WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 1: Mortey The Killer Carni Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 5
The Retaliation

July 7th 1:10pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


Loaded in another ambulance, GHOST was crashing on the way to the hospital. EMT’s were giving CPR to GHOST as the ambulance rocked back and forth, weaving through tight traffic and busy intersections.


Cars were pouring from the carnival grassy parking area and police were stopping traffic due to the motorcycle accident with the smashed ambulance. RICO was in the front of the traffic, screaming at the cops from his window about MORTEY. Police were passing the information along to one another as more cars were honking, but then a huge explosion from the fairgrounds captured everyone’s attention!


JAMES & JACK & JOKER bolted together to the flaming beer tent. The front half wrapping of the tent was lying on the ground and the back half was charred and melting. JOKER, who found JAXSON & CROWMAN first, immediately turned away and began to vomit.

JAMES & JACK looked in JOKER’s direction to find JAXSON screaming insanely, holding his burnt missing leg stump. CROWMAN, also brutally injured, but unconscious, was lying a few feet from JAXSON, his back completely charred and with half of a missing arm. JOKER turned back around to the two injured patrons, then at JAMES & JACK, and threw up again.


SCARLET landed on the blue Balance-Ladder air-device cushion safely with a ‘whoof!’ as she impacted. SCARLET’s leg did hit on of the rope ladders but due to her adrenaline rush, it didn’t faze her. NORMAN watched her land out of the corner of his eye as he bolted toward where HERBIE had landed on top of JESSICA and her motionless friend.

NORMAN had a thought hit him and he changed directions, heading toward the ride controls. NORMAN began to rotate the ride! As it rotated, JESSICA was still hysterical as she passed NORMAN. JESSICA didn’t see NORMAN, but NORMAN saw the old man on top of JESSICA’s dead friend. NORMAN checked the entire ride for passengers until JESSICA was last and utterly alone!


RICK wrestled with LARRY on the ground violently; RICK completely on the offensive with LARRY on the defense. Every thought in RICK was bent on love loss and rage while LARRY, still terrified of the last 10 minutes, had no idea why RICK was choking him, with the exception of LARRY running away. All RICK could see was the vision of the love of his life face-down, riddled with bullet holes, and LARRY running away.

Before RICK knew it, LARRY went limp and weak under RICK’s grip. It was a good minute before RICK realized that LARRY’s throat was in his hands, LARRY’s eyes were dull, and LARRY’s body was no longer moving or breathing. RICK, still having a death grip on LARRY’s lifeless neck, also realized that LARRY was the second person he killed in less than a few minutes. RICK let go and began screaming.


PRESTON full-throttled the mower at LEON & OLIVIA, full  of parental fury that they were the carnival paramedics and MORTEY was not getting any care of any kind, injured with bullet holes. MOE erupted from where he was, screaming at PRESTON to stop the mower.

As MOE ran toward the scene, he watched LEON move, strike a hand at OLIVIA’s face, screaming to “Get Up!” PRESTON watched this too and to his surprise, as much as LEON’s, OLIVIA sprung to reality! She pushed off LEON and the ground, as if nothing was wrong with her, and she fled the wrath of PRESTON, abandoning LEON. MOE & PRESTON heard LEON scream at OLIVIA for help but nothing was stopping OLIVIA from running for her life! Five feet before reaching LEON, MOE leaped in the air at PRESTON, spearing him from his lawnmower seat.  The front left mower tire was a mere foot from LEON’s face when the mower came to a halt.

As LEON watched MOE come from nowhere and tackle PRESTON off his seat, LEON began to crawl away silently as the two men wrestled. While slithering away, LEON found a mysterious object: a bloody knife with an “N” etched in on the blade. MOE & PRESTON were fighting on the grass beside the mower until both realized someone was standing over them, staring viciously and bleeding badly: MORTEY with his mallet.


R.I.P. Teenage Boy LARRY

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