WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 1: Mortey The Killer Carni Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, B&B Games CEO

Chapter 11
The Beatings

CHAPTER 11: The Beatings

July 7th 1:52pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


The two nameless tattoo-covered bikers looked down at the beaten and battered corpse of one their rival bikers, feeling a sense of pride, justice, and then disgust. Even just the thought of stealing another person bike is against any code known to any biker, especially over losing a poker game! The two turned to one another, looked toward the blown up beer tent, and heard JAXSON moaning and gurgling in pain. The two bikers knew there were three of them last night and the biker they just beat to death was only one person. These two screaming had to be the other two.

Without any more hesitation, they stomped toward the smoking tent and came across two men; one missing an arm and one missing a leg, both horrifically injured from an explosion. One was conscious, the other was not.  The two bikers didn’t hesitate to put JAXSON & CROWMAN out of their misery permanently, using the same objects they killed JOKER with. JAXSON only screamed once and CROWMAN didn’t even make a sound, except the wheezing from his lung before exhaling his final breath.

With a finished job of justice, the two bikers wiped off their weapons, threw them to the side, looked at JAXSON & CROWMAN beaten carcasses, and walked toward the grassy parking lot. A block away was the rest of their group waiting on them and the news that ‘the thieves received their just dues’. The stolen decoy ambulance they arrived was left where they parked it: lights going, engine running, and full of helpful medical equipment for no one to use.


NORMAN thought about his father for the moment as he carried SCARLET toward the security tent near the front gate, but he had to pass through the gaming area and the rides section of the carnival. NORMAN’s intention was to break from jail, enter the carnival, and find the two damned teenage girls who testified in court against him.

NORMAN thought about that night: he was banging Jessica in the park while Sha-Nene was with MORTEY. The two brother met the teenage girls at the local bar and were mutually invited back to their place. Coming back from the park, NORMAN found MORTEY near death with his face horrifically cut up and bleeding. Sha-Nene was screaming in panic and fear, accusing MORTEY of attacking her. NORMAN called his father and then carried MORTEY out of the house. Their father Preston arrived, NORMAN dumped MORTEY in the car, and Preston sped away.  The police and EMT’s arrived, asked questions, and NORMAN was arrested. NORMAN was charged with assault, battery, concealing evidence, and alleged theft of a body. While in jail in a letter, Preston blamed NORMAN for MORTEY’s disfigurement, said they found a place to hide, and that “Those girls set you two boy up!”

All of this swarmed in NORMAN’s head as he carried SCARLET and realized helping SCARLET was the only good thing he’d done all day. And NORMAN didn’t have to kill those two teenage girls because fate did it for him. Then the thought of NORMAN’s grandmother hit him and how nurturing and loving she was. She was the only caring woman in the family. NORMAN was a child when she died and MORTEY hadn’t been adopted yet.

That’s when a THUD to his left jolted NORMAN out of his memories and he saw MORTEY standing over a guy outside the Funhouse with his carnival mallet over his head.


MORTEY had the mallet over his head and LEON had his hand up, as if it was going to stop the blunt assault. Inside MORTEY’s head, a voice was reminding him who LEON was:

“He is a paramedic...“

“A helping person...“

“He was there when you were shot...“ 

“He did nothing...“

“He just laid there and let you get shot...“

“He was with the other paramedic right behind you and both did nothing...“

When MORTEY snapped to reality, LEON’s chest was red, purpled, bruised and fatally dented. LEON’s face was pale and his eyes were foggy. LEON’s mouth has sprays of blood from when he coughed up his battered lungs. MORTEY’s bullet holes in his body were numb now and the voice in his head went silent, for a second.


JAMES & JACK ran and ran until they came to an accident scene on the road, where they told cops everything that they had seen at the carnival. Squads of cars and ambulances were already leaving.


R.I.P. Beer Tenant JAXSON

R.I.P. Beer Tenant CROWMAN

R.I.P. Paramedic LEON

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