WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 1: Mortey The Killer Carni Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, B&B Games CEO

Chapter 7
The Flattening

CHAPTER 7: The Flattening


July 7th 1:26pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


The ambulance jerked to a halt at the ER entrance where several doctors and nurses were waiting. As the gurney with GHOST on it left the ambulance back doors, GHOST’s body began to seizure and shake violently.  Everyone around the gurney rushed GHOST into the ER, skipping the Triage room.


A truck, impatient with the congestion and stopped traffic, ripped out of its lane, squealed the tires, and proceeded to bypass the scene. RICO, and the cop RICO was talking to, were looking at the tip of a black fireball just topping the trees.

The truck didn’t see RICO, but RICO saw the truck. RICO shoved the cop forward a mere second before the corner of the truck smashed RICO into his open door, sandwiching him between the truck's door and the car door. Lastly, RICO’s lifeless body flopped between both vehicles. 


JOKER took off running toward the grassy parking lot, unable to comprehend the looks of JAXSON & CROWMAN. JAMES & JACK could hear sirens approaching and both ran to JAXSON who was still howling in severe pain. CROWMAN was moving, more from muscle spasms and nerve damage, but was still alive.


NORMAN let the last of the passengers of the Ferris wheel off, except for one: JESSICA, unaware that she wasn’t alone. As the people fled the ride, NORMAN made sure that JESSICA was right where he wanted her: alone at the very top.

JESSICA, past panic and near mental insanity, couldn’t make sense of the last twenty minutes and looked around. The sight of her head-broken friend, still with her eyes open, made her shrink in her seat in nightmarish disgust but when the old man on top of her turned his head at JESSICA and said, “Help me…!”, JESSICA completely freaked and leapt from her seat, screaming like she had never screamed in her life. JESSICA thought the old man was dead since the impact!


SCARLET laid on the blown-up air device a moment to collect herself and realized the Ferris Wheel was moving. The sun was blazing so hard, it was difficult to see clearly. SCARLET watched NORMAN help everyone off the ride, one seat at a time. SCARLET slid down off the blue air device as a hysterical woman, OLIVIA, ran past her, screaming like a raving lunatic!


OLIVIA raced away from everything around her, passed RICK, who was still crying and sitting on his best friends chest, and had no intention on stopping. OLIVIA even passed an old lady who was getting off the Balance Ladder game, obviously needing help. OLIVIA didn’t care if she was a paramedic. OLIVIA was leaving the fairground and getting away from people as fast as she could!

A boy’s voice yelled out to her for help and she didn’t stop. OLIVIA couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop, and then tripped on large black cords that trailed like snakes between two carnival attractions. OLIVIA fell at the entrance to the Fun House. OLIVIA knew no one would be inside, so she dashed up back on her feet and fled inside to hide.


LEON, with the bloody knife in his possession, slid out of sight as MORTEY stood over top and behind the two men wrestling on the ground. LEON saw death in the face from the lawn mower and it stopped when MOE tackled PRESTON. But now was LEON’s time to escape. LEON was still processing why OLIVIA left him to die after he laid there and protected her from MORTEY. Angry thoughts filled his mind.


MORTEY starred down at MOE & PRESTON, mallet ready. The mallet went up in the air before anyone could respond and MOE’s face mushed like a rotted pumpkin into his skull. Three whacks later, MORETY stopped and starred at PRESTON, again with the mallet ready.

PRESTON screamed, “MORTEY, don’t! I’m your father! I saved you! Wait, your brother NORMAN is here and he got rid of our boss! They were going to fire you, but we protec—,” and PRESTON wouldn’t say anymore as MORTEY beat him to death. 


R.I.P. Ride Operator RICO

R.I.P. Ride Operator MOE

R.I.P. Janitor PRESTON

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