WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 1: Mortey The Killer Carni Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 11
The Hush

July 7th 1:40pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


JACK & JAMES tried explaining everything that happened: their brother, the three bikers, the beer tent exploding, the injured beer servers; everything! As JACK was talking to a cop, JAMES looked at the carnage around them. There were several body bags, motorbikes on their sides, and so much backed up traffic!

The cop they were talking with ended up dividing the brothers by telling JACK to get into his car. Sirens began to blare and lights began to flash as several emergency vehicles began to leave the scene. JAMES watched JACK leave in the cop car as another cop called for JAMES to get into the front seat of his car. JAMES climbed in as JACK’s squad car’s tail lights drove away.

The cop car JAMES was in had the engine running but it wasn’t moving. A call came over the unit scanner and the cop told the dispatcher he was in route to the carnival with the emergency squad.

The cop turned to JAMES and asked, ‘What do you know about a clown killing people? Or an escaped convict?” JAMES was struck by the question and shook his head, saying he never heard anything.

The cop smiled and said “Good.” He pulled out his 45 Glock from his holster and fired seven shots into JAMES.

As JAMES went limp, the fake cop said, “The less you know about my nephews, the better.” He put the car in gear and turned the cruiser around. NORMAN & MORTEY’s uncle, disguised as a cop, drove into the fairgrounds with worrisome momentum.


NORMAN was still carrying SCARLET when MORTEY looked up in NORMAN’s direction. MORTEY wasn’t moving from his position. NORMAN felt a shift in his arms as SCARLET went limp and heavy. For a moment, NORMAN’s heart sank and he felt sorrow for SCARLET, realizing he never would have made it to the security tent. NORMAN laid SCARLET gently in the grass right where he was standing, stood back up, and stared back at MORTEY.

For the moment, NORMAN was actually unsure and nervous about approaching his little brother. MORTEY’s make-up clowned face didn’t look right, or at least, the same. Something was different. Something was not completely human. Something…had become sinister.


Police cars, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles began to arrive on the fairground gate’s entrances of the carnival. Sirens were wailing the neighborhood and the vehicles were parking side by side by side. No patrons were around and most of the hometown people were already gone from the premises, which helped them in the long run.

Paramedics began collecting their gear and supplies as police were collecting their guns and ammo from the trunks of their squad cars. Radios from each emergency personnel were blaring information and reports as squads were arriving at every gate.


NORMAN finally began to walk up to MORTEY and MORTEY, too, began walking up to NORMAN. Behind MORTEY, on the steps of the Fun House, NORMAN saw something he didn’t expect. Something NORMAN had gotten rid of but has reappeared here: his knife with the ‘N’ on the blade. NORMAN recognized that handle anywhere. Deep down, NORMAN knew he was going to need it.

NORMAN starred at MORTEY as MORTEY drew closer, still holding the mallet. To NORMAN, MORTEY’s eyes were dark, evil, and not his own. MORTEY starred at his brother NORMAN as he walked forward, still holding the mallet’s handle; his hand practically twitching at the feel, as if it was electrically live.

The voice in MORTEY’s head barked up again, “I know him...”

“He’s your brother…”

“When you were shot, he didn’t help you…”

“When you were attacked on your date, where was he?”

“He didn’t help you...”

“The paramedics didn’t help you...”

“Your brother left you to get hurt by my friends...”

“Remember when we were both shot? No one helped us…”

“He left me to die...”

“He left you to die...”

“Your brother needs to die...”

“The paramedics needed to die, and you killed one...”

“My friends deserved to die, and they’re dead...”

“Now he needs to die...”

“No one helped us...”

“Everyone needs to die...”

MORTEY grew more enraged as the girl’s voice in his head kept talking and MORTEY’s grip on the mallet’s handle grew stronger. NORMAN quickly realized that whatever has happened, MORTEY was no longer his brother.


R.I.P. Middle Brother JAMES

R.I.P. Old Woman SCARLET

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