Author: Saphira Rose

Chapter 1
My Life

Oh wow jackpot!A whole entire barrel full of red salmon!They must have collected the traps today!I thought as I saw a barrel and smelled the delicious fresh caught fish inside.I grabbed the barrel in my sharp, talon-like claws and flew out the open threshold silently down the alleyway.Yum!I thought, peering into the barrel and smelling the fish, revelling in my victory and then quickly devouring the fish and tossing the barrel aside.

But the noise must have alerted someone, because I heard yelling and saw a sprinting Starleaper turn the corner on the other side of the deserted street.You see,‘Starleapers’ are the name for Galaxy’s advanced soldiers, and Galaxy is the human queen.I immediately started to hover and fly backwards rapidly.

”GET BACK HERE, YOU STREET SCUM!” yelled the Starleaper.

”Dude, I-I need to eat to survive!” I stammered hurriedly back.Then I just flew up and away from the soldier, who was yelling curses at me, and down the winding road I knew so well after living here my whole life.There was soon a forest coming up with green leaves that are growing in very beautiful patterns.I aimed towards a large birch tree just across the way of a berry tree where my friend lived in.It was in that birch tree that I first taught myself to fly and I camped up at every night, and, as I nestled myself in its branches, I closed my eyes and fell asleep slightly uneasily with my wings wrapped around myself.

Let me tell you something, I was an orphan, left on the streets as an egg in the middle of the harshest winter for all of us dragons. There had been no warmth to start a fire and most eggs had never hatched during that winter, but I had been lucky.I was still left with no true home, no true family, and no true friends most of my life and was always just shunned aside and was left as a lonesome, baby, street dragon.But, I had survived the fierce winter, not something many dragons can say.

I stole to eat, and I had to hide not to get caught, and my only shelter was my wings.My life had always been the exact opposite of my species name, “Royal Dragon.” Ha!No one would believe me to be royal, not even myself!But alas, that is how life goes, never quite going the way you plan.Always going sideways no matter the thought gone into your actions.

Oh, how I wished I had been born in the castle with all the warm food you could imagine. A bed where I can stay for more than just one night.And, riches of money, gold, and gems.

”Hey Corla.” said Nahrea, a cardinal I occasionally work with, jolting me out of my  comfortable sleep.

”Wha... What? Nahrea what are you doing here?” I mumbled startled and curious .“I heard there’s a town meeting going on soon.” Nahrea replied.”I thought you might want see what’s happening.”

“Well, we’ll just have to make sure their not talking about you!”

The crimson bird chuckled. “Ha, ha, very funny.‘I need to eat to survive’.”He copied, mimicking my words from earlier today.

“Hey, how’d you hear about that?Nevermind, that can wait, but I’m serious.Don’t get caught, you don’t know what they would do to you.You know they’re still mad about that healing berry you stole a month ago!”

“Fine, but at least I know they won’t just fly up and eat me some day...” He added with a bit of fear poorly hidden in his already high pitched tweety voice .

I rolled my eyes at him.Now that’s the strange cardinal I know, I thought as he flew away toward a tree nearby.It was then that I realized he hadn’t come just to chat, he had stolen a berry from my tree and was trying to hide it.

“Hey Nahrea, I have a quick question,” I said launching myself from the tree with such power it started to creak warily.I soon caught up with the little bird but before he could talk I cut him off saying.

”Would you recommend perhaps… NOT STEALING FROM A THIEF!” I said turning upside down and grabbing the berry from his talons.

“Uh, um… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Nahrea screamed, tweeting and bolting toward a tree, but I caught up with him in barely a second.I grabbed him in my sharp claws and I landed, considerably farther from the city.

“Where are you going, I only want to talk!” I argued innocently.But he wriggled free and I let him fly to a tree and hide in the hollow of an owl in the tree before I flung the berry by the roots of it.

“Just ask next time, it's not like I’m gonna eat it.Or you!” I playfully said through the wood of the tree he had gone into.

”OH, COME ON!”I heard through the wood.

“We have reports of stolen ingredients from our potion shop, ingredients for the most deadly potion known to mankind.”  heard shouts of surprise from the roof of the meeting area where I lay flattened down a few roofs away from it to keep secret.“A reward of the highest tier will be given to the one who finds the criminal.”.“Oooh! I wonder where the thief is?” “Forget where, who!” Was some of the whispering coming from the towns people.Wait, What was that?I looked over to the right. Someone had turned the corner of the street and was sneaking away from the meeting with a pouch that looked filled to the brim!

“Lizard tongues, frog eyes, the main five types of poisonous fungi, a couple rhinoceros’ horns, a pig’s tail, the dreadweed and firewood roots... and now I just need a dragon's heart!Hah, those dolts Galaxy chose as her guards can’t catch me!Even then there is still Kanar.” The criminal muttered, and I gasped.He looked me straight in the eyes with a newly sharpened dagger in his hand, it glimmered ominously as he advanced toward me and got ready to attack.

