Bhagvad-Gita: Treatise of Self-help
Author: BS Murthy

Chapter 8
Know the Spirit Chapter 7

This chapter of 30 slokas, known as gjnaana vigjnaana yoga, Spiritual knowledge and Secular intelligence, is about understanding the nature of the Supreme through knowing and meditation. However, s20-s23 besides breaking the continuity in the character of the discourse, would advocate worship of gods for boon seeking that Krishna chastises is s42-s44, ch.2. And thus these slokas undoubtedly are interpolations.   

Thus spoke the Lord:
How to retain Me in mind
He in yoga comes to know. 

Make thee privy that knowledge  
Leaves that no scope for some more. 

Rarely beings seek their self 
Of them but a few Me grasp. 

Earth ’n ether, fire ’n air 
Water, mind, sense ’n self 
Elements are of My Nature. 

It’s this Nature holds all worlds
But above ’n apart is My Nature.  

While My Higher Nature brings 
Ends all that Low Nature Mine. 

Better than Me none exists 
On Me hinges whatever exists. 

I’m that what is sapid in water  
I’m the glow of sun and moon 
I’m the thunder above in skies 
Verily I’m the virility of males. 

Odour of this earth is Me 
Heat of fire ’n life in being  
As well wisdom in forsake. 

I’m the seed of all beings 
Intellect as well man’s valour.  

It’s Me strength of even life
As well ardour of sex in order. 

Virtue, passion so too delusion  
Send I forth though all of them 
Come to dwell in none of them. 

Spellbound by My these natures  
Knows not man My true nature.  

If thee forsake well and true
To Me then thou come ’n grasp
Natures these Mine illusions.  

Who in Supreme hath no faith
Gripped are by these illusions  
And thus go on path wayward. 

Distressed, desirous ’n knowing 
Such pious are those Me worship. 

Of these but the steadfast man 
With pure intent gets My nod. 

Noble as all worship Me   
The knower true is selfsame Me. 

Once in a while
Births after many, 
Born who knows 
I pervade worlds. 

Unmanifest Am State Supreme 
But saddle Me with form uncouth.

Dull in delusion won’t perceive 
Me that’s unborn veiled from them. 

Am privy to what goes on 
But man hath no grasp of Me.  

Illusions dual, want and wrath 
Ever in delusion keep they man.  

Pure minded sans illusions
On Me such of virtue lean. 

Seek all those who My refuge  
See they Brahman ever in self. 

Me Be-All ’n End -All grasps 
Me he ponders on deathbed.  

Ends thus: 
Know the Spirit,
The Seventh Chapter 
Of Bhagavad-Gita 
Treatise of self-help.


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