Author: Saphira Rose

Chapter 5
Shoran...such an evil dragon

What happened? Ugh my head... I reached up to touch my claw to my head and looked at my claws. Blood! I sat up and saw Shoran and the hydra advancing on Moon, Eva, and Nahrea. No! I thought. I sat up and all the blood loss gave me an instant headache, but I didn’t care, couldn't care. I saw Nahrea swoop down and peck at one of the hydra’s eyes, but the hydra just swung - his? her? - head and Nahrea backed away frustrated.

    Then the hydra and Shoran focused back on Moon and Eva.

“Are you ready to die, wolfie?” Shoran taunted, grabbing Eva and picking her up. Then Nahrea dove and Eva said,

“Take the Dragonstar and save Master, please!” Nahrea ripped the necklace off of Eva’s neck and flew up and said,

“I am not leaving without you guys, but I will take the Dragonstar just in case.”

”Enough games, any last words, wolfie?” Shoran snarled.

”Just that you will never get away with this. Oh, and by the way, our story is going down in history. And in stories, good guys like me, Corla, Moon, and - I’ll admit it - even Nahrea always win.”

    Shoran just laughed and said,

“And who is gonna stop me?”

“ME!” I roared, charging at Shoran and pouring blood. As I got closer, I extended my legs forward and stuck out my claws, driving them straight at Sharon’s face. The next second Shoran gasped as my claws raked his face. I kept on clawing him although he then scratched me on the wing.

“Agh!” I cried then I started to drive him backwards back towards the lava.Then he grabbed me and spun me under him, tossing me into the lava.

    “NOOOO!!!!” Eva, Moon, and Nahrea all screamed in terror. I roared in fear as I plummeted towards my doom.

“And now your puny dragon friend is… disposed of.” Shoran cried evilly.

”No!” Eva growled. “How dare you coward! What do you have against us?”

”Well, nothing. It just oh-so-conveniently happens you brought the one thing I wanted right to me. Now hand the Dragonstar over and your death won't be so painful.”

”They... aren’t... gonna die.” I winced in pain. I was still growling when I crawled out of the pit of the volcano. I was a poor sight, my wing tips singed and covered in dry cracking blood. And although I was still bleeding furiously, I still pushed myself up, exerting a lot of effort. I heard Shoran laugh.

”Ha! Puny, but I guess you haven’t given up yet, so I gotta show some respect for that haven’t I? Hydra, keep the others away from me and I will take care of this weakling.” ordered Shoran, getting cocky and turning his back to me to regard the hydra. I took my opportunity and flung myself at Sharon, ramming into him sending and sending him flying. I quickly leapt on top of him and slashed at his wings, shredding them in a matter of seconds.

He roared and lashed out in pain at me, but I was quicker than he was, but he managed to catch one of my feet. Shoran tilted me off balance for a moment, but I just tumbled over him and behind him. I flung myself at him again and clawed his back with my sharp claws. He roared again and tried to fling me off, but I was able to endure it from years of living on the street. I held on, despite his struggling. He then twisted his head around, trying to bite me as I hung on his back.

He had left his neck exposed! I quickly sank my teeth into his neck, biting as hard as I could. I twisted around to the front of him, let go of his neck, knocked him over, and pinned him to the floor.

”You don’t touch my friends and live to tell the tale.” I say coldly. ”Any last words?”

”Just that maybe you shouldn’t think you’ve won yet. HYDRA ATTACK!” he roared loudly. The hydra hesitated, then moved away from Eva, Moon, and a hunched over Nahrea. As I saw Nahrea, I growled.

”I am sorry, he threatened to kill my family if I didn’t obey him…” One of the hydra’s heads mumbled sadly.

I looked back and Sharon, and saw him looking coldly at the hydra, “I already killed them, I just didn’t tell you.” he said smirking.

”NO! How could you!” I gasped. ”You deserve worse than death.” All of the hydra’s heads looked at me. They all said in unison,

“Please kill him.” I looked at him and said,

“You are an evil dragon filled with greed and hatred. You more than deserve what you are going to get.” I then drove my claw through the scales on his neck cutting his throat leaving him bleeding and gasping slowly he grunted,

“Now you’re as bad as me.” he then turned laid his head on the stone, heaved a final breath, and died. I stepped off, only now realizing how bad my head hurt. I touched the back of my head and felt the dry blood. I sighed and turned to face Eva, Moon, and Nahrea who looked stunned for a second. Then Eva said,

”Nahrea got bit, and he’s not looking so good…” I stood up and limped over and saw Nahrea covered in blood and with a bad wing and gasped.

”Oh Nahrea, oh no, I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.” I picked him up in my claws gently.

“I’m dying Corla...but it’s alright… At least I can see my parents again now…” Nahrea choked out.

”No, shh, you will be fine you won’t die… Please…You can’t...” I said begging.

”No, Corla… I will be fine… I’m ok with dying… And you tried to save me… I’m not mad.” he said starting to go limp.

”Wait no Nahrea… Please no…” I said sobbing.

”Goodbye Corla… I’m sorry…Thank you...” he turned his head to Eva and Moon and croaked out,

“Bye guys...” That was when he passed away.

”Bye, old friend.” I whispered. Setting him down sobbing, mourning his death. ”I’m so sorry.”

“Corla, we have to get out of here.” Eva said, head and tail hung low, showing her sorrow.

”Alright, you guys will have to walk I can’t carry you right now.” I said solemnly.

”I can, and I understand if you don’t trust me or like me, but please at least let me help you now after all this pain. I am infinitely sorry I didn’t think I had a choice.” said the four heads of the hydra, suddenly and in unison. I looked towards Eva and Moon.

”Your guys’ call.” I said. Then I scooped Nahrea up and looked towards them ready to go.

”Alright, let’s go.” said Eva walking to the hydra, who let Moon and Eva climb up his wing. I managed to pick myself up and flew out through the volcano’s top. I flew towards the palace. But I was quickly losing speed, and I started to droop.

”I’m landing.” I called out over the whistling wind. As soon as I touched land my headache hit again. I sat Nahrea down deciding I would bury him. I scooped him up and buried him under a mulberry tree because it was Nahrea’s favorite berry. The hydra landed behind me, setting Moon and Eva down. I grabbed a sharp stone, singed it with my fire breath, and carved Nahrea into it sticking it into the ground next to the tree.

Then I turned and said,

“I need to rest and get cleaned off.” so I limped off, aching all over and found a stream where I washed all of the blood off of me and then inspected my wounds, wincing as I touched them. The worst was on the back of my head, where there was a gouge there and it hurt BAD. I groaned and walked to where Moon, Eva, and the hydra had set up camp. Eva was howling a song, which went something like this:



We will miss you

Ever so dearly


We wish you weren’t gone

I’d take back everything I said

If I could

But nobody’s perfect

We all make mistakes


We will miss you…



The song was so beautiful, I could understand it perfectly well. Eva burst into tears after singing, almost as sad as she was when Galaxy got poisoned. Galaxy. Oh my gemstone, I forgot about Galaxy! Nahrea had the Dragonstar!!! I burst into the camp we had set up.

“Okay sorry to interrupt but where is the Dragonstar?!?!?!?!?! Nahrea had it but not when I buried him!!!!!” I hyperventilated.

“I grabbed it.” One hydra head said, holding a paw out with the Dragonstar in it.

”Give me that!” Eva growled, taking it and putting it in her necklace and grumbling about trusting strangers.



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