WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 1: Mortey The Killer Carni Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 14
The Finale

July 7th 1:50pm, Strawberry County Correctional Facility, Richfork IA


Looking through the glass, witnesses sat starring at NORMAN as two guards strapped NORMAN into the electric chair. A priest was reading NORMAN his last rites and the warden stood silent, hands crossed in front of him. When the chair straps were secure, one guard taped gauze over NORMAN’s eyes and the other guard checked NORMAN for any metallic objects in his clothing.

Lastly, a guard placed a black pinch plate in NORMAN’s mouth. Justice was about to be served to NORMAN, Iowa’s criminal escapee.


It took a three week manhunt to catch NORMAN after his latest, and last, escape attempt. Wanted for the murder of two young women, an elderly couple, and a clown at a carnival, NORMAN was receiving the death penalty on the electric chair. Only six states in the nation offer the chair as an option. The warden chose the chair for NORMAN, knowing needles would only cause more problems. But NORMAN was so dormant and numb walking to the chair, eyes glazed, stale faced, and emotionless, the warden knew this was efficient.

The witnesses in the viewing room had no argument either way. What the warden didn’t know was just hours before, while having his Last Meal, several guards laced NORMAN’s food with highly concentrated hallucinogens and a mixture of other drugs, causing NORMAN’s status.

After eating his Last Meal inside his Death Row holding cell, NORMAN’s reality began to swirl, mix, and warp in his mind. The guard’s radio was barking acronyms and security babble while the television was updating citizens on an explosion that destroyed a factory. Police were all on the scene and people were being interviewed. NORMAN was thinking about his brother, his father, his uncle, and the crime he caused while the chemical haze began to take effect. All the sounds around him also took hold and melted everything together.

NORMAN’s brain began to convert a drugged reality where he had escaped from prison to find the two girls who put him there; the same two girls who NORMAN killed in real life. Yet, in the haze, his brother was there, his father, the old couple he killed, the carnival where he killed a clown, and cops! Lots of cops! Even twisted cops that NORMAN was related to! An explosion took place, carnage broke out; so much that NORMAN couldn’t comprehend what was real, a hallucination, and memory of past events. Somehow, the clown he killed had turned into his baby brother MORTEY, who in real life adored him, and his brother wanted to kill him with a Strength Test Game carnival mallet.


NORMAN never heard the conversation in front of him.

“Is everything ready, doctor?” The Warden asked, starring at NORMAN.

“Ready at your order, Warden,” the doctor answered back.

The Warden turned around and walked into the viewing room. He offered his condolences to the people inside, families to most of NORMAN’s victims. The priest entered the room, then the doctor, and lastly, the guards. The switch was thrown by an unseen person behind an unknown wall in an unmarked room.


In NORMAN’s mind, MORTEY & NORMAN had just begun a brawl and while NORMAN was trying to collect his favorite knife, the same knife used in all the real life murders, his clown brother MORTEY shocked him with a loose electrical cable. The pain seared through NORMAN’s body to where screaming was impossible! NORMAN wasn’t able to recover from the jolts.

The cable shock burred his vision and caused massive muscle spasms. The blast of colors blinded his eyes and a blurry streak was all NORMAN could see as he tried to escape his insane clown brother. Then another electrical shock hit NORMAN and he fell to the fairground floor. In real life, NORMAN was being electrocuted by the prison’s electric chair.


The Warden and everyone inside the room watched NORMAN’s body twitch as the current hit the chair and NORMAN strapped to it. NORMAN’s chest heaved in and out in bursts for less than a minute. When the power cut, NORMAN’s body went limp, and hunched over.

The doctor looked at the monitor to see NORMAN’s life signs and all gauges were flat-lined. “It’s done, Warden MORTEY. NORMAN is deceased. Time: 1:55 pm, Date: 09-09-17.”

Warden MORTEY nodded, starred at NORMAN, and hid his smile well.




R.I.P. Escaped Convict NORMAN

(1 character survived the story: MORTEY)


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