WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 1: Mortey The Killer Carni Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 7
The Trifecta

July 7th 1:20pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


Doctors and nurses were able to restrain GHOSTS’s seizure spasms but when GHOST went limp, the O.R. doctor screamed for the paddles. After several unsuccessful attempts, the doctor called time of death.


Sirens were approaching from a distance and getting louder. With no word from his other biker buddies, JOKER began looking for any vehicle to hot-wire but the pickings were slim. Passing in between the remaining cars in the grassy parking lot, JOKER tried to maintain his ill composure. After sneaking around a horse trailer, JOKER walked into the driving path, and met face-to-headlight with a moving ambulance!


JESSICA starred in horror at HERBIE who was looking at her upside down, asking for, “Help…!” As HERBIE reached out, JESSICA leaped from her seat, stumbled at the rocking of the ride’s seat and lost her balance. Over the side backward, JESSICA fell from the top of the Ferris wheel and down the side of the ride!

JESSICA flipped as she descended to her death and landed back-first on a metal bar railing that ran around the Waiting-In-Line section. The back of JESSICA’s head slapped the bottom of her shoes as she hit, severing her spine, but then flopped like a dead fish on her side, whapping her lifeless face on the metallic floor. JESSICA had less than three breaths in her before her battered lungs completely deflated.


As SCARLET collected herself, she watched the paramedic lady dash in a panicked run and then trip over some large electrical cables. As SCARLET realized the paramedic was hurt, she tried yelling but didn’t have the voice strength. SCARLET was old, and weaker than she would admit.

From behind, NORMAN appeared, and offered to help SCARLET up. SCARLET thanked ‘the nice young man’ for his help while NORMAN was thinking about how to get to JESSICA without anyone alive being a witness. NORMAN’s immediate thought: Kill SCARLET, one less potential witness! Turns out, NORMAN had to do no such action due to a scream, and the metal sounding –thud– behind him.

As NORMAN sat SCARLET down, he smiled at the –thud– sound.  and then a surprise: he saw RICK run into the Fun House after OLIVIA.


With one eye open, LEON played dead as he watched MORTEY stare down at the two dead men. LEON knew nothing that was happening or why, but knew everyone was in danger. The anger of OLIVIA left him momentarily as he watched MORTEY limp away, injured, bleeding, and dragging his bloody mallet.


The sound effects of the clunky Fun House were heavy in OLIVIA’s ears. The lights were too dim to see clearly, the mirrors were warped, and shiny illusions were messing with her head. The world began to spin and OLIVIA bunkered into a dark corner, curled up in a ball, and sobbed in silence.

Yelling out at her, RICK had followed OLIVIA’s path into the Fun House. RICK’s mind was a scatter: anger, confusion, sadness; a whirlwind of mass insanity. OLIVIA could hear someone walking around and yelling for her, but she stayed hid. The light from the sun to her eyes still made the Fun House much darker than normal. RICK turned a corner, found OLIVIA cowering, and something snapped in RICK’s head.

RICK turned his head and softly asked OLIVIA, “Why aren’t you helping people?!” OLIVIA didn’t respond. Furious, RICK lunged down, picked the frightened paramedic up, angrily shouted at her the same question again, and began shaking the hysterical woman! RICK, repeating his question, shook OLIVIA viciously, shoved her against the wall, rattled her against the dangling props, and threw her against a mirror, shattering it.

As shards fell to the floor, a mirror shard stuck out of the frame. When OLIVIA slid down, the shards sliced her skin. In full rage, RICK angrily stomped the top of her head, shoving the shard up under her chin!

As OLIVIA bled to death, RICK bellowed, “Why Aren’t You Helping People!?”


JAMES & JACK waved at the ambulance approaching, guarding the suffering JAXSON & CROWMAN.


R.I.P. Biker GHOST

R.I.P. Teenage Girl JESSICA

R.I.P. Paramedic OLIVIA

(11 characters remaining)


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