WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 1: Mortey The Killer Carni Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, B&B Games CEO

Chapter 10
The Darkness

CHAPTER 10: The Darkness

July 7th 1:45pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


JAMES & JACK watched JOKER dash for the carnival grounds but JOKER didn’t last long as one single gunshot rang out which made JOKER collapse. A burst of red from the back of his right leg began to spread and run down his jean pant.

JOKER began screaming in pain for help but JAMES & JACK already took off in the opposite direction, abandoning JAXSON, CROWMAN, JOKER, the beer tent, the carnival; everything! The two bikers, who were able to apprehend an ambulance, walked toward JOKER, missing JAMES & JACK view of running away, both carrying an object: one, a baseball bat, the other a Billy club. JOKER’s wailing from the brutal, then fatal, beating was quickly drowned out in a gargle. Every strike the bikers gave JOKER broke something: an arm bone, a jaw, a kneecap, and eventually his skull.

After the beating, the two bikers heard someone screaming for help and they looked toward the smoldering beer tent, where they saw JAXSON & CROWMAN. “So JOKER, that’s where your other two boys are…!” one biker said and they both headed to where JAXSON & CROWMAN were laying.


HERBIE felt the ride jerk again but it came to a stop. HERBIE crawled to the foot rest of the ride on his belly but began to choke on his breathing. More blood seeped from the corner of his mouth and splattered slightly with each cough. Crawling became more difficult as HERBIE grew cold and began to lose feeling. Once HERBIE reached the edge of the seat car’s foot rest, HERBIE’s vision faded to darkness.


NORMAN saw SCARLET fall face-first off the bench from the ride controls, and stopped the ride. It could have been a heat stroke, or she just passed out, but NORMAN didn’t see any faults in this woman at all; just wrong place, wrong time.

NORMAN looked around the carnival grounds and it was a ghost town. MORTEY was no longer in his view and neither was LEON. Nor the paramedic woman or the young boy who followed her into the Funhouse! NORMAN, looked up at the top of the Ferris wheel and saw an arm dangling over the bottom edge of the ride and realized if that was HERBIE, he was already gone.

NORMAN ran down to SCARLET, picked her up and carried her toward the security booth, where he hoped any help wouldn’t recognize an escape felon. Seconds later, from the spinning drum exit of the Funhouse, NORMAN watched a blood soaked paramedic tackle a clown: his brother MORTEY!


LEON was sitting on the dead body of a young teenage boy who had just killed his paramedic partner. LEON was overwhelmed with a blender of feelings: rage, guilt, anger, sadness, pain, disreality, and many more emotions a single person should not have to experience at the same time. But the step, step, step of someone walking into the other end of the Funhouse snapped LEON out of it.

The hot blood and warm metal smell was curdling in LEON’s sinuses. When the stomping of shoes on metal stopped, LEON looked up from his sitting position and saw the killer clown from earlier, MORTEY, staring at him. MORTEY’s eyes were lifeless, brutal, and empty; a void into hate and betrayal.

LEON rose slowly and MORTEY looked into LEON’s hand: his Brother NORMAN’s knife! MORTEY knew it anywhere and realized his father was right: NORMAN was here. But not IN here! MORTEY stalked toward LEON but LEON was ready. LEON’s self-defense paramedic training kicked in and LEON held his ground. The Funhouse was too tight and small fitted to swing his mallet, so LEON dodged every grab, walking backward toward the exit. Once LEON could get MORTEY outside, LEON would grab the mallet and end the horror of the day.

LEON didn’t expect the bleeding clown to leap at him and both men tumbled into the rotating drum exit of the Funhouse, neither of them collecting their balances. MORTEY was able to grab his mallet and blunt the handle into LEON’s stomach, knocking the wind out of him. LEON fell on the floor of the spinning drum and MORTEY rolled out, grabbed LEON by his leg, drug him out of the spinning turbine, down the metal steps, across the black electrical wires that ran all over the grass, and finally stood over him, ready to play Whack-A-Mole with LEON’s melon.


R.I.P. Biker JOKER


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