WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Book 1: Mortey The Killer Carni Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, B&B Games CEO

Chapter 1
The Carnival

CHAPTER 1: The Carnival


July 7th 12:45pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


Brothers JEREMIAH, JACK, and JAMES were drinking in the Beer Tent. The more JEREMIAH drank, the louder, and more agitated, he became at the three bikers at the other end of the tent. The bikers, (GHOST, ZOMBIE, and JOKER), who were minding their own business, couldn’t hear JEREMIAH’s rants due to the crowd of people. The beer servers, JAXSON and CROWMAN, however could and knew trouble was stirring. JACK and JAMES were on the losing end of trying to keep their eldest brother’s mouth shut.


Officers JIM and CODY were patrolling the carnival together keeping the peace and covertly using a watchful eye out for NORMAN, a detainee who broke out of the county jail just a few hours prior. NORMAN, who was stalking the grounds, was mixed into the carnival crowd well and was hunting for JESSICA and SHA-NENE, two teenage girls who had him sent to jail in the first place two days ago.


JESSICA and SHA-NENE were laughing and enjoying themselves on the Ferris wheel, completely unware of NORMAN, or his jailbreak. Also on the ride was HERBIE and SCARLET, an elderly hometown couple who was also was enjoying the town carnival and celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary.


RICK, LARRY, PAT, and a swarm of people were at the gaming area. RICK was in line to be next to play the ‘Test Your Strength’ game, hoping to impress PAT and win her a prize. For the moment, LARRY has PAT close and alone; both men liked PAT.

The three and the crowd were being entertained by MORTEY the clown, who was comically teasing and taunting a man trying to play the game. The crowd watched as MORTEY took the mallet to show the man how “a real man does it” and smashed the mallet directly down on the man’s head, flattening the man’s skull like a watermelon! RICK was splattered with blood and the crowd dispersed in a terror in all directions. MORTEY the clown gave chase with the mallet.


In the middle of rotating riders, a ruckus in the gaming area distracted RICO, the Ferris Wheel operator, as well as other patrons. RICO heard another carni-worker yell, “Get outta here!” and RICO joined in the running mob, abandoning all the Ferris wheel riders. HERBIE and SCARLET were stuck on the very top.


LEON and OLIVIA, two fairground paramedics, were at their station and responded to an emergency call on their radios to the gaming area. The station, behind the Beer Tent, was on the opposite side of the carnival. LEON called Officer JIM to the gaming area to assist as a JAXSON called Officer CODY to the Beer Tent to help with a “growing situation”. No one around them was aware of MORTEY’s actions.


MOE, a carni-ride operator enjoying his smoke break behind the gaming trailers, heard the commotion. After seeing the flattened headed man’s body flop over, MOE terrifyingly dashed for his boss BEULER, the carnival director. MOE guessed BEULER was in his air conditioned trailer near the Beer Tent.


PRESTON, the head groundskeeper and lead janitor, who hated his job but hated “people” more, was near the gaming area and was well aware of the situation around him. Turning a blind eye to the chaos, PRESTON went on about his business of picking up the garbage that lazy people can’t throw away properly. Not lifting his eyes from the grass under his feet, PRESTON continued working but a small smile curled around from the side of his mouth as the screaming and hysteria intensified.


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