My Nebula
Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 1
A New Nation

The rest of mankind continued to sleep as the bigger issues presented themselves larger and larger every day. You may ask where I fit into all of this? What is my mission? My story?


To my family, I am Othniel James Goodman. Across our known multiverse, I am known as 2kReturner. My purpose in life started out simple but it became complicated real quick. In my journey, I’ve found that mankind’s war for dominance stretches across the space-time continuum. In all of them, GUB has been there. How you say? The events that I’m about to explain to you are what truly happened and in the days when I was “asleep”.


General Raylor Mellis Sr. was a decorated veteran who fought in various wars and armed conflicts during the early part of the 21st century. He also belonged to an elite class of individuals whose wealth went back dozens of generations. Using that wealth, they left Earth for greener pastures and set their sites on the moon. There they built a space station that served as the base for its nation’s capitol while establishing several colonies on the moon (Last I checked it was 3). What he didn’t know that the Globalists of Earth snuck into his Lunarian Government known as the Lunar Interplanetary Administration.  It was interplanetary because the UN still had a say so but not as much as it did on Earth. Some of its council members had key governmental positions in this new society.


Seeing how Earth’s problems that lead to many wars and the starvation of many peoples kept growing, Mellis and his entire family believed a new nation, built on what the old America was, could pave the way to a brighter future. The only “wrench” in his plans was those who hated individualism and prosperity. As for my family and I, we left Earth before things got worse around 2009 (by personal invitation), the beginning of Earth’s recession. They never recovered.


Gen. Mellis’ only fault was not vetting all of those thoroughly in his administration. One of them was Naira Hill-Adega I, a so-called “spiritual” leader who acted as the Pope of the Lunarian Society.  A vigilante group known as the Lunar Initiative (L.I.) quickly exposed the skeletons in her closet. A big one was the massacre of the entire Evanston Family in 2021. This was several years after she exiled them from the Lunar Society.  Their only crime was making deals with the elites of Earth (some of which whose lifestyle Naira I abhorred). Unfortunately, L.I. couldn't stop her from having the entire Mellis family assassinated along with those who supported them. Many L.I. operatives were killed. Those who escaped certain doom went into hiding. Those in my family who survived were my younger sister Nina, youngest cousin Othelius, Terrel (a distant relative), and myself. This mass murder claimed the lives of millions in our society during this regime change.


Several months later, Sigma Mellis, Gen. Mellis’ cousin, in an underground with a team of scientist discovered time travel. I was among the few patriots to take the journey back to the past and undo the evil Naira I did to our nation.


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