher and stricter than normal. Seems like she’s salty about the hydra - er, - Tiger - joining our team.  “We came here to save a friend, not make new ones.”

    “Eva’s right, we need to get going. Who knows how long Galaxy has left?” Moon agreed.

    “Why are you guys up here anyway?” Miney asked.

    “To save Queen Galaxy, queen of the humans.” I told Miney specifically for about the thirtieth time. Eva raged,

”Why aren’t we going?!?! We need to go back to save Master, and in case you haven’t noticed we’ve been gone for four entire days and we’ve only encountered one bad guy and that means we’re most likely going to encounter about three more today and why aren’t we going yet I -”

“We get it! You’re nervous about Galaxy! So am I! We should go right now.” I stressed. Tiger lowered her wings, readying for Eva and Moon to climb on.

“It’s okay, Tiger, I can carry them.”

“No, you need to heal.” Mo said.

“Who cares who we ride on let’s go already!!!” Eva jumped onto Tiger, and  Moon followed suit.

“We’re going back to the city, right?” Eeny asked. I nodded.

“Giddy-up! Mush! MOVE ALREADY!!!” Eva barked. Miney and Mo snorted in response, and Tiger and me went airborne. Eva sighed. I heard something in it that reminded me of my street life - loneliness. She started to hum the song she had howled earlier, probably to try and cheer herself up.

“Eva, did you come up with that song on the fly or do you just put the name into it?” I asked Eva. She blushed and answered,

“I usually come up with them a few seconds before I sing them.”

“Cool. Hey, is that just me, or do I see a carriage?” I squinted to make sure I saw it correctly.

“Uh… I hope it’s just you…” Moon stuttered.

“Let’s land, there’s a forest just below us. The humans or whoever in the truck won’t find us in there.” Eeny said.

“I hope they won’t notice us…” Meeny gulped.

“They won’t, Meeny. Look how dense it is,” Miney said.

“Shut up or they will notice your arguing!” Eva snapped.

“Fine.” all 4 heads of Tiger said in unison. We all heard the carriage stop, and voices rang out across the forest.

“I saw them land.” said one.

“Search the forest, we need to find them! We can’t let them heal the queen. Not with her so close to dead. The nurse even announced that it should only take about five days till she dies.”

When Eva started to growl, I said,

”Eva, calm down. We don’t want them to hear us, think about Gala-.” Eva interrupted me, losing control to rage.

”HOW DARE YOU FILTHY LYING CRIMINALS!!!!! HOW COULD YOU TALK OF YOUR QUEEN LIKE THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!” Eva leapt out of the bushes, followed immediately by the rest of us. I caught a glimpse of Eva flinging herself at the closest man, and then I saw a sword being swung at her at her! Just as the leader of the team was about to hit her, I jumped in front of Eva, reflecting the sword off of my chest where it hit and aiming the sword to where it became embedded in a tree. Just as I tackled the leader, I saw Tiger, Eva, and Moon back to back, fighting the rest of the criminals.

“You should never have come after us.” I said snatching the sword from the tree. I melted it with my fire breath, then molten metal on the ground.

“You silly animal! You can’t stop us! We will kill you, take the Dragonstar, let Galaxy’s time run out, and I will rule. Forget my mere partner. Oh, yes. That’s right. I am the one who was on the roof, I am Kanar.” The man cackled.

“You will not succeed as long as I am alive.” I growled, about to strike the man.

“CORNSTARCH!!!” Tiger’s heads all roared in unison.

“What the…” Moon blurted. We were all - even the criminals - confused as to why Tiger had literally just randomly shouted ‘cornstarch.’ Then Tiger leapt at his attackers while they were distracted. I looked down at my trapped enemy.

“Where were we…”I said in a deadly low growl.

“Oh, that’s right, I was just about to do THIS!” I yelled and grabbed his arm and pushed behind his back and looked around.There! I said looking at The melted metal of the sword I had melted I then picked it back up and quickly melted it and created bindings that I then put on the criminal's hands and feet.

“Lets see what Galaxy thinks of the criminal who failed at killing her.”I growled in his ear before knocking him out.

“Well, let’s go before anyone else comes after us.”Eva said as she, moon, and tiger had ‘disposed of’ the other criminals.

“Agreed” tiger said as one.



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