WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 1: Mortey The Killer Carni Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, B&B Games CEO

Chapter 9
The Assault

CHAPTER 9: The Assault


July 7th 1:41pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


JOKER, starring at an ambulance headlight face-to-face, swallowed hard deep in his throat as the glass came to a halt one inch from his chin. The blinding from the headlight disoriented him and the swirl of lights flashing from the ambulance lit all around him, kicking his vertigo in full throttle. JOKER grabbed the front of the ambulance, doing a quick soul full prayer for not being creamed, and felt his legs buckle.

JOKER felt as if he was going to vomit again, this time, due to the queasiness of almost dying. But that washed away when the ‘paramedics’ left the ambulance doors; they weren’t Strawberry County certified medical paramedics! Two large beefy men exited out, covered in tattoos and JOKER recognized them immediately: their rival biker group whom JOKER and his two buddies stole bikes from last night after losing a private poker game at the H.D. Bar!


JAMES & JACK watched the ambulance pull up in the grassy parking area but it seemed as if the paramedics were taking their grand old time. JAMES told JACK he’ll wait with JAXSON & CROWMAN if JACK would go tell the paramedics where they were.

As JACK left the burning tent area, JOKER came bursting back from where he came from screaming, “Run! Screw those two burnt bastards! Get the hell out of here!”


NORMAN sat with SCARLET on the bench for the moment and watched curiously as a man, RICK, ran into the Funhouse after a crying woman ran in. NORMAN swore that was the paramedic woman with the guy earlier on the path was dead but there she went, running and dashing.

SCARLET watched too, but she was more in a haze and she spoke to NORMAN about needing help due to the heat, and her husband HERBIE was still on the Ferris wheel. NORMAN realized who HERBIE was and wasn’t sure if the old man was still alive. NORMAN looked behind him, saw pretzel bent girl, snuffed a chuckle, and then looked up to see HERBIE actually moving!

NORMAN went to the controls of the Ferris wheel as SCARLET watched a clown with a large mallet walk toward the Funhouse.


HERBIE flopped off the dead girl in excruciating pain but was able to still breathe. The metal seat was hot to the touch but the pain his body felt was ten times worse. The ride jerked and HERBIE felt the movement, but then began coughing and a chunk of blood shot out of his mouth.


MORTEY followed RICK’s path toward the Funhouse, but stopped and realized an old woman sitting on the bench near the Ferris wheel. A rage began to build up in MORTEY for the woman just sitting there. The two starred at one another until the old woman wobbled left to right and passed out face first on the ground. MORTEY began walking back to the Funhouse after RICK. Something told him that RICK was the paramedic guy who didn’t help him when he was shot.


LEON, limping but feeding off the adrenaline, ran the long way in the direction of his paramedic partner and MORTEY. As LEON watched MORTEY walk a direct path to the Funhouse, LEON limply ran way left near the food vendors and circled around to the opposite side of the gaming area. LEON found the exit to the Funhouse, and before entering, LEON watched MORTEY stop half way down his path to stare at an old woman.

While MORTEY was distracted, LEON ran into the Funhouse just as RICK shoved his foot down the back of his partner’s head, shoving her face in a shard of mirror glass. An explosion of rage ripped through LEON’s mind and before LEON knew it, he was tackling RICK and repeatedly stabbing RICK with the knife he found! The blood began to flow out of the Funhouse from LEON’s former partner and now RICK himself; the hot smell of fresh blood was horrific to inhale.

Seconds later, LEON realized someone else was inside the Funhouse, too, and that someone had to be MORTEY!


R.I.P. Teenage Boy RICK

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