Author: Saphira Rose

Chapter 3
One Journey Begins

We were all at the entrance of the massive castle for a meeting. Nahrea was there, as scared as he was of the Dire Wolf. He was cowering behind me, shaking nervously.

“Everyone,” The lead nurse announced to get everyone’s attention. “The Queen’s pet and guard, the Dire Wolf Eva, whom you all know,” Eva stood up taller at this, “Has decided to go on a journey, a quest, par se, to find the Dragonstar to heal Galaxy, our queen."

Eva switched places with the lead nurse and said, “Nurse will take Master’s place,”

“In case you can’t understand her very well, she just said that I will take place of our beloved Queen while the Wolf is gone. Meeting dismissed, and the dinner is over, no matter how much you ate.”

I saw Eva and the nurse walk into a separate room, one I didn’t know of its purpose. I decided to land on the roof and listen in. “Wolf, what did you call me for? Tell.” The nurse questioned.

“The criminal, watch out. Extra guard, for safety.” Eva replied roughly and humanly.

“Yes, Eva. Now shall you start your quest?"

I heard the door open and in flew Nahrea, saying, “I want to come with.” But, probably seeing Eva there, he rethought his idea. “Y-y-you’re coming?"

“Yes, I will do ANYTHING for Master. ANYTHING!“ Eva growled fiercely. That was when I decided to see, not just hear, what was happening. But I didn’t need them knowing I had eavesdropped.

I flew a couple feet away from the room and flew towards the door so it would look like I was never even on the roof. Then I pretended to just see Nahrea fly in and follow him.

”Why would you, a puny, unworthy, unroyal, street-bird, want to help? You’re just a scrawny, worthless cardinal.” said Eva.

“BECAUSE, IT AFFECTS ME AS WELL! Anyway, you’re letting Corla help, and she was on the streets since she HATCHED!"

“She’s a dragon, and she found the criminal. How would you help?” Eva put her paw on the bird, claws unsheathed, mouth open in a snarl. “I’m a hungry wolf, and you’re a stupid little ball of red feathers.” Eva growled.  

“STOP!” I roared at her, just before her teeth sank into Nahrea’s flesh.Hey! I thought.  If someone is going to eat that bird, which nobody is, it’s gonna be me!

“Why should I? This little, puny, stupid, teeny-tiny, rat isn’t the one who found the criminal."

“Because he helped, to! He was the one who told me to go to the meeting in the first place, which is how I even found the criminal!” I roared at her again.

“Fine,” Eva took her paw off the bird. “He can come with, as long as he doesn’t do anything. If he does do something, I will eat him myself, without hesitation.” She glared at the shivering cardinal that was perching on my neck and snorted. “Let’s get started on this journey, for…” Eva paused, and took a sad look up at the sky. “Master. Master, I am so sorry.“ Eva added in a whisper, hanging her head.

“Come on then, let’s get on with it, do you want to walk or ride?“ I said, gesturing to my back.

“I guess I'll get on,” Eva said.

“Okay,“ I responded, and Eva climbed onto my back. Nahrea asked,

“What about me?"

”You have wings, you stupid idiotic creature!” Eva growled.

“Oh, right, yeah. Heh...” Nahrea said shuddering, then I took off with Eva on my back. We flew for a few hour east on the horizon towards dragon mountain.I could tell Eva was scared by the way she was shaking, that wasn’t from the cold.

“Look, if I drop you, which I probably won’t, I'll catch you. And if I don’t catch you… Well, just don’t think about that.” Eva whimpered once and dug her claws further into my scales. ”Woah, watch the scales, and I would also appreciate it if you didn’t rip out my hair, but just a recommendation."

“Sorry, but how would you feel if this happened to you? I’m almost scared to death.”

“Scaredy-cat, this is what it is like to be scared to death.” I said dropping her. She howled in fright. I let her drop for a while, twiddling my thumbs, then retrieved her and tossed her on my back. Now she was really hanging on tight, claws fully unsheathed. Nahrea tweeted in laughter.


“You dumb, dumb, stupid, stupid, STUPID STUPID excuse for an animal…”

“Guys, guys. It was a joke.” I said.


