WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 1: Mortey The Killer Carni Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 2
The Piercing

July 7th 12:55pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


JESSICA & SHA-NENE and HERBIE & SCARLET were feeling the heat while stuck on the ride. JESSICA & SHA-NENE were complaining that they were left behind while SCARLET began showing signs of dizziness.


JEREMIAH revved the motorcycle engine full throttle, completely unaware of the power of the bike and how much he really drank. The world spun around him in an intoxicated haze. JEREMIAH shouted with excitement as he rode off the grassy parking lot and onto the asphalt road. As the tires hit pavement, GHOST & ZOMBIE had jumped on their motorcycles.

JACK & JAMES, out of breath, watched GHOST & ZOMBIE gave chase and leave the carnival grounds. When JACK & JAMES stopped running, they realized they were now alone with JOKER: a pissed off motorcycle-less biker and who was standing behind them!


With the Beer Tent suddenly empty of people, JAXSON tapped CROWMAN on the shoulder. JAXSON pulled out two fat joints from his shirt pocket and CROWMAN nodded in agreement, “Break time, man!”


MORTEY stared down at the splattered woman’s head. NORMAN & RICK also stared bewildered, still covering over the cop’s motionless corpse. LARRY & PAT had run up to RICK & NORMAN and the four watched MORTEY’s head turn, looking in their direction.

NORMAN whispered to RICK, “You’re on your own, kid,” and took off the direction from where the mob came from. MORTEY didn’t give chase but did slowly walk toward RICK & LARRY & PAT.

RICK whispered to PAT & LARRY, “Run…!” LARRY grabbed PAT’s arm to take off as RICK reached down toward the dead cop’s gun and unclipped the 45 Glock. All three were still next-to-statue as the deranged smiling MORTEY walked closer, mere yards away.

As RICK pulled the gun from the holster, RICK bellowed, “RUN!” and raised the gun at MORTEY. Suddenly, LARRY shoved PAT over the cop’s body, directly at MORTEY, and bolted on foot in the same direction as NORMAN: toward the gaming area. RICK was able to pull the trigger three times at MORTEY. When PAT was shoved by LARRY, RICK was able pull the aim away, closely missing PAT and totally missing MORTEY!


Slowing his pace due to quick exhaustion, Officer CODY realized he was getting no radio response. When the sound of the motorcycles drew out, CODY could hear an up roar behind him from the carnival. CODY turned around at the Beer Tent and realized it was empty. CODY then turned his gaze where his partner would be: the gaming area.

As a crowd of people came running up at him, CODY focused his gaze for a far distance, looking at what they were running from and heard three gun shots! After a flash of white light, CODY never saw anything ever again as a stray bullet pierced his right eye and punctured his brain.


Trampled by the mob, LEON & OLIVIA were on the ground. LEON opened his eyes to see a carnival clown crush a woman’s skull with a mallet. OLIVIA began to stir and before LEON could keep her quiet, OLIVIA screamed at the sight of the dead woman. LEON crawled to OLIVIA, covering her mouth with his hand.


The carnival was depleting of people and almost all sound rapidly, and this suited PRESTON just fine. But when three gun shots went off, this triggered something in PRESTON. Guns meant trouble, which meant more work to do! PRESTON angrily threw down his broom and stomped toward the fairground shed.


The sight and smell in the trailer was overpoweringly horrific and just as MOE was about to leave his boss’s trailer for the Paramedic Medical Tent to get help, a document on BEULER’s desk caught his attention. Where it wasn’t splattered with blood, it read: TERMINIATION REQUEST FORM: MORTEY. MOE ran from the trailer, knowing somewhere there were policemen around walking the grounds and that was when MOE heard three gun shots, sounding like sharp firecrackers from a far off distance!


R.I.P. Officer CODY

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