WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 1: Mortey The Killer Carni Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, B&B Games CEO

Chapter 5
The Descent

CHAPTER 5: The Descent


July 7th 1:14pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


EMT’s were careful not to move GHOST, who was thrown from his bike. However, the amount of instant car traffic coming from the carnival was unprecedented! Police directed cars away from the accident. Already in his car, upset, scared, and paranoid, RICO was in the traffic toward the intersection. From the cops & EMT’s point of view, not a lot of the cars were slowing down.


JAXSON & CROWMAN, completely oblivious to everything happening, didn’t hear the crowd, the gun shots, or the chaos. They also didn’t hear the CO2 tank leaking. CROWMAN did smell the gas but was too baked to piece it all together in his head. But JAXSON & CROWMAN did see and hear the explosion when JAXSON was helping CROWMAN relight his smoke.

JAMES, JACK, & JOKER, still enraged about his stolen bike, felt the effect of the explosion from where they were as the three were all thrown off balance from the explosion in the nearby Beer Tent, landing in the grass. The three looked at the flaming Beer Tent and ran toward it, without haste!


HERBIE explained to SCARLET that she needed medical help immediately and convinced her on how to get off the ride. SCARLET, slightly younger and stronger than HERBIE, listened to her husband’s plan: jump from the ride and land on the large air device Balance Ladder game next to the Ferris Wheel. SCARLET muscled up the courage and agreed. HERBIE gave SCARLET the helping push as SCARLET leapt from the top of the Ferris Wheel!

However, HERBIE lost his balance and the seat rocked, causing HERBIE to fall against the back of his seat, where he went over! HERBIE fell and hit several ride connection bars on the way down the structure, flipping him toward the right a few times.

JESSICA started screaming when she saw SCARLET fall but when SHA-NENE started screaming, it was next-to-too-late as HERBIE fell directly onto their seat, landing on SHA-NENE. HERBIE’s body landed directly on the top of SHA-NENE’s head and back of her neck. HERBIE’s legs hit JESSICA. SHA-NENE’s face and throat smashed over the edge of the bar, shattering her jaw, neck, and collar bone, killing her instantly. JESSICA was now screaming in horror!

NORMAN saw SCARLET fall and watched HERBIE tumble, and lastly saw where JESSICA & SHA-NENE were! He ran toward the Ferris Wheel with mixed feelings of hurry and fury!


RICK’s heart was heavy as he loved her for everything she was and if LARRY hadn’t pushed her into MORTEY to get away himself, she never would have died! As RICK ran, he grew angrier with each step and then beyond furious when he saw LARRY catching his breath. Every thought in RICK’s mind was to get his hands on LARRY because it was his fault she was dead.

LARRY was bent over and bending to a knee to breathe as RICK ran and leaped into the air, landing on LARRY. RICK grabbed and latched onto LARRY with all his might, quickly finding the best way to grab LARRY by the throat with his bare hands.


PRESTON arrived to where LEON & OLIVIA were laying in the pavement path, but it was the clown that caught his attention. MOE was already on foot in the same direction because of the gun shots. PRESTON recognized who LEON & OLIVIA were but drove to the faced-up lying clown. LEON, guarding OLIVIA, silently watched PRESTON stop the mower near MORTEY’s feet, close to where a girl’s corpse laid. LEON actually realized that PRESTON’s eye were wetting as he knelt beside MORTEY. MORTEY’s left shoulder was bloody and he had a red puddle underneath him. PRESTON leaned down and put his head against MORTEY’s chest and immediately shot up, looking at LEON & OLIVIA.

PRESTON shouted hysterical, “He’s Alive! MORTEY is still alive! You’re paramedics! Why Aren’t You Saving My Son!?” LEON, shocked at PRESTON, couldn’t find words to speak. MOE, catching his breath, reached where PRESTON was yelling and watched at PRESTON reclimb onto his lawnmower, start it up, slam it into gear, and began driving it, aiming it at two people laying in the middle of the paved path!


R.I.P. Teenage Girl SHA-NENE

(18 characters remaining)


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