”Relax, I had you…”


”Well, at least if you would be kind enough to not keep yabbering, here comes the mountain, Dragon Mountain.I can see it on the horizon” I said. Eva snorted and stopped screaming, though a growl could still be heard through the wind. ”We’ll have to climb, I can’t carry you much longer, especially with your claws."

“Well, I'll be glad to get off.” Eva snorted at me again.

I landed and felt her slipping off my back hurriedly.

“Oww!” I said as she dismounted my back. I just realised how sharp her claws really were, and I had scratches all down my back.

“It’s your fault you DROPPED ME FOR TWENTY-THREE WHOLE ENTIRE STUPID STUPID STUPID CURSED SECONDS!” She howled again. I could tell that Nahrea was infuriated at the impoliteness of Eva by the look on his face.

“Come on let’s get moving,” I said, trying to change the subject. As we started our way up the mountain, I noticed Eva sagging behind, so I told Nahrea to scout ahead while I went to talk to Eva.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Well… It’s… You know… Master.” She added with a whimper.

“Think about it this way; you are helping her recover, and after this, it will all be okay.” I said, trying to comfort her. Just then, an arrow whizzed by, right next to Eva’s head!

“What was that?!” Eva barked.

“HUNTERS, RUN!” squawked Nahrea. I picked up Eva in my claws, tossed her on my back, and flew away, but we were still being shot at!

“Don’t you even think about dropping me this time, Corla.” Eva growled.

“I won’t,” I promised, dodging another arrow.

“Okay, you two should be safe here,” I said, dumping Eva off lightly. Nahrea perched on a nearby tree. “I'll go drive off the hunters."

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Eva asked.

“Of course, I’m a dragon anything that does hurt me heals faster than anything you would know Eva, even with your nurse.” immediately after that, I flew off and towards the valley we had been in. I saw the group of hunters, three of them, carrying a cage with an animal trapped inside! I saw them laughing and heading back to their lodge. They put the cage in the back of the lodge, and started talking, not acknowledging the cage. I swooped down and grabbed the cage silently, then flew back up to where Nahrea and Eva were waiting. Eva’s ears perked up as I came near, and she started sniffing.

“That scent… It’s familiar, and it’s not just Corla.” I heard Eva say as I landed. She gasped as she saw who it was.

“Moon!? Is that you?!” Eva barked.

“H-Huh? Where am I? Wha- Eva!?” The arctic fox in the cave barked.It looked very out of place and unhealthy.

“Moon! It is you!”

“I.. How did we find each other!? But can you get me out of this cage?” said the strange animal.

“Corla? Can you melt the bars?” asked Eva .

“Corla? Who’s tha-” The supposed Moon barked in surprise and fear. “A dragon!"

“Don’t be alarmed by my size, I’m nice. And I can melt the bars without burning you,” I breathed embers on the cage, and the bars melted within a few seconds. Our newly discovered acquaintance, but close friend to Eva, Moon, leaped out of the cage and rubbed noses with Eva.

“It really is you, Eva!” She said.

“Yes, it is. Will you come up the mountain with us?”


“Why? Well, Moon, let me explain. I need to start at the very beginning. When I left, I headed for the city, I just felt drawn to it somehow. Then, I met…” She had sadness in her voice when she said this. “Master. She taught me to talk human and I became close friends with her. But now…”

“Galaxy is poisoned, by Nightshade, I think it was, and we are off on a journey to find the Dragonstar, a special jewel, to take her out of the coma.”  I finished the sentence for Eva, I could tell she was too sad to say it.

“Master… Oh, Master…” Eva said in a whisper, and started to cry.

“Oh, Evalynn, I’m so sorry,” Moon said sympathetically.

“It’s just Eva. Not Evalynn.” The Dire Wolf snapped angrily. I wondered what provoked her, while filing away that name for a possible future insight.

“Okay. But we better get up this mountain to... wherever we need to go,”

“Dragon Cave, guarded by some very fierce dragons, as the legend says.” I answered Moon. We started walking up the mountain, too slow for my taste, so I just flew up past them. I gasped at what I saw.



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