“I got you now.” He smirked, leaping at me.He grabbed my leg, but I flung him off effortlessly.I flew down to attack him, but stopped mid flight and thought just before I hit him.Wait, if I bring this criminal to the humans, assuming that he is the thief, I'll get all the fish I can eat, and maybe, just maybe even get to live in the royal palace!I picked him up instead of attacking and flew to the meeting.

I heard gasps of surprise from the crowd when I entered.At first, I saw their stunned faces, then, they started to leap up and run, but as I approached their queen, she did not jump up, in fact, she didn’t even flinch when I landed beside her.But as I neared, the wolf started to growl reproachfully until the queen commanded her to stop.

I saw the queen was staring at my talons so I threw the fiercely struggling criminal to the ground and pinned him there on the dusty platform.“So, this is the feared criminal who stole the ingredients?”  The queen asked, glancing at the pouch around his shoulder, which had spilled all of the ingredients, and stroking her Dire Wolf, who had stop growling at me and started to stalk towards the man, with his overcoat now dusty from the old meeting place board planks, but still glaring maliciously at the queen and her wolf.

“Yes.” I replied, as the criminal struggled to speak.

“You're dead meat when I escape, all of you!”!he said with his voice muffled and full of hatred and malice.

“Good luck with that you dirty thieving rat!”!The wolf growled, spitting this last word out in such hatred I had never heard even when I stole food.

”Guards, take this street-scum out of our great queen's presence.”

I flinched as I heard the insult that the starleaper had used on me earlier.The guards then sprang up and grabbed the man.As the guards took the criminal away I saw him mouth the word ‘run’ and heard a scuffle on the roof opposite of where I had been hiding, although as I looked up I saw nothing, so I looked back to the criminal in sight. We all watched as the group went slowly down to the castle.’Why did they have to go slowly?’ you may ask. Well, he was not going willingly and twice they had to stop completely so they could secure a grip.But as they disappeared down the street I realised the queen was watching me.I decided not to investigate the noise as I could see the queen readying for a speech.

“So you are the one who caught the thief?”


“Well, we must now reward you faithful and helpful dragon! This case could’ve been deadly if not for you!"

“Yes,” The wolf agreed in a rough human-like voice with a small tremor in it, as she suddenly noticed my fangs and talons probably imagining what I could do to her master. They probably taught her to talk human like that, I thought.

“What would you like as a reward?” The queen asked.”You look as if you could use some more meat on your bones, why your rather small for a dragon!” disrupting my thoughts.

“I guess I'll take food.” I replied shyly, but certain.

“Then we shall have a feast tomorrow at noon!”

“Feast!” Again, the wolf spoke in her human voice.

All the people then dispersed and the queen and her wolf bid me goodbye and left towards the castle.I went to go back to my tree but a certain nosey little bird cut me off.

“What the heck just happened!”tweeted the jumpy bird, astonished.I retold everything that had happened and by the end Nahrea had her beak dropped open in alarm and surprise.

“And you’re going to this ’feast’?”


I landed on my tree and a couple twigs fell to the ground.I laid down and closed my eyes suddenly tired even though I had taken a short nap earlier.

”Hey, Corla!” protested the cardinal but I ignored her so eventually she just left.By the time I woke up in the morning it was time for the feast so I went to the royal courtyard to go to the feast.

     I assumed someone there would direct me where I needed to go but as I approached and I saw the wolf guarding a set of huge mahogany doors with engravings all around the door frame.But even those grand doors couldn’t beat the huge awesome castle with white marble walls and sandstone spires with gargoyles perched on top.Just above the doors there was a huge stained glass window depicting the original queen being knighted by the only ever dragon rider.

“What is your business here?” The she wolf asked in her normal wolf voice, and I thought I could sense a note of fear in it.

“Don’t be alarmed by my looks I’m nice.Remember I am the dragon from yesterday. And I’m here for the feast.By the way, the name’s Corla.“ I said.

“And I’m Eva.You can come in.” She replied, moving out of the way and barking a signal. It must’ve worked, because when the heavy mahogany door opened, I saw the queen, not to mention the grand hall.In this hall there were paintings of many a beautiful scenes, there were also stained glass windows here too depicting all of the previous queens.

“Master,” Eva said in her gruff human voice.“The feast, with the dragon, Corla.”

“Yes, Eva.Now, the both of you may enter.Cooks!Where is the feast?” Galaxy said.“Here, your highness,“ said a cook coming from seemingly nowhere.“Your highness,“ said the cook speaking again, “It seems we have our best cook missing, ma’am, could you come help sort out the situation in the kitchen, this new chef is a mess!"

”Yes of course, Eva could you give our guest a tour?"

“Yes, Master.” Eva replied, turning to me. “Now, kindly follow me.”



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