Author: Saphira Rose

Chapter 2

Eva led me back through the mahogany doors through to a pair of impressive iron gates and into a courtyard.“These are the palace grounds, where we will be having our feast, “ Eva said.I saw a golden table with plates and silverware arranged neatly on the cloth table cover.  wanted to say ‘Yum’, but I decided that it would be rude, especially to royalty, so instead I just said,


“And also,” Eva told me, “Don’t think I’m under mind control something completely and totally weird and dumb like that or something when I agree with a lot of things the humans say.I do think some of their ideas aren’t always as good.But, they can’t even understand a simple howling song, even a classic tribal song..."

“Well, I can hardly understand howling either,” I replied.Eva rolled her eyes slightly. Then she led me into the palace saying,

“Anyways, this is the entrance to the palace, where the festivities are started and royal meetings are held.”I looked around and saw a door to the left being flung open and the cook coming out, and I caught a glimpse of the kitchen.There were a lot of stoves and other things of such manner with white marble floors and walls but at the next moment, I saw Eva look at the cook, and we both realized he was in distress.

“What’s wrong?” Eva asked, in her growly human voice.

”The new cook just tried to put an undercooked steak on the feasting table!“The cook said, wringing his hands.

”Well, I think it is time for me to finish this tour.“ said Galaxy coming out of the kitchen. Eva barked happily in agreement and wagged her tail.After that Galaxy, Eva, and I went to the throne room, as I walked in I saw a deep blue throne with a royal red carpet leading up to it.Along the sides of the carpet there were pillars of sandstone with riches of all kinds.After that we all finished the tour then we started heading outside.The human Queen said,

”I hope you enjoy yourself tonight.”

”Yes,” said Eva in her rough human voice again.By the time we got back outside to the feast, all of the plates had been set up.I saw many strange, new people gathered around the table waiting.

”Finally, the Queen Galaxy approaches!“ said a stranger, and they all cheered.

“Yes, thank you.”said Galaxy, acknowledging them all.

“Here is your plate, ma’am.“ a servant said to Galaxy as they led her to her seat next to where Eva and I sat.

”Thank you.” she said in turn.I thought the food smelled kind of strange, but I just assumed that it was just because, well, I eat rotten old street food, leftovers and moldy scraps, not palace perfect cooked food.We all took our seats and started to eat, but I felt as if something bad would happen. Just as I was about to eat, I saw the queen take a bite of her food and gag.Then I realized that steak has... greenish blood?  

“WAIT QUEEN!”I shouted but it was too late.I saw her eyes roll into her skull, and she fainted.

“What is wrong with Master?” Eva asked, looking at me bewildered until she saw the queen’s food, then she started ordering medics, servants, and cooks alike to help their queen.She howled in distress, but as I watched, I saw the queen beckon us forward,

“Quiet,“ Eva ordered the humans sharply, leaning in close as we listened.We heard the queen whisper,

“Dragonstar... Find the Dragonstar...”

“The Dragonstar.Isn’t that a profanity?” said one of the people in the crowd.

“It’s not a PROFANITY!!!!!” Eva howled humanly, glaring at the man.

“Indeed,” replied the lead nurse.“Because I’ve heard tales that the Dragonstar can cure any poison in the world.So it must be able to heal this…” She looked at the meat.“I'll see if I can identify this poison.”The nurse picked it up and walked back into the palace, wary not to touch the ‘meat’ too much.

“Everyone bring food to medical ward, to see if it has poison.”Eva told the people.I just sat there lost in thought, ideas running around in my head, not knowing what to do.

“Corla? Corla?” called a very worried familiar voice.

“Nahrea? Is that you?"

“Corla, are you okay? I just heard the wolf howl and… AH! IT’S HERE!"

“Who’s that and how does he know you?” Eva asked me, flicking her ears toward the cardinal.

“His name is Nahrea, and sometimes we work together when…”

“AAAAAAAAH! FLY FOR YOUR LIVES!” Nahrea tweeted again.Eva rolled her eyes, but you could tell she was still very aggravated  about ‘Master’, as she called Galaxy.“Anyway, we have to find the ‘Dragonstar.’” Eva said.

“Wait a second.That necklace…” .

“What about it? Master gave it to me when I first met her.”The wolf looked sad at the mention of the Queen.

“It looks… well… familiar.I think it’s a Serpent Dragon. And it has a little slot for what looks like a little stone, or gem.The Dragonstar?"

“It could be,”The nurse rushed through the crowd to us.

“Wolf, I’ve figured out what the poison is.It turned out to be a poison called Nightshade and it puts the consumer into a coma, and it needs the Dragonstar, and the Dragonstar only, to heal it.I’m not sure how you use it on her, but no need to worry about that now, right now we need to find that gem.“ Eva turned to me.

“It’s called the Dragonstar isn’t it? Which means it obviously has something to do with stars and dragons,“ said Eva, looking expectantly at me.

“I don’t know, but I have a hunch at where it might be, at Dragon Cave, maybe.I heard some adventurers talking about all the gems there."

“What and where is that?“ Eva asked.

“An ancient cave filled with all of dragon-kinds’ treasures, on top of Dragon Mountain, I think, I know we are super creative with our names.“

“So when do we leave?” asked Eva.

“You’re coming with?” I asked her.

“Are you doubting my loyalty? I would do anything, absolutely anything for Master.” She growled fiercely.

“Okay, okay, you’re coming with.”

“Panic, panic, panic… okay, Nahrea, deep breaths, deep breaths…” Nahrea cooed to himself.Eva looked at the panicking bird, barked loudly three times, and howled once.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” The crimson bird frantically hopped up into the tree’s branches and escaped from vision.

“If I’m going to do a signal for everyone to gather, I might as well have some fun doing it.” She snorted.

“Hey, no matter how chicken this bird is to you, no pun intended, he’s my friend.” By the time I said this, the Dire Wolf was too far away to hear if she even cared.

Does this wolf even think twice about Nahrea?If I was a wolf, and saw a cardinal, would I care?Probably not, unless I was hungry.And Eva just ate, little as she did, but she probably ate a bit before, I mean she’s royal after all.The thought of that word, ‘royal,’ comforted me, yet also, I felt jealousy poking at my scales.


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